What do you think of Hendrix?

A boy named [name]Hendrix[/name] [name]William[/name]? Named after the one and only [name]Jimi[/name] [name]Hendrix[/name]

The name [name]Hendrix[/name] leaves me with mixed feelings. The name itself is fine (similar to [name]Henrik[/name] or [name]Henry[/name]) and has a cool sound. But the strong association with [name]Jimi[/name] [name]Hendrix[/name] is troubling to me. While [name]Jimi[/name]'s musical ability and his guitar playing were certainly admirable, his more questionable behaviour in his private life (drugs, the way he treated women, his tragic death etc…) would lead me to think twice about naming a child after him. I feel the same way about the name [name]Joplin[/name]. It sounds and looks great and [name]Janis[/name] [name]Joplin[/name] was a unique singer but she would not be someone I would want to name my child to emulate or look up to. Perhaps Hendrixi would be better as a middle name.