We'd like your opinion on our "A" favorites!

[name]Aaron[/name] Hebrew: Mountian
[name]Abner[/name] Hebrew: The Father is a light (nn [name]Abe[/name])
[name]Abraham[/name] Hebrew: Father of many nations (nn [name]Abe[/name])
Abrahan Hebrew: Father of a mighty nation Jewish form of [name]Abraham[/name]. (nn [name]Abe[/name], Han and [name]Hans[/name])
[name]Alex[/name] Greek: Defender (Our last name ends in Er so we want to avoid [name]Alexander[/name] not that we don’t love it.)
[name]Andrew[/name] Greek: [name]Man[/name] ([name]Andy[/name])
[name]Arthur[/name] Gaelic: [name]Bear[/name], stone ([name]Art[/name], [name]Arty[/name]/[name]Artie[/name]?)
[name]Asa[/name] Hebrew: Healer

[name]Aaron[/name] : great name…I haven’t seen it in a while on a little one
[name]Abner[/name] : not my favorite, but a good, rare choice
[name]Abraham[/name] : love it!
Abrahan Hebrew: like [name]Hans[/name] as a nn but prefer [name]Abraham[/name]
[name]Adrian[/name] : sorry, but I think of [name]Rocky[/name]…[name]Yo[/name] [name]Adrian[/name]!
[name]Alex[/name] : love [name]Alex[/name] or [name]Alec[/name]
[name]Andrew[/name] : prefer [name]Drew[/name] as a nn to [name]Andy[/name] or just the full [name]Andrew[/name]
[name]Arthur[/name] : fabulously masculine - my favorite on your list
[name]Asa[/name] : looks like a name that could be “taken” by the girls…

Two other A names I like:

[name]Adrian[/name] - love it
[name]Andrew[/name] - like it a lot

what about [name]Abram[/name]?

[name]Aaron[/name] Hebrew: I think it’s handsome, but some of the others sound fresher to me, only because I knew a lot of Aarons growing up.
[name]Abner[/name] Hebrew: I love it!
[name]Abraham[/name] Hebrew: [name]LOVE[/name]!!!
Abrahan Hebrew: I like [name]Abraham[/name] more, because I’m guessing that Abrahan will be misunderstood as [name]Abraham[/name] a lot.
[name]Adrian[/name]: I love it, but I love [name]Abraham[/name] more…
[name]Alex[/name] Greek: I love [name]Alexander[/name], and understand why you can’t use it, but [name]Alex[/name] on its own feels incomplete to me.
[name]Andrew[/name] Greek: I like it a lot!
[name]Arthur[/name] Gaelic: I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Arthur[/name]!!!
[name]Asa[/name] Hebrew: I like the other names more…

My favorites are [name]Abraham[/name] and [name]Arthur[/name], but I honestly think they’re all great choices!

Good luck!

I was pretty sure that I’m the only one that likes [name]Abner[/name]… glad to be proven wrong. Though it does remind me of the Simpsons. Isn’t that the grandpa’s name, or part of it? Anyway…

[name]Arthur[/name] - great.
[name]Alexei[/name] could be a great short for [name]Alexander[/name] for you guys.

List looks pretty good.

I have two “A” boys! Our first son is [name]Alexander[/name], and we call him [name]Alec[/name] for short…[name]Alec[/name] with the C is much rarer than [name]Alex[/name], so if you used it, hed have an original name!

Our second son is named [name]Arran[/name]…[name]Arran[/name] is a beautiful scottish island and you can see the island from the beach, where my inlaws live…it has an impressive hill range called the “sleeping warrior” and when our [name]Arran[/name] was a tiny baby, fast asleep, we would call him our sleeping warrior…

I like [name]Abner[/name] as well - classic yet different!

heres another A name…[name]Albie[/name]…saw it written on a book the other day, the author’s name, and thought, oh, thats kind of lovely!