What's my name style?

[name]Hi[/name] everyone,

Well, I’m not planning on having children anytime soon but, I do think about names often. There are definitely alot of names I like but there’s only a few I would ever use for real children should I ever have them. I’m going to list some names that I like below for both genders and perhaps you berries can help me see if I have a particular style since they’re all over the place.
Thanks in advance!



Your boys’ list has a pretty consistant style; I’d say it was vintage but not “old codger” vintage. As for the girl’s list, it’s a bit harder to pinpoint. I tend to imagine runway models when I see all those names together. I don’t mean that as a bad thing, but rather like someone who has grace and elegeance with a splash of down-to-earth.

Thank you! I definitely see what you’re talking about. Boys are a whole lot easier to name, for me anyways.

I think your name style is called “eclectic” which means you like names from numerous “style families”. :smiley:

I like that, “eclectic”. And here I was thinking my style was just all over the place.