What to name a Female German Character?

Hello namberry! AJ here, and in dire need of some name magic!
I write. A lot. Currently, I’m working on a prject that takes place between 1916 and 1927. The main charactor marries multiple men before her 25th birthday, and is a chipper, happy charactor. The problem is, I figured out everything about this charactor EXCEPT what her name should be.

I tried to come up with a few options, but only a few seemed to fit. This character is of Belgium origin, but the name doesn’t have to be [name]German[/name], French or Dutch.
Now, these are the names I have come up with in the past week.

  1. [name]Dahlia[/name]- like the flower. Picture anyone with this name with a dark personality.
  2. [name]Viola[/name]- My Great-grandmother who ran away with her husband at 18 (an inspriation in a sort)
  3. [name]Esme[/name]- I like the name. That’s all.
  4. [name]Violet[/name]- When origionally drafting, I used this as the first name, changing it only because I saw the character as spoiled.

Okay. Help please! If you have name suggstions of your own, please feel free to mention them! Much apreciation!

  • [name]Athena[/name]

The first name I thought of was [name]Lorelei[/name] (the siren of the Rhine who songs entice men to crash their ships on the rocks!). I have strange ideas sometimes. What about these names…

Thank you! My favorites on your list are [name]Bettina[/name] (character does ballet) and [name]Romy[/name] (sorta unisex, which I love!). Thank you!

[name]How[/name] about:


What an interesting character!

From your list I like [name]Violet[/name], and this also made me think of [name]Violette[/name] which has a more European feel to me. And I associate it with strong women like [name]Violette[/name] Szabo.

I also thought of:


Gosh I am from Belgium!!

I like Kaat or [name]Anais[/name]. I dont know their origin (Kaat is like [name]Kate[/name] but with a long A) but yeah.

Id [name]LOVE[/name] to read your story if it is finished?


Is this the oldest thrend on the Writing group?!

I would love to read your story!