What do you think of these names?

Well, my name preferences change all the time, but right now I am kind of in an old-fashioned stage. So some of the names I like are:


Please comment, rate and suggest other names that I might like. Thanks!!!

I really like your list.

[name]Violet[/name]: I think it’s lovely, but may be getting trendy…
[name]Felicity[/name]: It’s growing on me…
[name]Matilda[/name]: I really like [name]Matilda[/name].
[name]Beatrice[/name]:This, too, is growing on me. I prefer [name]Beatrisa[/name] or Beatriu.

[name]Finley[/name]: I really like it, especially with the nickname [name]Finn[/name]!
[name]Elliot[/name]: Not one of my favorites, but a nice enough name.
[name]Noah[/name]: See [name]Elliot[/name]
[name]Sebastian[/name]: I really like this too.
[name]Benjamin[/name]: This is my favorite! I’m starting to like the nickname [name]Benji[/name].

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[name]Violet[/name]–pretty but soooo trendy, just like [name]Annabel[/name]. :frowning:
[name]Felicity[/name]–I like it, except for the American Girl [name]Doll[/name] connection…what about [name]Felicia[/name]?
[name]Matilda[/name]–one of my personal favs! I especially love [name]Roald[/name] Dahl’s book.
[name]Beatrice[/name]–very nice, and [name]Beatrix[/name] too.

[name]Finley[/name]–I prefer [name]Finn[/name], [name]Finian[/name], or Finten for a boy, simply because may people seem to be using [name]Finley[/name] as a girls’ name now. :frowning:
[name]Elliot[/name]–I love this one, though it seems to be becoming sort of unisex. WDYT of [name]Emmett[/name] or [name]Edmond[/name]?
[name]Noah[/name]–too popular
[name]Sebastian[/name]–[name]Love[/name] it!!
[name]Benjamin[/name]–too popular, what about [name]Timothy[/name]?

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I like your girl list a lot! My favorites are [name]Violet[/name] and [name]Matilda[/name], but then again they are both celebrity baby names, which only slightly bothers me. [name]Beatrice[/name] isn’t my favorite, but [name]Bea[/name] is a cute nickname. I think I might prefer [name]Frances[/name] or definitely [name]Alice[/name]! [name]Felicity[/name] was never a favorite of mine, because it reminds me of the American Girl doll, but I love the sound of it! It has a great rhythm. I just don’t like it being shortened to Flissy or [name]Flossy[/name] or Flissy or whatever people shorten it to…

Of your boy list, [name]Benjamin[/name] is hands-down my favorite. It is always in style and it works for nearly everyone - plus [name]Ben[/name] is adorable! [name]Sebastian[/name] is cool and quirky. [name]Noah[/name] and [name]Finley[/name] sound a bit childish to me, and I know [name]Finley[/name] is on the way up. Neither are bad names, though, and I happen to have a dog named [name]Findlay[/name] - thus, I shall never name my child anything that can be shortened to [name]Fin[/name]. [name]Elliot[/name] is a great classic, but it always makes me think of a nerdy kid! Perhaps because every [name]Eliot[/name]/[name]Elliot[/name]/[name]Elliott[/name] I’ve ever known - which totals to about five - has been remarkably geeky and socially awkward. Could just be a coincidence, though! I prefer [name]Elias[/name] with the nickname [name]Eli[/name], personally…

[name]Violet[/name]: [name]Love[/name]…
[name]Felicity[/name]: [name]Love[/name]…
[name]Matilda[/name]: [name]Love[/name]…
[name]Beatrice[/name]: [name]Love[/name]…

I love them all! [name]Felicity[/name] and [name]Matilda[/name] are my favorites…:slight_smile:

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[name]Finley[/name]: I think it’s a nice name, and I wish it weren’t so popular on girls…
[name]Elliot[/name]: I love [name]Elliot[/name]…
[name]Noah[/name]: I think it’s handsome, but some other names feel fresher to me because I’ve heard it so often…
[name]Sebastian[/name]: I really like [name]Sebastian[/name] a lot…
[name]Benjamin[/name]: I love [name]Benjamin[/name]!

[name]Benjamin[/name] and [name]Elliot[/name] are my favorites…


Biblical names:


Names that remind me of [name]Finley[/name]:

[name]Griffin[/name] (nn [name]Finn[/name])

Good luck, Bounce! :slight_smile:

I love [name]Beatrice[/name] from your girl’s list, so cute and with just the right amount of quirkiness.

[name]Finley[/name] - much prefer it spelt the traditional Scottish way - [name]Finlay[/name], and I think it is lovely, I love the nn [name]Finn[/name] too.
[name]Elliot[/name] - love!
[name]Noah[/name] - cute, but really popular for under 5’s.
[name]Sebastian[/name] - really nice, too frilly for my taste but I do like it. I had a cat called [name]Sebastian[/name] too.
[name]Benjamin[/name] - such a classic, love nn [name]Ben[/name].

[name]Love[/name] pretty much all of them:


My absolute favorites (in order) would be [name]Violet[/name], [name]Matilda[/name], [name]Beatrice[/name], [name]Noah[/name], [name]Sebastian[/name], [name]Finley[/name].