What are the colours of these names?

[name]Alice[/name], [name]Lucy[/name] and [name]Iris[/name].

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[name]Alice[/name] [name]Pink[/name] [name]Green[/name] White
[name]Lucy[/name] [name]Bright[/name] [name]Green[/name] and [name]Grey[/name]
[name]Iris[/name] White [name]Black[/name] Yellow

I love doing these!

[name]Alice[/name] - I see a rich purple color…something mysterious, but strong. She is artistic, and very original, but she’s not bad when it comes to sports. She has a few close friends, and a good size group of normal friends, but she isn’t popular.

[name]Lucy[/name] - I see green with [name]Lucy[/name]…a bright, happy green. Not afraid to be herself; and can also be loud and opinionated. SHe also has a sense of humor.

[name]Iris[/name] - I see a light lavender color, almost washed out. She is super shy, and hates to disappoint anyone. She has a cute little smile she wears when anyone complements her or, in some cases, just speaks to her.

Thank you… [name]How[/name] interesting…

Yay, thanks!

All three are white for me! [name]Alice[/name] is pale yellow and white, [name]Lucy[/name] and [name]Iris[/name], pure white

[name]Alice[/name]: pale yellow, white.
[name]Lucy[/name]: pale yellow.
[name]Iris[/name]: pinky-purple.

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[name]Alice[/name] - white, pastel pink, soft yellow and delft blue - soft, sweet colours

[name]Lucy[/name] - lollypop pink, emerald green, sunshine yellow - bright, happy colours

[name]Iris[/name] - indigo, rose pink, lilac - feminine and mysterious colours

[name]Alice[/name]- Grayish blue with cream polkadots
[name]Lucy[/name]- Dark purple
[name]Iris[/name]- [name]Lavender[/name] with pale blue flowers

In my mind, a lot of names have prints.

^ Totally agree with these colors for [name]Alice[/name].

[name]Lucy[/name] - A bright happy green or a sunshine yellow colour.
[name]Iris[/name] - Soft washed out kind of purple, a sort of lavender colour or a deep indigo blue.

Can’t see the link, but it’s probably my thread lol.

[name]Alice[/name] - bright turquoise blue with a little navy blue
[name]Lucy[/name] - hot pink and lime green (like a tye-dye)
[name]Iris[/name] - dark purple mixed with black, very velvety

[name]Alice[/name] - pale yellow and blue
[name]Lucy[/name] - dark purple
[name]Iris[/name] - cranberry, maroon sort of color

[name]Alice[/name] - a muted red
[name]Lucy[/name] - pale blue
[name]Iris[/name] - deep purple, indigo almost but with more plum.

[name]Alice[/name] - [name]Blue[/name] and white
[name]Lucy[/name] - [name]Golden[/name] yellow with white dots
[name]Iris[/name] - Dark purple with green.

[name]Alice[/name] - light pink

[name]Lucy[/name] - medium green

[name]Iris[/name] - medium blue

[name]Alice[/name]- [name]Light[/name] blue, with swirls of white.
[name]Lucy[/name]- A sweet pink
[name]Iris[/name]- Purple, definetly purple, a very rich purple

[name]Alice[/name]: [name]Bright[/name] blue and white (think [name]Alice[/name] In Wonderland’s dress)
[name]Lucy[/name]: [name]Pink[/name]
[name]Iris[/name]: Can be either a very light, or deep purple.

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[name]Alice[/name]- [name]Light[/name] blue, green, white. Probably influenced by [name]Alice[/name] in Wonderland.
[name]Lucy[/name]- Lime green, with pink speckles of dew. I don’t really know why.
[name]Iris[/name]- Periwinkle with gold streaks.

Not my favorite names, though.

I love these too! I just might have to post one for myself.

[name]Alice[/name] -I see brown for some reason. I think it is because I have always found this name to be so plain. Maybe a mint green…

[name]Lucy[/name] - baby pink! I just cannot see this name not in pink.

[name]Iris[/name] - purple! I think it could be any shade of purple but I definitely see purple with this name.

[name]Alice[/name]- china blue, like the colour of [name]Alice[/name] in Wonderland’s dress.
[name]Lucy[/name]- sunshine yellow and aqua.
[name]Iris[/name]- lilac, spring green, white.