What do you think of these names?

Dea ETA: [name]Day[/name]-ah
[name]Elena[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it Eh-lane-ah
[name]Gioia[/name] ETA: Pronounced [name]Joy[/name]-ah :slight_smile:
[name]Laila[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it [name]Lay[/name]-la
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah)


[name]Arianna[/name] - I like this name alot…it’s very pretty
Dea - too small of a name, not strong enough
[name]Eliana[/name] - not one of my fave’s, but very pretty
[name]Elena[/name] - no opionion
[name]Giada[/name] - I actually like this and it’s very unique
[name]Gioia[/name] - don’t know how to say this name, that make’s it a no no for me!
[name]Laila[/name] - can’t get the song out of my head when I hear this
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah) - no
[name]Letizia[/name] - um, no
Liala - how do you say this? another no, no
[name]Lucrezia[/name] - no
[name]Maia[/name] - how to say it?
[name]Martina[/name] - no
[name]Oriana[/name] - no opinion, kindof like it
[name]Renata[/name] - no, I think of Ramada Inn
[name]Serena[/name] - yes, very pretty
[name]Simona[/name] - very pretty
[name]Sofia[/name] - pretty, but tooooo popular
[name]Talia[/name] like this

Great list!

[name]Arianna[/name] - I think this is such a pretty name, although I probably prefer [name]Adriana[/name] just a tiny bit because it doesn’t have the “arian” association
Dea - [name]How[/name] would you say this? [name]Dee[/name] or [name]Dee[/name]-ah?
[name]Eliana[/name] - Also lovely
[name]Elena[/name] - This is my cousin’s name and I think it is so elegant and feminine. Beautiful.
[name]Giada[/name] - I’m a big fan of this one, which is funny, because I don’t like the English version [name]Jade[/name] at all.
[name]Gioia[/name] - I also love this, but prefer [name]Giada[/name]
[name]Laila[/name] - I like [name]Laila[/name], but prefer [name]Lilah[/name]
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah) - very pretty
[name]Letizia[/name] - I am less keen on this one, I think it’s the “let” at the beginning but it’s a bit less pretty than your other choices.
Liala - I’ve never heard this one before. I [name]LOVE[/name] it!
[name]Lucrezia[/name] - Similar to [name]Letizia[/name] for me.
[name]Maia[/name] - Gorgeous! Think it’s getting a bit popular.
[name]Martina[/name] - I think this still associates a bit with [name]Martina[/name] Navratilova for me and feels a bit 80s, but it is a pretty name. Maybe time for a revival!
[name]Oriana[/name] - I’ve not come across this one either, but it’s gorgeous.
[name]Renata[/name] - I have a bad association with this one.
[name]Serena[/name] - Beautiful name, I just hope with Gossip Girl it doesn’t become too popular.
[name]Simona[/name] - I like this, but have always loved [name]Simone[/name], so this isn’t quite as nice for me.
[name]Sofia[/name] - Beautiful, I just wish it wasn’t soooo popular!
[name]Talia[/name] - I love this

I think my favourites from your list are [name]Giada[/name], Liala and [name]Oriana[/name] because they’re beautiful but also very unique.

Other names you may like:

[name]Arianna[/name]: I think it’s really pretty, but I hear it mispronounced all the time (air-ee-anne-uh and ahr-ee-anne-uh, as well as ahr-ee-onna). I love it, though!

Dea: I know a lovely Dea, but I’m wondering if Dea will be pronounced as [name]Day[/name]? Hmm…

[name]Eliana[/name]: I love this name! :slight_smile:

[name]Elena[/name]: I love this, too!

[name]Giada[/name]: Pretty…

[name]Gioia[/name]: I think that this one is unfortunately destined to be mispronounced (depending on where you live, of course).

[name]Laila[/name]: I like this, too, but prefer some of the others on your list.

[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah): I think this will be pronounced as [name]Leah[/name], but I do think it’s pretty.

