What is working well

I just wanted to pop by and say that I’ve noticed the update to bookmarking topics and I love it! It’s a smoother process with a more visually appealing layout.

I’ve also long wanted to mention that I find the platform brilliant for not losing posts that I haven’t completed/have saved as a draft/have forgotten to save! The only time I’ve ever lost one was after getting the ‘draft you are editing is open in another window. Reload or Ignore’. I reloaded and it was lost, but lesson learned, any time I select Ignore, it’s all good!

Perhaps this thread could be a place to say what is going well and we are happy with? Is being a mod/admin a bit like being a doctor, people only contact you when something is wrong? Hopefully not :sunglasses: but perhaps this thread could be a pick-me-up :blush:


That’s great to hear!! There was a Discourse system update a few days ago that must have come with those changes.

I agree about the drafts- it isn’t always a flawless system, but it has definitely saved me at times when I accidentally click away or something!

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same! I always find it helpful that I can start a draft, and it will save so I can be reminded to respond to it later if I don’t have time right now.


I’m always curious about what this actually means? [name_m]Can[/name_m] anyone explain it? Thanks!

I don’t fully understand the tech-speak of what causes it, but I’ve read that it’s a discourse bug that so far can’t be fixed!

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I love the new format for polls! Switching “show who voted” to the default was a game-changer!