We need help on our name style. Can you help?

So my husband and I have a short boys list for our 2nd child, but we cannot seem to narrow down the girls list very much at all. It seems the names we have on our list are not as fresh to us anymore, which of course we still have plenty of time to re- think the list. Our son’s name is [name]Cuyler[/name](pronounced [name]Kyler[/name]) and probably one of the most important things to us in naming our children is that all the siblings names sound good together, and similar in style. We are not opposed to using the same initial “c”, but aren’t purposely trying to, although our other boys names start with c. Of course when we named our first child, we weren’t thinking too far into the future to have a sib set picked out! PLEASE could we have some opinions on what style you think [name]Cuyler[/name] and our girls’ list names are? We might be wanting to add some new ones to the list but are not sure what goes! Thanks so much for your help. They are not in any order just yet.(as far is favorites or anything)
First names:
[name]Claire[/name]( maybe more for middle not sure yet)

We also like these but are not sure yet if we would use them for first names or middle names

So what is our style? Can you help us? :slight_smile:

I really like [name]Kensington[/name] out of your list!


Pretty Names? https://nameberry.com/list/401/Pretty-Girl-Names
Girly girl Names? https://nameberry.com/list/35/Girly-Girl-Names


[name]Alivia[/name] is my favorite! [name]Alivia[/name] [name]Claire[/name] sounds so lovely :slight_smile:

I agree with the other Berries!