[name]Letizia[/name]: I’m not personally a [name]Letizia[/name] fan.

Liala: I’ve never heard of this name before, but I prefer [name]Lea[/name] and [name]Laila[/name].

[name]Lucrezia[/name]: Not personally a fan…

[name]Maia[/name]: I think it’s very pretty…

[name]Martina[/name]: I think this is pretty, too…

[name]Oriana[/name]: I’ve always loved this name, but I’m wondering if it will be a source of oral-type jokes in Middle School. Hmm…

[name]Renata[/name]: I like [name]Ramona[/name], but I’m not feeling [name]Renata[/name].

[name]Serena[/name]: I do think it’s pretty, but I associate it with Gossip Girl and [name]Serena[/name] [name]Williams[/name]’ F-bomb tirade at the U.S. Open.

[name]Simona[/name]: I think this is beautiful!

[name]Sofia[/name]: I think it’s lovely, but it’s very popular…

[name]Talia[/name]: I love this, too!

From your list, my favorites (in no order) are [name]Talia[/name], [name]Simona[/name], [name]Eliana[/name], and [name]Maia[/name].

Pretty names!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

[name]Arianna[/name] - I really like this name.
Dea - This is cute
[name]Eliana[/name] - Very pretty
[name]Elena[/name] - I love [name]Elena[/name]
[name]Giada[/name] - This is pretty, but I like some others better
[name]Gioia[/name] - I had to think for a minute to work out how to pronounce this, and even then I might be wrong. I don’t like it for that reason.
[name]Laila[/name] - Pretty
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah) - I love this name, but whenever I see it I want to pronounce it [name]Lee[/name]. That’s probably just me, though.
[name]Letizia[/name] - Not my favourite.
Liala - [name]Laila[/name] is nicer.
[name]Lucrezia[/name] - I don’t like this name.
[name]Maia[/name] - Very, very pretty, I love it.
[name]Martina[/name] - Not my favourite.
[name]Oriana[/name] - This is really cool!
[name]Renata[/name] - I like this
[name]Serena[/name] - I love [name]Serena[/name], a lot.
[name]Simona[/name] - I’m not a fan. I don’t like [name]Simone[/name] either.
[name]Sofia[/name] - I definitely prefer [name]Sofia[/name] to [name]Sophia[/name]. It’s a pretty name, but very popular :frowning:
[name]Talia[/name] - I knew a [name]Tahlia[/name] as a kid. I always loved her name.

You have some really beautiful names on your list :slight_smile:

[name]Arianna[/name]- I like it better spelled [name]Ariana[/name]. It’s pretty!
Dea- Isn’t this the Greek word for ‘goddess’?
[name]Eliana[/name]- It’s nice. What about [name]Liana[/name]?
[name]Elena[/name]- I’ve heard it pronounced two ways, EH-len-a and e-LAIN-a-- either way, i like it
[name]Giada[/name]- Might have pronounciation issues
[name]Gioia[/name]- Pretty sound
[name]Laila[/name]- I like it-- are you pronouncing it ‘[name]Layla[/name]’ or ‘[name]Lyla[/name]’?
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah)- Pretty
[name]Letizia[/name]- I like it
Liala- I haven’t heard of this one
[name]Lucrezia[/name]- I like [name]Lucretia[/name] better
[name]Maia[/name]- I like it, especially spelled this way
[name]Martina[/name]- I’m not fond of it
[name]Oriana[/name]- An interesting twist on [name]Ariana[/name]
[name]Renata[/name]- Nice
[name]Serena[/name]- [name]Lovely[/name]
[name]Simona[/name]- okay
[name]Sofia[/name]- This is my favorite spelling
[name]Talia[/name]- it’s gorgeous!

My favorites are [name]Talia[/name], [name]Serena[/name], [name]Maia[/name], and [name]Elena[/name].

