Would you have a child while ...?

then suggest the next thing

i will start
still living with your parents

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That would hurt our family dynamic so no.

…another child of yours was born earlier this year?

I would never try for that, no. If it happened on accident…I guess it would be a yes!

…you’re still nursing your last?

Not my preference, but not wholly against it. The soonest I’m open to try for a new baby is after the previous one is at least one year old. So even if it happens quick, hopefully the first baby gets over a year or even closer to 2 years of nursing.

When you don’t have enough room for each kid to have their own?

Yes - I’d want each child to be able to have their own space, but I don’t think that necessarily means having their own room. Plus the baby will probably sleep in my room for the first year anyway :blush:

…when you are eligible for a big promotion at work?

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