What do you think of these names? Other suggestions?

[name]Hi[/name]! I’m expecting my first child and I’ve got a few ideas for girls, but none for boys. Here they are:


What do you think? Any other suggestions?

I’m not a fan of trendy or unisex names (I’m a classic names person), so [name]Easton[/name] and [name]Darbie[/name] aren’t my style. I don’t care at all for [name]Easton[/name], and I like [name]Darby[/name] spelled its authentic way, but only on a boy. This is just my opinion, of course, and you need to pick a name that you truly love! :slight_smile:

Some more similar names:



Have you thought about [name]Eden[/name] instead of [name]Easton[/name], or [name]Darcy[/name], [name]Ruby[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name], or [name]Daisy[/name] instead of [name]Darbie[/name]?

Best wishes to you!