Where did Nova come from?

Can someone explain to me why for the past year every time I turn around there is another dog or cat named [name_u]Nova[/name_u]? Is there some pop culture reference I’m missing? Where did this name sky rocket out of?
(Not that it’s a bad name, just never heard it before and now I’m seeing it everywhere!)

No idea! [name_f]Luna[/name_f] is also a super popular pet name, and I have a [name_f]Stella[/name_f]. I think celestial names are just popular for pets right now. [name_f]My[/name_f] uncle got a puppy named [name_u]Nova[/name_u] several years ago and right after it seemed to blow up and become a really popular name.

I like it, but it’s weird to me since it’s also short hand for the part of the state I’m from.

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I think it’s because [name_f]Luna[/name_f] was the go to 3-5 years ago, and [name_u]Nova[/name_u] feels like a more unusual/edgier alternative.


Never met a dog named [name_u]Nova[/name_u] probably walk out the door and meet one today knowing my luck with names I never though of :sob: but I agree, dog name trends probably happen just like baby ones, sure beats the still popular [name_f]Luna[/name_f] and classic [name_m]Oreo[/name_m]! I wonder if [name_f]Astrid[/name_f] will be the next pet name than?

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