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  • Love it: 4 (50%)
  • Like it: 2 (25%)
  • Dislike it: 2 (25%)
  • No way!: 0 (0%)

I love [name]Desmond[/name], especially nn [name]Des[/name], but I feel like a lot of that love has to do with the fact that I’m a HUGE Lost fan so I may not be the best person to give an opinion

I also love the name [name]Desmond[/name]! It initially got onto our list because of the Lost character, but I think it’s such a great name. For some reason, it’s not at the top of our list anymore, but I would love to meet a little [name]Desmond[/name]. And the nicknames [name]Des[/name] and [name]Desi[/name] are great.

Well I’m another Lost fan, and that’s why I started to like the name in the first place, BUT, I do think it’s a really great name. I’d spell the nickname [name]Dez[/name], I think.