What would you name these stuffed animal siblings?

ok so i have a peace sign bear from build a bear, and ive had him since i was like 4 or 5!


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he was formerly named robin ‘robbie’ but im not fond of that name anymore.

so i was wondering what ideas you have for him?

also the next stuffed animal im about to show was my dog jessi’s, she passed away in july and ive adopted her toy as mine.


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the only names i have thought of and like for them so far are jasper fred + violet eve

I like [name_u]Jasper[/name_u] [name_m]Fred[/name_m] and violet eve! They go nicely together!

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I would name them Peacie and Disco.

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aww i love that!

[name_u]Freddy[/name_u] the bear & Coconut the pig “Coco”

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[name_u]Pax[/name_u] which is another name for [name_u]Peace[/name_u] and Jesammy which can be an honour to your dog.
[name_u]Pax[/name_u] and [name_f]Jessamy[/name_f]

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