What are your honest opinions of Seraphina???

What do you think? Is it just too much? It’s one of those names that at first I didn’t like, but it’s kind of growing on me. It’s also a way to get the cute nn, [name]Sara[/name], which is one of my hubby’s favorite names ever! When I mentioned the name to him, I was surprised that he didn’t say, “NO” right away. He was more like "hmm… never heard it before - I don’t know…) :wink: I’ll have to think about it, but I was curious what you all think???
What names go with [name]Seraphina[/name]?
Can’t wait to hear your comments! :slight_smile:

It’s a beautiful name; my only reservation is that it’s now so closely associated with celebrities.

To me, any and all copycat celebrity baby names are just 100% off limits, even those “real” names which have been resurrected or made more popular by celebrities.

It is over the top, it sounds like an angel name, however it is pretty.

To continue with the celebrity thought, one of the problems with names used by celebrities is that the people who don’t pay attention to celebrities often are the ones who don’t know their favorite names are being used by celebrities, and then they give off the opposite impression.

It makes me think of [name]Sarafina[/name]! the musical, so I picture South Africans rioting and Whoopi Goldberg. Also, there is a pretty high chance that the [name]Garner[/name]/Affleck little one will be making headlines in about 18 years, if other children of stars are any indication, so I would say that this is off limits until she can prove that she isn’t going to be the [name]Paris[/name] [name]Hilton[/name] of the future.

It has a pretty sound, but I’m not a huge fan.

I think of [name]Sarafina[/name]! too. I disagree that people will still associate it with [name]Ben[/name] and [name]Jennifer[/name] in 20 years. Most people can’t name the children of [name]Robert[/name] [name]Redford[/name], [name]Michelle[/name] Pfieffer, [name]Farrah[/name] Fawcett or other big stars from the 70’s/80’s, I think the same will hold true for current celebs.

I’m not a fan of the name, I like plain ol [name]Sarah[/name]/[name]Sera[/name] is better.

I don’t like it at all, it’s too frilly and even prissy. Ick. And it looks weird!


It’s hard to say - it is beautiful in appearance and sound but is it too much to actually use on a real person? That would be my concern rather than any celebrity issues. Then I would think that if you plan to call her [name]Sera[/name] a lot of the time, it isn’t too much. But if you’re going to call her [name]Sera[/name] then why name her something so fancy? It’s kind of a circular train of thought. But there is just regular [name]Sara[/name] as well as more straight forward names with similar nn like [name]Serena[/name].

Sounds like an Italian restaurant.