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  • ex-AHN-theh : 2 (5%)
  • ZAN-theh : 6 (15%)
  • ZAN-thee : 32 (80%)
  • Something else…: 0 (0%)

Being that it’s Greek, I would assume all the letters had their own sound, thus “[name]Zahn[/name]-thee”.

[name]Zan[/name]-thee is the popular pronunciation in UK and Commonwealths as far as I can tell, and ksan-thee is more authentically Greek.

[name]Zan[/name]-theh is, as far as I can figure out, wrong and/or wishful thinking, as in I wish it ended in a sound that went better with our -y ending last name. I’ve never found anything to substantiate zan-theh though, aside from that Nameberry thing.

[name]Xanthia[/name] is clearer (zan-thee-uh) if you wanted but I don’t think its as crisp and nice-looking.


ex-an-thee seems so wrong to me.

zan-thee is the correct way, but I actually prefer how I used to think it was pn: ex-an-thuh, just sounds prettier imo

I’ve never heard it pronounced any way but zan-thee

I wished it were pronounced zan-theh. [name]Zan[/name]-thee sounds horrible to me. Like somebody with a thick accent or a lisp trying to say [name]Nancy[/name].

Yes, [name]Zan[/name]-thee. It’s Greek for ‘yellow’ and historically was given to blondes. It’s actually not part of Chrysanthe, which means “golden” (chrys) “flower” (anthe).

zan-thee is the only correct way to say this name. The other 2 pronunciations nameberry has listed are wrong (and I have emailed the head people about it, it’s just not being changed).

This coming from someone who is Greek. The other 2 don’t work with Greek pronunciation rules. And Thank you [name]Blade[/name] for pointing out that it has nothing to do with Chrysanthe.