Would you let your child watch ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start
the news at the moment before they are 12

Probably not. Before 12 is a little young, but if it was on by another person and they saw it, I wouldn’t think of it as a big deal

A show that contained LGBTQ main characters?

Absolutely 100%! I’d actually encourage it. It’s very important that I show my (future) children a diverse range of people and families, and that includes people who are LGBTQIA+! I want them to know it’s okay for them to be their truest self, and that I will love and accept them no matter what :heart_hands: Their home will always be a safe space, and I hope that they feel comfortable sharing things with me about their sexuality, and I believe that starts with introducing them to positive examples in childhood - reminding them that we are accepting of everyone and should be kind no matter what!

Movies rated PG13 before they’re 13?


Yeah, definitely. I mean, it depends on the movie, but a lot of PG13 movies aren’t too bad (but then with others where I’m like “oh my goodness how is this not rated R?” So it really is a movie-specific thing.)

Horror films with some satanic/demonic imagery?

After some thought, I think so. I would make an effort to make it clear that it’s a fake story made to be scary and it’s not real.

A show with lots of bad language and cuss words?

Probably not until they are older. [name_f]My[/name_f] son picked up the word “stupid” from a cartoon and oh my goodness has it become a problem!! I don’t even want to think about anything worse right now lol. I don’t want to go too extreme in either direction- strict censorship vs. inappropriate for his age- but it’s difficult when the child is too young to understand what they are saying…

Blippi? (Parents seem to either tolerate him or hate him)

Nope. I’m not opposed to children’s shows like Blippi, but I’ve learned about something he did in his past that just put a bad taste in my mouth! Not saying he’s a bad person or anything, but I feel like I’d rip my hair out if I had to listen to him knowing what he did (it should be easy to find online!) :rofl: I’d much rather have them watch Ms. [name_f]Rachel[/name_f] or something like Bluey!

Cartoons while you are busy doing something (for example - cooking dinner, doing their hair, etc)?

Yes as long as they don’t play it too loud or if it affects what I’m doing, like if I’m doing something that requires a lot of precision or I’m talking to them.

Old family videos?