At 8 months along, I’ve found myself completely in love with the name [name]Zipporah[/name], a Hebrew name meaning “bird” (Also, wife of [name]Moses[/name] in the Bible). Her nickname would be Zippy. My husband loves it too, but we have one drawback… I’m afraid that we’ll find it difficult to find names for future children. I don’t want all my children to have Biblical names (it’s a bit too themey for me), but I can’t come up with any other names that would go well with it… any ideas?

I looked up [name]Zipporah[/name] on “check out a name”, the box to the left. [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] have a concern that a girl named [name]Zipporah[/name] would be teased with “zipper” jokes. I agree. But if you really love [name]Zipporah[/name], I will look up some names that also mean bird or especially sparrow. I read a book about a girl nicknamed Zippy, and I think that it is a really cute nickname. I think the book was called “A Girl Called Zippy”.

I looked up some bird names, and I found [name]Birdie[/name], [name]Colomba[/name], [name]Paloma[/name], and [name]Jemima[/name]. Those are all peaceful bird names. I really love the name [name]Paloma[/name] which means dove.

Recently I made a Birds of Prey Names list. You can find it by looking up [name]Arden[/name] (which means valley of the eagle and is a unisex name) on “check out a name” and then scrolling down and clicking on my list.

While [name]Zipporah[/name] is a lovely name, I’d be too concerned about zipper jokes to use it! As a middle name, I wouldn’t worry, but as a first name? Kids can be cruel, and I’d hate to see a little girl with a name destined for teasing.

That said, if you still want to use [name]Zipporah[/name], and you don’t mind potential zipper teasing, you should use it.

Some names that could go with [name]Zipporah[/name] (I selected feminine, more unusual/exotic names):


Best wishes to you!

I thought of some more ideas, but in all honesty, I think an unusual Hebrew name like [name]Zipporah[/name] sounds best paired with other Hebrew or Biblical names. Yes, you can match [name]Zipporah[/name]'s femininity and exotic flair with non-Hebrew names, but it’s just not the same as using another Hebrew name. While Hebrew names such as [name]Sarah[/name] and [name]Leah[/name] have become mainstream, obtaining a classic feel that allows them to be paired with other classic names (sibling sets of [name]Hannah[/name] and [name]Kate[/name]/ [name]Sarah[/name] and [name]Louisa[/name] come to mind), [name]Zipporah[/name] belongs with other Hebrew names (at least to me). :slight_smile:

Some more ideas:


[name]How[/name] cute the nickname Zippy would be! The first thing that comes to mind is [name]Araminta[/name], with the nickname [name]Minty[/name]. Zippy and [name]Minty[/name] would be great sisters, I think.

I love [name]Zipporah[/name]. I know one, actually. She’s a fantastic lady who goes by Zip, to friends and [name]Orah[/name] to most others (like the local PTA). Yeah, Zippy’s a possible problem, but I don’t think it’s the sort that will follow her to HS & beyond, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, especially if it was a name I absolutely loved.

Edited to add sibling names! :slight_smile: (d’oh, forgot!)

I really liked the [name]Araminta[/name] suggestion, (sorry, didn’t look to see who posted that lovely suggestion)


[name]Hope[/name] that helps!

Thanks for all the ideas! Yeah… we’re definately sticking with [name]Zipporah[/name]. The more I say it, the more I fall in love with it - we’d been looking for a while and as soon as we heard [name]Zipporah[/name], we were like “yep! that’s the one!” It’s funny, while I’m [name]Christian[/name], I’ve gotten really sick of hearing the sibling sets of [name]Sarah[/name], [name]Elijah[/name], [name]Isaac[/name], [name]Eli[/name], etc. (although those are great names, I just think they’re overused) so I thought I’d would really dislike other Biblical names, but I loved some on your lists…

lola - I really love all your name suggestions, especially [name]Matilda[/name], [name]Naomi[/name], [name]Shiloh[/name], [name]Miriam[/name], [name]Lila[/name], [name]Hazel[/name], [name]Gideon[/name], [name]Reuben[/name], and a lot of those are Biblical names… my tastes must have changed overnight :slight_smile:

jill - A lot on your list I love and have considered as well… [name]Seraphina[/name], [name]Dahlia[/name], [name]Zara[/name] spelled [name]Zahra[/name], [name]Eden[/name], [name]Daria[/name], and [name]Delilah[/name]

Thanks so much for the suggestions! All are really beautiful!

I know a [name]Ziporah[/name] (with one p which cuts down on the zipper jokes a bit) and I think its a lovely name. She is called Zipi. [name]Zipporah[/name] has a lovely, old world feel, so you could pair it with other names of that style - [name]Adaline[/name], [name]Imogen[/name], [name]Seraphina[/name] ([name]Jennifer[/name] [name]Garner[/name]'s pick). You could also do a play on [name]Zipporah[/name] for the next child, something that also means “bird” or “flower” or “tree.” Congratulations on your new little girl.