Why do you want to have children?

as the title says - apologies if this has already been asked on here !

open to everyone, parentberries or those who wish to have children in the future - what are the reasons for that you feel you want / wanted to be a parent ? :smiling_face::heart_hands:

Still a little off from having kids but it’s something I know I’ve wanted since I was a kid. From year 4-6 when I’d go to after school care and vacation care, I loved looking after the little kids and it was rare that I didn’t have a kiddo holding my hand or sitting on my lap. I did mentoring all throughout high school and am becoming a primary teacher. My sister was born when I was just shy of 17 and I’ve virtually been the second parent to her with my mum. That saying ‘you never know love until you have a child’ - it’s so true because it’s a completely different kind, I cried when I first saw her. You hear their little heartbeat and you find out the gender, and get everything ready for them, anxiously waiting for them to come. Then when they’re here, it’s crazy - I hardly remember a time when she wasn’t here and the amount of times my mum and I have said that we don’t know what we’d be doing if we didn’t have her. Watching her grow, develop skills and her little personality shining through and discovering her interests. Seeing that unbridled excitement, even about seemingly mundane things and watching her explore the world. Getting to see her develop into a little person and getting to help her and teach her.

I am very very excited to have children and I’m anxiously waiting for that day!


To meet this whole brand new little person and to watch them grow right from a baby, to be a part of their lives the whole way through.

To have someone close, more family, to spend lots of time with, a friend for (hopefully) life.

To continue my family line I guess, to teach my children about their ancestors who I loved, to teach my children about the past, to pass on the family interests and knowledge with gardening, science, books.

Snuggles and cuddles and cuteness.

And I guess it’s a bit less deep and meaningful, but maybe also to see what a genetic combo of me and my partner would turn out like, a bit like making babies in [name_m]Sims[/name_m]? :rofl:


Maybe it’s a bit different for me because I never actually wanted children, but got pregnant unplanned with my oldest son. I divorced his father and started a family with my second husband, so I guess these are more reasons for wanting more children than just the one.

  • Unconditional love. Not so much getting unconditional love as being able to give it to someone. I felt like I had so much love to give, and the love for your child is a different kind of love, you can’t compare it to anything. I’m not going to say I love my children more than my husband, but I certainly love them in a different way
  • I find this one a little hard to explain, but: “creating” this little human with both mine and my husband’s genes, and seeing what I recognize of myself in them, and what they got from my husband is such an amazing experience
  • Watching them grow, getting to know them, and helping them develop, discover what they love and what they’re good at. It’s just the best thing I ever did
  • Seeing my husband become a father. I’ve loved him with all my heart since we got together, but seeing him with our children, being such an amazing father, has taken my love for him to another level
  • Also hormones, I guess :sweat_smile: [name_f]Baby[/name_f] fever, my biological clock, whatever you want to call it
  • Being able to pass on my heritage to someone - my love for my Nordic culture, my (father’s side of the) family…

Its definitely something hard to put in words.
For me it started with this desire to give & love. Its such an amazing process to create a human with someone you love and have them be both part you and part them.
Then once they’re here its amazing to meet them and see who they are. Its like continually unwrapping a present! Except for its not a present you get to keep, its like you bought a present for your favorite person, and you know its an amazing present, but you dont actually know what it is and you get to discover it together. Thats what it feels like raising little people.

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