What do you think of the name [name]Zipporah[/name]? It’s pretty much unheard of where I live, but it seems to be more common in [name]Israel[/name] (where it is often spelled Tzipporah).

I think [name]Zipporah[/name] is a lovely name. It has a nice flow to it.

Too bad [name]Zipporah[/name] is rare in [name]America[/name], although I did hear Tzipporah a few months ago. Apparently, it’s the name of one of the great-granddaughters of actress [name]Gloria[/name] [name]Stuart[/name] (better known as old [name]Rose[/name] from Titanic).

[name]Do[/name] you like the name [name]Zipporah[/name]? If so, what middle names would go well with it?

I have a thing for unusual names and I really like this one. Zippy would be so sweet and right now I’m in love with [name]June[/name] so I would use it as a middle name. [name]Zipporah[/name] [name]June[/name], this name is awsome but it might be a little too out there still. Anyways, I love it and if you do also use it no matter what. It’s so fun and spunky.

[name]Zipporah[/name] [name]Ivy[/name] or [name]Zipporah[/name] [name]Lily[/name] would be nice too I think.

I love the name [name]Zipporah[/name]. It’s my favorite Hebrew name. I’m Jewish and this name is used more frequently in the Jewish community. A good friend of mine is named Tziporah, though she almost exclusively goes by Tzipi. It’s a very sweet though definitely uncommon. I prefer the Tzipporah/Tziporah, spelling because it’s more true to the Hebrew spelling. It’s not that common in [name]Israel[/name] anymore, but it used to be. I would use a one syllable/simple middle name, like Tzipporah [name]Mae[/name], Tzipporah [name]Pearl[/name], Tzipporah [name]Jane[/name], etc.

My older sister’s Hebrew name is Tzippora.

I’m Jewish, and went to a very religious school when I was younger. There were some Zipporas in my class (most went by Tzippy), but the name was on it’s way out of style in the Jewish community- at least that’s how I perceive it. Not many Jewish babies are named Tzipporas anymore. I think it’s more of a 60’s name among Orthodox jews. The name is also associated with very religious Orthodox Jews (where the men wear black hats). The High school I went to was less religious, and there were no Zipporas. I’ve also never heard it on any young Israelis it’s more of an American Jewish name than an Israeli Hebrew name. Many of my religious Jewish friends are having children now, and none of their kids are called Tzippora. I think it’s considered a little bit dated, stale and even nerdy now, though I see the appeal.

Without thinking of trends, and pretending that I’ve never heard the name [name]Zippora[/name] before- pretending I have no associations with the name, my view becomes different. The sound of it in itself is unique (if you’re not from a religious Jewish background) and even exotic. Names that start with Z’s just look like fun.

Ooh I love [name]Zipporah[/name]! Since I’m not Jewish and never even heard of the name before I got on nameberry, it doesn’t seem dated to me! I wish it weren’t so uncommon. I do think it might be a little strange to use if you aren’t Jewish, though. But, I do think it’s awesome and Zippy is the cutest nickname!