Thanks for the suggestions & comments! I’ve always loved [name]Allegra[/name] but I’m not sure with the allergy medication and all that…Also, I love [name]Gaia[/name] but it is my cousin’s daughter’s name so I think that’s out. [name]Aria[/name] is very pretty too.

I’m in the UK so we don’t have [name]Allegra[/name] as an allergy medicine connotation. [name]How[/name] frustrating! It’s such a beautiful name, but I can understand if you associate it with something clinical it loses some of its charm.
Look forward to hearing what you decide on - although you obviously favour the -a ending, there are so many beautiful names to choose from in that group!

[name]Arianna[/name] - Nice. I also like [name]Ariana[/name] spelling.
Dea ETA: [name]Day[/name]-ah - Very pretty.
[name]Eliana[/name] - I love this name but not sure if I love it more than [name]Elena[/name].
[name]Elena[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it Eh-lane-ah - Exactly the way I’d pronounce it. I love it!
[name]Giada[/name] - aslo a great name.
[name]Gioia[/name] ETA: Pronounced [name]Joy[/name]-ah :slight_smile: - I think this one get pronounced wrong a lot.
[name]Laila[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it [name]Lay[/name]-la - On e of my favorites.
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah) - Another favorite. [name]Lea[/name] I’ve seen/heard also pronounced [name]Lee[/name] and [name]Lee[/name]-uh. Another favorite. [name]Leia[/name] is pronounce lay-uh also.
[name]Letizia[/name] - not really my style.
Liala - I’m not sure how to pronounce this one. lee-ahla?
[name]Lucrezia[/name] - I see it’s appeal but not really my style. Could nn [name]Lucy[/name] which I do love.
[name]Maia[/name] - Very pretty.
[name]Martina[/name] - I like this name but like [name]Marina[/name] better.
[name]Oriana[/name] - I like [name]Arianna[/name]/[name]Ariana[/name] better. The nn [name]Ori[/name] has great appeal to me.
[name]Renata[/name] - This is not bad but I prefer some of your other names better.
[name]Serena[/name] - Very pretty but I’ve known a few.
[name]Simona[/name] - I like [name]Simone[/name] better.
[name]Sofia[/name] - Beautiful name and love this spelling. I wish it wasn’t as popular. I don’t know if I’d let that bother me too much though because this name is so great. imo.
[name]Talia[/name] - This name has really grown on me thank to this site. Pretty and uncommon.

[name]Arianna[/name]- this name is beatiful just not my style
Dea ETA: [name]Day[/name]-ah- i tink people will commomly mispronouse this dee-a. however it is very pretty
[name]Eliana[/name]- this name sounds so beautiful!
[name]Elena[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it Eh-lane-ah- ditto to eliana
[name]Giada[/name]- sorry i dont like this one very much
[name]Gioia[/name] ETA: Pronounced [name]Joy[/name]-ah :)- Pretty sounding but the spelling will very much confuse people
[name]Laila[/name] ETA: I would pronounce it [name]Lay[/name]-la- This one is ok. not my type
[name]Lea[/name] (pronounced like [name]Lay[/name]-ah)- The spelling will make people think its pronounced lee-a
[name]Letizia[/name]- im sorry but this name sounds made up to me.
Liala- another name that is simply not my type
[name]Lucrezia[/name]- i really dislike this name. sorry!
[name]Maia[/name]- this is a pretty na,e.
[name]Martina[/name]- This is a beautiful name!
[name]Oriana[/name]- Very similar to [name]Arianna[/name] but still pretty
[name]Renata[/name]- The first thing i saw was Retna. Like from your eye. So this is deffinstly not my favorite.
[name]Serena[/name]- This is a GORGEOUS name!
[name]Simona[/name]- pretty but not my style
[name]Sofia[/name]- a beautiful name, but VERY popular
[name]Talia[/name]- i personally [name]LOVE[/name] this name and think its very pretty

My vote is for [name]Serena[/name], followed by [name]Talia[/name] :slight_smile: