What do you really think of the name Alexandra?

What do you think of the name [name]Alexandra[/name]? Its Greek and it means “mans defender”.
Also, would you choose [name]Alessandra[/name] or [name]Alexandria[/name](or any other similar names) over [name]Alexandra[/name]?

Also, what is your favourite nickname?
Here are some but I bet there are more:
[name]Alex[/name]/[name]Alix[/name](I’m seeing [name]Alix[/name] being more common these days)
Alley/[name]Allie[/name]/[name]Ali[/name](I have a friend that goes by Alley)

Also, which one is the best middle name for it do you think?

It’s a nice, solid, classic name. It’s a teeny bit dated to the 80s/90s, but I wouldn’t be surprised to meet an old lady [name]Alexandra[/name] or baby [name]Alexandra[/name]. I’m not wild about any of the nicknames, but from your choices, I like [name]Ali[/name]. Xanna could be another option. Middles:

[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Ivy[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Lily[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Camille[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Thisbe[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Daphne[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Charlotte[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Naomi[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Sylvie[/name]
[name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Beatrice[/name]

I think it is a good, solid, classic name. I do think it is becoming rather trendy…with all of the little [name]Alexa[/name]'s, [name]Allie[/name]'s, [name]Lexi[/name]'s, and [name]Alex[/name]'s running around. A good alternative spelling of the nn ‘[name]Alex[/name]’ is ‘[name]Alyx[/name]’, which one of my cousins goes by.

It’s an ok name. Although I agree it’s a little 80’s/90’s, but it has enough substance to be a classic in the long run.

Personally I like [name]Lexie[/name] or [name]Annie[/name].

I have nothing against [name]Alexandra[/name], but it’s never been a name I’ve loved. Maybe because I know a lot of them? And I also know a lot of Alexanders. It’s a solid name, but I guess it lacks… interestingness to me at this point. I think [name]Alessandra[/name] is pretty, but it’s not super exciting to me. My favorite nickname for [name]Alexandra[/name] is probably [name]Lexi[/name], but it’s also one of my good friends names (she’s gone by [name]Lexi[/name] since she was really young) so I’m biased. I actually know a girl named [name]Alexandra[/name] that goes by [name]Sasha[/name] which I think is very cool. [name]Alexandria[/name] seems like it’s trying a bit too hard to me, it’s pretty but the extra syllable doesn’t change the name that much. Plus, I go to college in [name]Washington[/name], DC and [name]Alexandria[/name], VA is not too far, so now that’s what I associate the name with. I do like [name]Alessia[/name] as well, it’s the Italian variant of [name]Alexis[/name] (I don’t mind [name]Alexis[/name], but it seems really dated to me).

I used to love [name]Alexandra[/name] because I used to really love [name]Lexi[/name]. My French class name in high school was [name]Alexi[/name], and I loved that a lot. But now? Wow, i have met sooo many Alexandras, Alexises, Alexas, etc. that it seems really boring to me at this point. No, you know what it is? They all go by [name]Alex[/name]! My brother has a close friend named [name]Alexandra[/name] but she is only ever called [name]Alex[/name] and I think it’s such a waste of a beautiful name. I love [name]Alex[/name], but on boys. It would be cute on girls if you only met one every once in a while, but when every girl is called [name]Alex[/name]… It gets old. I have a feeling it would be hard to get people to not nickname her, though.

I have known girls named [name]Alejandra[/name] and [name]Alessandra[/name]. I prefer [name]Alexandra[/name] to both of those.

Meh, I don’t know. I still think [name]Alexandra[/name] is a beautiful, strong, really nice name. It just doesn’t stand out at all at this point.

I’m a little bit biased (as it is my name) but I personally think it’s lovely, and does provide a plethora of nicknames to choose from. While it may be slightly dated I don’t feel that it’s one of those names that will ever be tied down to one specific era (ie [name]Linda[/name], [name]Barbara[/name], [name]Stephanie[/name], etc.) because it does have a solid classic feel to it. Though I agree with the pp that some of it’s nicknames like [name]Sandra[/name] etc. maybe a little to dated or trendy my personal favorite for a nickname is [name]Allie[/name], sweet, cute and not as common as [name]Alex[/name]

I personally am not a fan. Like others have said its a bit dated, and there are way too many Alexs (male and female) in the world for my liking. It also sounds kind of harsh to me.

