We need help naming our son before we kill eachother!

My husband and I are expecting our second child and first son. We both have VERY different ideas of what a nice name is. We need to find a happy medium sometime before he comes!!

A few of my favorites: [name]Dexter[/name], [name]Dashiell[/name] and [name]Gideon[/name]
And his: [name]Kodiak[/name] (seriously!) and [name]Briar[/name] (also our dog’s name!). Who did I marry?!?

We’ve been able to agree on [name]Magnus[/name], [name]Leif[/name] and [name]Abbott[/name], but they are shakey at best. I’d love to hear what some of you think!!

What is your first child’s name? This will give some idea on naming style that you enjoy. Your lists kind of seem all over the place.
Naming after the dog may not be the best idea…

[name]Leif[/name] is a great name but again does it match with your previous child?

It would help to know your daughters name and maybe girls names he liked for her. [name]Briar[/name] to e is a girls name and [name]Kodiak[/name] oh man I feel bad for you. Have you asked him what it is that he likes about [name]Kodiak[/name] is it the K sound?

I like your names a lot. I kind of get what he is getting at [name]Kodiak[/name], though it’s not my taste. [name]Briar[/name] is definitely feminine to me.

Have you tried looking at some Japanese names? They might be classy enough for you, but edgy enough for him.

Kaito (I also like the name Kite for a boy)
[name]Toshio[/name] (this is on our list, I like Toshi for short or as an alternative)

Haha I’m glad your husband has you, so your son won’t be named after a dog (or a bear!) I love your favorites, btw. And I like the names you’ve agreed on, but I’m guessing they’re not favorites for either of you. I bet you can do better than a grudging compromise, though!

Names like [name]Magnus[/name], [name]Leif[/name]:

Names like [name]Abbott[/name]/[name]Dexter[/name]/[name]Dashiell[/name]/[name]Gideon[/name]:

Any of those appeal to you both? Good luck!

Based on your lists, how about:


Our daughter’s name is [name]Juniper[/name]. She passed away shortly after birth so, even though I’m not one for matchy-matchy names, I wanted something “natural” to honor her in a way. If our baby was a girl we had agreed on either [name]Magnolia[/name] or [name]Hazel[/name]. But, since he’s a boy…

I do like a lot of the names you’ve all suggested!! Thanks for the help!

You’ve hit the nail on the head!! A bunch of the names you’ve suggested are definite favorites!!

What about tree names to honor your little girl?
For a boy I think
could work?

I am so sorry to hear about [name]Juniper[/name].

What about [name]Zephyr[/name]?