☁ write a vibe for each group of names

just like the title says ^^^

group 1: ace, asher, blaze, cruz, dash, delta, echo, harley, indie, indigo, jax, jet, kai, kyler, maxen, phoenix, raven, rebel, ryder, zephyr

group 2: alba, ash, atticus, august, clementine, daisy, eden, emmett, finn, hazel, iris, jude, kai, leo, lila, luca, nola, oliver, talia, theo

group 3: amethyst, aspen, atticus, aura, calantha, caspian, celeste, elara, eros, gaia, helios, indigo, iris, jade, jasmine, luna, mystique, neptune, opal, willow

group 4: acacia, aurora, beau, dahlia, daisy, fern, hazel, ivy, jasmine, juniper, larkspur, leo, maple, marigold, meadow, olive, piper, rosalind, sage, willow

group 5: ace, asher, beckett, blaze, cassie, finn, grace, hazel, indie, jax, kai, knox, levi, lila, mila, olive, piper, quinn, reed, sawyer

group 6: albert, amelie, archie, clara, clement, daphne, edmund, evelyn, florence, frederick, hazel, henry, juliette, leonard, nora, olive, penelope, rose, sebastian, violet

group 7: blaze, clover, cove, echo, ember, finn, holden, huck, juniper, lark, meadow, phoenix, ranger, raven, ridge, sage, skye, summit, wilder, zephyr

group 1: Edginess, mystical, strong contrast -
image it gives me red car vibes!

group 2: gentle, warm, timeless, quiet -

garden basket vibes!

group 3: dreamy, magical -

- celestial universe vibes

group 4: mossy, natural, wild -

mossy clear water dark forest

group 5: adventurous, bright skies -

- grand canyon vibes!

all I have time for rn! :slight_smile:

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Group one: indie chic; reading poetry at the skate park.
Group two: relaxed nature; climbing trees to read books.
Group three: spiritual; crystal collections and hippy skirts.
Group four: lively; enquiring minds making animal project books; map reading, crafts and treasure hunts on the weekends.
Group five: stylish skater kids.
Group six: bridgerton.
Group seven: adventure; adrenaline rush rollercoasters, rock climbing, rock jumping at the beach.

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Group 1: fiery, cool, edgy and sharp

Group 2: gentle, slightly cottage-core, a touch of vintage

Group 3: mystical, grand, cosmic and powerful

Group 4: floral, fresh, sweet, cottage-core and stylish

Group 5: sporty, modern, fresh, a touch American

Group 6: classic, regal, but without pretension

Group 7: earthy, beachy, adventurous

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group one: midnight, street art, motorcycles, leather jackets, cities, rock music, silver
group two: late summer, pressing flowers, picnics, orchards, reading beneath trees, straw hats
group three: dusk, mystics, stargazing, ancient greek architecture, mythology, beaded jewellery
group four: early morning, cottages in the countryside, birdsong, classic literature, scrapbooks
group five: roller skating, 50s diners, exploring the countryside, vintage clothes, treasure hunts
group six: boarding school, debutante balls, old money, country estates, horseback riding, pearls
group seven: the beach, caves along the coast, watercolour paints, wildflowers, campfires, guitars

group 1: cyberpunk, a not-so-far future, neon lights, big cities by night, underground hackers fighting for good

group 2: softness, daydreaming, reading the kind of books teachers like to assign in your free time, keeping a journal, beekeeping

group 3: modern magic, crystals, purple and black, stargazing, reading Lovecraft

group 4: homesteading, getting up at dawn, embroidery, linen clothes, wildflowers

group 5: boarding school, teenage drama, breaking the dress code, YA fiction type adventures, falling in love

group 6: dark academia, school uniforms with neckties, old money, wanting to break free, writing poetry

group 7: standing barefoot in a river, mountain ranges, campfires, picking up bugs, building huts in the forest