Worried about the future of Quinn as a boy name

[name]Love[/name] the name [name]Quinn[/name] (for both genders actually) but would likely use it for a boy. However, I’m starting to see a lot more little girl Quinns, so I’m worried about the future of the name…I would hate for my son to grow up sharing his name with a ton of girls.

So what are your opinions- will [name]Quinn[/name] be heading to the girls, or do you think it will still safely remain more popular for boys?

I hate to say that i think it’s going to be very much a girls name. I mentioned it to my [name]SIL[/name] and she told me it was a girls name, as if she’d never heard of it for boys. That was a bummer for me.

I think it’s a really good name. I would still use it for a boy if you love it. I love it for boys and girls, i can see it pretty equally on both. Guess this isn’t very helpful, but there you have it!

I adore the name [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy! I also like [name]Quentin[/name] and [name]Quincy[/name] as longer names. I think it is ‘cute’ on a girl but don’t find that it ages well for them. I say go with [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy and he will be so handsome and make the name his own!
*[name]Edit[/name]: More boys (258) than girls (486) had the name in 2009

I think that [name]Quinn[/name] is safe for either sex. It may have a foot in the girl’s camp right now (doesn’t everything, though?), but I don’t see it becoming popular for girls. Looking at the SSA charts, I see that [name]Quinn[/name] is currently #258 for boys and #486 for girls. So it is safe to say that while [name]Quinn[/name] is unisex in [name]America[/name], it is still much more popular for boys than girls. I don’t think you’d have a problem naming a boy [name]Quinn[/name]. I think it sounds quirky, handsome, and masculine.

I love [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy! If you love it you should go it.

Thank you for the replies everyone!

This is so, so true. It seems as though everything is fair game to girls these days.

I’m going to dissent here. While I do think that many more boys’ names are managing to stay unisex, at least, after being co-opted by girls, I think [name]Quinn[/name] is going to be primarily girl. The Glee character is a big reason, but I think its’ soft sound will also be a liability. I’d go with [name]Quentin[/name], myself.

I have a girl [name]Quinn[/name] (sorry! :oops: ) and I thought it was pretty original but I see it becoming more popular for girls. I’d go for a longer name like [name]Quinlan[/name] and use [name]Quinn[/name] as a nickname. Either way i love the name, but my ex’s name was [name]Corey[/name] and he hated that it was used for girls, too. I feel bad for guys when that happens, it’s too bad our society makes a name less desirable for a male just because females use it, kinda makes you go hmmmmm.

I hate to be rude, but HAVE NONE OF YOU HEARD OF GLEE??? It got like 19 emmy noms and it’s HUGE- it [name]WILL[/name] stick around, and I’m POSITIVE there will be a huge jump in the number of female Quinns for 2010 because of the show.
Okay, got that out of my system. Sorry.
Anyway, I think it’s a real shame that there’s going to be so many girl Quinns and it probably won’t be safe to use. I really like it for a boy. But I kind of like it for a girl, too, so I guess I just have to reconsider the gender I like it on. [name]Quinlan[/name], [name]Quintus[/name], [name]Quentin[/name], or [name]Quincy[/name] MIGHT work though.

I love the name [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy, and it’s more popular for boys than girls, I think it’ll be a great name.

Gotta say, [name]Daisy[/name] is probably right about the effect Glee will have on [name]Quinn[/name]. [name]Quinn[/name] on the show has definitely made me like it more for girls than I did before the show, I’m sure it’s had the same effect on the millions of other people who watch it.


[name]Per[/name] earlier post, [name]Quinn[/name] on Glee is going to put this one firmly, firmly in the girl’s camp; my prediction is that not only is this the case, but it’ll become quite popular. Think long and hard before using it.

Did you read the book Freakonomics? The authors named 22 boys’ names and 24 girls’ names they predicted would be the most popular baby names in 2015. [name]QUINN[/name] IS IN THE GIRLS’ LIST, and it’s rising fast.

Please don’t take it off of your boy’s list just because of Glee! As I’ve said many times before, continuing to use names like these for boys is what will help keep them at least somewhat masculine. Go for [name]Quinn[/name] on a boy!

I agree with Namefan…use [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy, because you love it! We used [name]Kyle[/name] for my son (now 12), and THEN found out it is also a girl’s name. However, I have yet to meet one girl named [name]Kyle[/name]! So use the name [name]Quinn[/name] for a boy, and keep it in the boy’s camp! It is a very handsome name. :sunglasses:

I know a perfectly respectable 10 year old [name]Quinn[/name] boy from a very upper middle class family!

I love [name]Quinn[/name] for a boys name!!! When I read the post I instantly thought boy. The name itself can go either way, but it is not a common name & I think you would be pleased with it! What are you going to put with [name]Quinn[/name]?

I like it for a boy, but I am afraid that its heading over to the girls side…

Personally, the name [name]Quinn[/name] is adorable but it does posses a very soft/sweet quality in my opinion. It is not an extremely “manly” name. That is not a bad thing though. As I actually think names like that can be nice too! I put this in the same category as the name [name]Robin[/name]. [name]Robin[/name] is a softer name, yet there are still guys with it. I think it is cute!It would be a bid odd if the child was given a name like [name]Robin[/name] or [name]Quinn[/name] and then turned out to be a rugged bad ass or something…lol. I see these names working on handsome preppy guys…not really the 300 pound athletic types.

Also, I think [name]Quinn[/name] will be used for girls a lot in the future, but I don’t think it will become a 100 percent girly name if you know what I mean.

Thank you for all the replies everyone! Keep 'em coming. Now that we know we’re definitely having a boy, we’re trying to debate whether or not we should permanently cross [name]Quinn[/name] off the list.