Yuri vs. Uri

See the results of this poll: Yuri or Uri?

Respondents: 21 (This poll is closed)

  • Yuri : 17 (81%)
  • Uri: 4 (19%)

Yuri. The other spelling makes me think urinary as in urinary tract. I love Yuri though! I’ve only ever heard it on the kids cartoon My Big, Big Friend. Yuri is a very sweet boy character.

I prefer [name]Yuri[/name]. [name]Uri[/name] looks like urine.
That aside, [name]Uri[/name] looks more masculine whereas [name]Yuri[/name] seems more unisex. :slight_smile:

Oh goodness, I never thought of the urine connection! [name]Yuri[/name] will probably be my choice :slight_smile:

I, too, prefer [name]Yuri[/name]. It seems a bit more classic to me, although I liked [name]Uri[/name] because I would have liked to have liked a “U” name for a boy, haha. I do agree that [name]Uri[/name] is probably too close to Urine and such.

I went to school with a Youry, but I wouldn’t exactly recommend that spelling, haha.

Good luck!

[name]Uri[/name] is Hebrew, short for [name]Uriel[/name] (an archangel) and quite common in [name]Israel[/name]. [name]Yuri[/name] is Russian for [name]George[/name]. Two completely different names with two different traditions and two different meanings. They are not the same name, different spelling. I prefer [name]Uriel[/name], [name]Uri[/name], but don’t know that this would work outside Hebrew school and [name]Israel[/name]. [name]Yuri[/name] is fine if you’re Russian, otherwise, why not go with [name]George[/name]?

Umm I won’t go with [name]George[/name] because I don’t like it at all. I get that it’s a form of [name]George[/name] but they sound nothing alike…