What would you do?

My boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend are having another baby girl due this summer. When I was talking with her about names before they knew what they were having… I mentioned to her I love the name [name]Rhett[/name] for a boy. She told me that was her favorite name for a boy even though she told me she wanted to use [name]Colton[/name].

Well, I still love [name]Rhett[/name], but I would feel guilty if I ever used it because she said it was always her favorite. I’m not saying I would def use this name, but should I even still consider it for my list? What would you do??

I would still use it! I mean if she chose [name]Colton[/name] over her “favorite” [name]Rhett[/name], i don’t know that its really her favorite!
If you have a boy before before she has another, you can definitely use the name [name]Rhett[/name], since you were the one that brought it up anyways!
[name]Hope[/name] this helps!

I know she would love to use [name]Rhett[/name] but I think she was worried her boyfriend wouldn’t like it. I know she said she brought up the name [name]Colton[/name] and he didn’t like it anyway. She wasn’t really allowed to talk about named until they knew what they were having so boys names were never really discussed.

I think you should keep [name]Rhett[/name] on your list. Who knows if your brother and sister-in-law will ever have a boy? And if she likes it, then it would be nice for her to have a nephew name [name]Rhett[/name]. But I would talk to her about it when you are pregnant with a boy, she might be glad you can use it if her boyfriend really doesn’t like it anyways.

That’s what I was thinking… thanks :slight_smile: