Would you let your child have a say in ....?

Yes, we think our little girl might be autistic and she’s got a lot of textural issues around foods so we make sure to always include a few of her faves (broccoli, corn, sausages, spag bol with a ton of hidden veg in the sauce… :joy:) otherwise she simply won’t eat it. But we def want all the meal options to be generally healthy ones.

Would you let them have a say in what guests you have around to the house, or what relatives you go visit?

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Yes, I feel like that is acceptable for them to have a say in, especially if its someone they arent comfortable in coming over.

If you have another child after them?

No, children don’t have the depth of understanding about finances, resources, etc, to have input into family planning. But I also don’t believe in having children for the sake of it - if we couldn’t afford it or we’re struggling then we as the adults would make that call.

How their bedroom is decorated?

Absolutely. Some restrictions would apply however, not just anything can be in their room, but kids deserve to have their rooms to fit their style.

What electives they can take?

When they’re younger, no, but once they hit around 7-8th grade and are probably mature enough to think seriously about their lives, then yes. However, I wouldn’t let peer pressure or what’s “in” or “cool” to influence that too much.

What classes they take?

Of course - it’s their classes not mine!

What country you live in (if you plan on moving abroad)?

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