what do you think about "Erian" ?

it’s an uncommon name.

im making it as a survey :smiley:

  1. when you hear [name]Erian[/name], do you think its a boy’s or girl’s name?

  2. how would you pronounce it?

  3. do you have any connotations and associations with [name]Erian[/name]?

Thank You!!!

appreciated you all :smiley:

I really don’t think [name]Aryan[/name] is an appropriate name no matter how you spell it.

All I see/hear is [name]Aryan[/name] too unfortunately.

I think [name]Erian[/name] sounds soft and pretty (for a girl) when pronounced aloud, but the “[name]Aryan[/name]” association would definitely prevent me from using it.

Pretty sounding name, bad connotation. [name]Aryan[/name] came to mind immediately. I’d never use it.

The name looks great on paper, but when said out loud the first thing I think of is [name]Aryan[/name], sorry.

I have a friend named [name]Aryan[/name]… he was completely clueless about the other meaning behind it until it came up in conversation a year ago. I think it is a cultural thing. In the US, Americans would find use with this, but if from another country, probably clueless.

I was in a class in college with a girl with that name though she spelled it “Erienne”. No matter who she was talking to she always had to correct the pronunciation…and was annoyed with having to do it…sorry.