What kind of a boy is HUGO?

[name]Hi[/name] love this name, but don’t know anyone with it. Some names have very strong associations. Does this? Is it old fashioned?
What sort of person is a [name]Hugo[/name] to you? What sort of life does he have? What siblings and what kind of parents, what is he like?

My only associations are [name]Hugo[/name] “[name]Hurley[/name]” [name]Reyes[/name] (LOST) and [name]Hugo[/name] [name]Peabody[/name] (Bye Bye [name]Birdie[/name]) - two characters that couldn’t be more different! Though both lovable in different ways :wink:

He’s forever french in my book. And hopefully never fat b/c that would be unfortunate with the name [name]Hugo[/name]. Although when I hear the name I think of someone a little pudgey and not very athletic. With glasses. Sorry. I feel mean, now.

I love the name [name]Hugo[/name], but I hadn’t really thought much about what a [name]Hugo[/name] would be like…

[name]Hugo[/name] is french, dark hair, dark eyes. As a boy I picture someone slightly pudgey, a gentle soul. I don’t picture a pudgey [name]MAN[/name] though. He’d still be a sweet guy, but not submissive. He’s someone people respect.

[name]Hugo[/name] has Dark hair but fair to medium skin color, lefts just say he tans well. He is athletic, active and well liked. He is a slightly mischievous child but also super charming. For example he makes mud pies in the kitchen and right when you are about to yell at him he presents you with a bouquet of wild flowers, some with roots still on them. He has 2 or 3 very close friends that he has kept in contact with since childhood. They all go camping together, share dirty magazines and join the lacrosse team together. He has many aquantaces but is most loyal to his close friends. He attends a good university and finds getting a job and moving up in that job fairly easy. In adulthood he is still athletic hiking, biking and playing on an organized flag football team. He idealizes his mother and although he is one of 3 children he knows he is his mothers pride and joy. He sends his mother flowers on mothers day and [name]Valentine[/name]'s [name]Day[/name] because he remembers the joy in his mothers eyes when he presented her with that first bouquet of wildflowers.

[name]Hugo[/name] is a handsome, athletic, fun name you should go for it.

Thank-you all. Oddly I am not adverse the the unathletic, or glasses so these thoughts are lovely. Merylp your description is so, so lovely I feel impelled to name him [name]Hugo[/name] so that he become himself as you have described him!