[name]Alexandra[/name] is the original Greek verison, [name]Alessandra[/name] is Italian, [name]Alexandria[/name] is an Egyptian city name, [name]Alejandra[/name] is Spanish… I like them all to varying degrees, so it depends on the image you want to convey with your baby’s name: Strong, girly exotic or jaunty??? [name]How[/name] about the French version of [name]Alexandrine[/name] (less harsh but more sophisticated). The nickname I like the best is [name]Alix[/name] (more feminine looking than [name]Alex[/name]).

I’d name my baby that just so I could use the name [name]Sasha[/name]…I am [name]WILD[/name] about that nickname!

I’m an [name]Alexandra[/name], “[name]Alix[/name].”

I was born in the 80’s but have only met one other [name]Alexandra[/name] who was my own age. I’ve never met anyone older or younger with my name. So, to me, it’s not really overused. I also never considered it to be dated. I’ve been an [name]Alix[/name] my entire life because my mom thought that [name]Alix[/name] was feminine and [name]Alex[/name] was masculine. However, I did have a stint as an [name]Allie[/name] in Kindergarten and [name]Alex[/name] in maybe first or second grade because I had no idea my name was spelled with an I. No one told me? People probably always spelled it [name]Alex[/name] anyway.

Being an 80’s baby born to a teen mom, I’m so, so, so thankful for my name. I could have been a [name]Samantha[/name] (tons more popular, imo) or a [name]Kyla[/name]. Or, god forbid, a Kaitlynne. I can’t envision myself as an [name]Ashleigh[/name] or a [name]Christina[/name]. For me, [name]Alexandra[/name] is much more substantial and sophisticated than those names. [name]Alexandra[/name] is a professional name, to me. It’s not [name]Tiffany[/name], which I feel is the ultimate 80’s era name.

No matter what nickname you choose, someone is going to call an [name]Alexandra[/name], [name]Alex[/name]. It’s unavoidable. I used to get so embarrassed because the last few letters of my name would get cut off on school paperwork and teachers would call out to an [name]Alexander[/name]. Being self conscious already, that really made my face turn red. Also, sometimes people even read [name]Alexandra[/name] as [name]Alexander[/name]. Not many people know of [name]Alexandra[/name], it seems.

As for nicknames, my mother chose [name]Alix[/name]. I chose [name]Allie[/name] later (and now, I’m a nanny and my then-one year old charge couldn’t say [name]Alix[/name], so he calls me [name]Allie[/name]) and went back to [name]Alix[/name]. It’s what everyone calls me but people assume it’s [name]Alex[/name], even some friends. You hear a name more than you see it written, so people will always think it’s [name]Alex[/name]. Good lord, I’m so glad my name isn’t [name]Alyx[/name]. I do know just an [name]Alix[/name]. That’s her full name and I really don’t like it. It’s just a nickname. My mother considered [name]Andy[/name] as well. Very happy she didn’t go with that, too. If I had to choose a name to go by, I’d probably simply go by [name]Alexandra[/name] or keep [name]Alix[/name]. It’s fitting. Now, I have foreign family members by marriage. They speak Spanish and call me [name]Alejandra[/name] or Alej. I adore Alej. It just sounds lovely. A spanish speaking friend who now lives in [name]Italy[/name], calls me [name]Alessandra[/name]. I love that. It’s so … exotic? without being overly so, so it’s not strange when I’m not caramel skinned with dark eyes and hair. I also like [name]Alexandria[/name] but I just think [name]Alexandra[/name] is simple and pretty, without the added flare. I do not like [name]Alexa[/name], [name]Alexia[/name], [name]Alexis[/name], etc. for full names. Nicknames, sure.

Unfortunately, being an [name]Alexandra[/name] cuts out [name]Alexander[/name] “[name]Alexis[/name]/[name]Sascha[/name]” and [name]Alexei[/name] for a boy. I love [name]Alexis[/name], [name]Sascha[/name] and [name]Alexei[/name] for a son. I also really like [name]Alice[/name] for a daughter but since [name]Alix[/name] is my name, I can’t imagine having an [name]Alix[/name] and [name]Alice[/name]. Having so many nicknames cuts out a few names (could help or make me sad) for my children. I would never do an [name]Andrew[/name] or [name]Anderson[/name] ‘[name]Andy[/name]’ or have any name that could be shortened to [name]Allie[/name]. [name]Even[/name] though I like [name]Lysander[/name], I’d never use it. I love [name]Alistair[/name] but can not use it. I have the family name of [name]Macallister[/name], which means ‘son of [name]Alistair[/name]’ but I’d also never use it. I’m one of those people that wants no overlapping. Maybe it’s because I come from a family that used most family names so everyone was doubled-up.