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Bonham for a boy? My BF loves Led [name]Zeppelin[/name] and [name]John[/name] Bonham was their drummer.

I like Bonham! I immediately though of [name]Helena[/name] Bonham [name]Carter[/name], which isnt a bad thing at all, just sayin! Also people will want to pronounce it Bon [name]Ham[/name], which is annoyin…Or give him the nickname [name]Bonny[/name] or Hammy. BUT overall I approve! : )

I’m not crazy about [name]Bonny[/name] as a nn, but I wouldn’t mind if people called him Bon. The mn would be [name]Joseph[/name] so there is always BJ which wouldn’t bother me terribly if other people called him that although I probably wouldn’t.

To be honest with you, I’d be more worried about BJ than [name]Bonny[/name] as a nickname as there’s sure to be some teasing there by the time he’s a teenager. That said, Bonham’s a nice name. Would you consider [name]Joseph[/name] Bonham?

I like Bonham

I like Bonham [name]Joseph[/name]. We have a nephew named [name]Boyd[/name] [name]James[/name] who goes by his initials… BJ and so far it hasn’t caused him any teasing. He is in middle school or [name]Jr[/name] High school.