What do you think about Archer?

Before I ever got pregnant, let alone knew it was a boy, we wanted to name our baby [name]Archer[/name] if we ever had a boy. We sort of changed our minds and have been searching and searching and haven’t found anything so now I’m considering it again. [name]Do[/name] you like the name? I’d be fine with people nicknaming him [name]Archie[/name]. My girls are [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Lily[/name].

[name]Amelia[/name], [name]Lily[/name] and [name]Archer[/name]?

I think it’s a great name. Some people will be bothered that you already have an ‘A’ name, but that doesn’t worry me so much since they are different genders and not in order.

Thanks! I think I really like it too. Plus I was thinking if people nickname him [name]Archie[/name] then he’s got a little bit of both of my girls names. The “A” from [name]Amelia[/name] and the “E” sound at the end of [name]Lily[/name]. Is that corny?

Sweet. But I really doubt he will get nicknamed [name]Archie[/name] unless you push it. I think there are too many -er tradesman names out there that people are used to using the full names. Like no one says Parkie or Coopie or [name]Tuckie[/name]. But I think that your family will probably call him [name]Archie[/name] as an endearment around the house, so that will be sweet for his sisters.

[name]Love[/name] it! I love the nn [name]Archie[/name] too and have been trying to think of a “proper name” for it and [name]Archer[/name] never occured to me until now. Great name, great sib set :slight_smile:

[name]Love[/name] it! And reallly love it with [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Lily[/name]. That set is so current but would sound beautiful 100 years ago, too. Nice work! I agree that people probably won’t call him [name]Archie[/name] unless you tell them to, but I think [name]Archie[/name] is adorable.

Thank you for all the nice comments! We are going to keep it a secret until the birth b/c I know my parents will really dislike it and I don’t want it to influence me!

I really like the name [name]Archer[/name]. We’ve considered it again and again for boy #2. I also think it goes well with your girls’ names. What are you thinking for a middle name?

I was just texting hubby about middle names. Here are my ideas:

[name]Archer[/name] [name]Andrew[/name] (my grandfather and great grandfather’s name)
[name]Archer[/name] [name]Joseph[/name] (I like the way it sounds plus there’s the holy family reference, he is due right around Xmas)
[name]Archer[/name] [name]Douglas[/name] ([name]Douglas[/name] is my husband)

or we could name him [name]Douglas[/name] [name]Archer[/name], after my husband, but call him [name]Archer[/name].

Which do you prefer?

[name]Archer[/name] [name]Douglas[/name].

What middle name are you thinking about using with it?
We really like it, but it is a difficult name to put a middle name with.

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]ARCHER[/name]! So on my list for any boys that I might have. In your situation I would consider whether or not I would use it with [name]Amelia[/name], and whether or not I would feel pressure to name any subsequent child with an L name. But that is just me. I think it has a similar feel to [name]Amelia[/name] and [name]Lily[/name], and I think it’s a nice sibset! :slight_smile:

That is a good point that if we had a #4 we could do a name that started with “L”, which is fine b/c there are so many good L names.

However, we are only planning to have 3 children total so this will probably never come to pass!

[name]Archer[/name] [name]Andrew[/name]!

Great name, cute nn, and fits w your girls names. I think you found a winner!