Would you send your child to a school where ...?

then suggest the next one

i will start
you used to go

Considering I moved to a different country, that’s a no. :grimacing:

It’s religious?


There is a school farm?

Yes, that sounds amazing!

Classes meet outdoors?

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It offers bi-lingual education? (my dream K-12 lol)


There is a strong arts/music department

Yes! [name_f]Lilia[/name_f] loves singing I think she would love that

Has a gentle disciplinary approach?

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Yes, because that is how my school was!

Supports & promotes LGBTQ+?

I live in a red state, so that’s sadly difficult to find but I absolutely hope to…

A school that has uniforms? (it isn’t common here, unless it is a religious school)

I spent all 12 years myself in uniform. Might look less cool, but the good things are it lessens “gap” between the students and there’s no need to think what to wear today, tomorrow, etc. So yes, if it exists, absolutely. But like you said it is rare here and we don’t plan to send kids to religious school…

Would you prefer private or public?

Private if it was a non-religious school and within our family budget. There are a couple of private schools that fit this description, so we will tour them and put ourselves on the waiting list when the time is right.

…students had to take a 1.5 hour bus ride (or other mode of transportation) to and from?

No way, I’d rather homeschool.

Focuses heavily on reading/writing/maths with little science, music/art, P.E.?

Depends on what my child is interested in. Likely no if it sets my child behind in the long run.

Is a school for only people of that child’s gender?

No. I would love for my child to be immersed with people of all types (that was worded strange but you get what I mean :joy:)

Where your best friend is your child’s teacher?

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Sure. Not a problem at all

[name_u]An[/name_u] alternative school?

Yes, but the school would really need to feel right.

We seriously looked into both Montessori and Steiner, and there were aspects I liked of both, but neither seemed quite right for us: Steiner didn’t seem like it would help extend our early reading child (though to be honest I figured she’d still learn that at home and I still DID want to send her), and the Montessori we looked at seemed very ‘cold’, not warm or nurturing even with the young children and not very inclusive either, and had rules like only 2 children at a time in the sand pit.

Would you send your child to a school where they don’t give out any kinds of awards or certificates for academic excellence?

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i’d consider other factors about it, as if it was a child with a gift with something it would be nice to have a school that acknowledges it. however, if they are the type of child who wouldn’t get anything then more yes then no.

with a boarding house? :tulip: