What Topic Would you like to see?

I plan to make more blogs in future on this forum.

What do you want to see?

Any names in particular you want me to talk about? I could make a whole post about it.

Any topic? Like, perhaps you are interested in a list of names with good meanings or a list of gender neutral names inspired by nature.

Statistics? I love making those. I could analyse the popularity stats and make a post about it, so…

Whatever you want to see, comment it here! I am bored and I really want to make the people of this forum interested and glad, so what do you want to see?

I had planned on doing a list for Turkish names a while ago but never got around to actually doing it. Perhaps, you could find inspiration from there? [name_u]Or[/name_u] any other origin.

I’d also like to see names with fantasy meanings (Ailinónë - “fairy who dwelt on a lily in a pool”) or traditional names with beautiful meanings ([name_m]Endicott[/name_m] - “from the end cottage” / [name_m]Arledge[/name_m] - “lake with the hares”). Names in brackets are to give an idea of what I mean.

Literary names is another topic I can think of. I’d like to see the underrated, hidden-in-plain-sight ways to honour some of my favourite books/poetry/writers. Something like the author’s favourite flower, or related to a theme they repeat in their work; subtle names.

Of course, this is all purely to provide you with inspiration! You are not obliged to make any of these, but are free to brainstorm ideas with the help of this. Best of luck, and I am looking forward to any posts you make.


I like the statistics topics! Maybe the most/least popular A, B, C, etc. letter names from a certain country. Ex: Most popular/Least popular A names in Australia.


I’d love to see something about the naming customs/trends/quirks of different cultures. Like “Everyone goes by their middle name because there is only a handful of different first names” and the like.


I also like the statistics ones, I’d be interested to see something about the patterns of popularity on nameberry vs the real world or something similar, and I also saw someone say they were interested in learning about naming laws around the world and I’d definitely second that

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