Would you live in an area with your child where ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start
the nearest school was 30 minutes car journey away

If the school was really good, my partner and I both had stable jobs, the housing prices are reasonable, and it was a safe place with lots of things to do, then of course!!

The nearest neighbor is a mile away?

Oh my gosh yes! I really would love to live somewhere even more rural.

In a city?

I’ve done it… and them moved from the city to a rural neighborhood! Wouldn’t go back to live in the city again :slight_smile:

There are no other children?

Absolutely not, my child should have other kids to play with

Known for having lots of car accidents

I would never live there, let alone bring a child there.

In a very hot and dry climate?

Nope. I am ok with both dry and rather humid, but I prefer cold over very hot anyday.

In a huge, bustling city where you’re not sure if it is safe for the child to take public transport on their own?

No, I would like to live in quite a rural place - I’m not big on busy and bustling!

…the nearest hospital is an hour away?