A brother for Sarai: which would you choose?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone!

I’m sure if you’ve been around for a while, you know that [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] is my fave, so I have two questions for you today:

  1. which name from my list would you pick as a brother to [name_f]Sarai[/name_f]? (you’re welcome to pick up to three!)
my list

sholto, tristan, robin, linus, everett, rafferty, evander, percy, sol, atlas, caspian, jude, cosmo, otto, peregrine, ozias, winter, nevan, murphy, ezra, jem, bram, august, tadhg, remy, quincey, omri, franklin, forrest/forest, storm, quill, rory, indy, kester, julian, reef, sylvan, wystan, fergus, isidore, kestrel, brynmor, pax, sailor, merrit

  1. which name, not on my list, would you suggest?

You’re welcome to only answer one of the questions (or neither, of obviously)

Thank you for indulging my curiosity!

I’m gonna say [name_m]Omri[/name_m] because I think it’s a good stylistic match but also selfishly because I love it and I want more little Omris in the world lol


it’s such a hard question! i think almost all of the names on your list work with sarai, but if i had to pick one as the perfect match, i think i’d have to go for ozias or pax! they’re on the shorter side and unique, with a familiar sound with a bit of quirkiness to it, like sarai, and they don’t sound too matchy.

completely disregarding your list/taste, the first thing that came to mind as a brother for sarai was jem! arno, cove, fitz, freyr, enzo, oren and ivo were some other ones that popped up.

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[name_m]Evander[/name_m], [name_m]Caspian[/name_m] and [name_u]Peregrine[/name_u] caught my eye. [name_f]Lovely[/name_f] list!

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I do love [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] and [name_m]Cosmo[/name_m] :two_hearts:

This may seem completely out of left field and probably is but I’m wanting to put [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] with [name_u]Keenan[/name_u] or this occasion. He’s a slightly offbeat [name_m]Ciaran[/name_m] to Sarai’s offbeat [name_f]Sarah[/name_f] and u just really like them together!
(I have a friend who has a son named [name_m]Keane[/name_m] and it’s really growing on me. I think that’s where [name_u]Keenan[/name_u] sprang from.)

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[name_f]My[/name_f] 3 favorites are…

[name_m]Rafferty[/name_m] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] - sleek and strong.

[name_u]Winter[/name_u] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] - unexpected, but so fresh and soft!

[name_u]Jem[/name_u] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] - such a fun twist on classics (James and Sarah).

I’ll suggest [name_u]Noam[/name_u], [name_m]Rami[/name_m] and [name_m]Ambrose[/name_m]!

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I just really like them together, I meant to write :roll_eyes:

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[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_u]Storm[/name_u] or [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_u]Quill[/name_u] - I like the one syllable next to Sarai’s two. Is [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] pronounced S-uh-RYE?

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[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_m]Omri[/name_m]
[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_m]Wystan[/name_m]
[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_m]Sholto[/name_m] (:heart: )

[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_u]Nico[/name_u]
[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_m]Abner[/name_m]
[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] & [name_u]Moses[/name_u]

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From your list, I like Cosmo, Omri, and Pax best with Sarai

I would suggest Enoch & Tavish for you!

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yes!! That’s how I pronounce it :slight_smile:

[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] and [name_u]Quill[/name_u] are cool!!

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From your list: [name_m]Linus[/name_m], [name_m]Ozias[/name_m], or [name_m]Wystan[/name_m].

[name_m]Even[/name_m] if I wasn’t restrained to it, I’d use [name_m]Ozias[/name_m]. It’s an exceptionally good match for [name_f]Sarai[/name_f].

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I really could see any of your list as a brother for [name_f]Sarai[/name_f], but my particular favorite is [name_m]Bram[/name_m]. I think they just sound so gentle and sweet as sibling names! :blush:

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@AerieEerie yay, glad to see love for [name_m]Omri[/name_m] - I so rarely so it mentioned!

@tallemaja thank you!! I’m glad to hear [name_m]Ozias[/name_m] and [name_u]Pax[/name_u] work! And [name_u]Jem[/name_u], [name_m]Oren[/name_m] and [name_m]Ivo[/name_m] are fabulous!

@benton_s_mama thank you!!!

@EdgeOfTheMeadow [name_m]Cosmo[/name_m] is a great choice!
[name_u]Keenan[/name_u] is very cool - I’ve had [name_u]Keegan[/name_u] on and off the list for a while, and [name_u]Keenan[/name_u] is appealing too! Thank you !!

@macy13 thank you!!! [name_u]Noam[/name_u] is distinctive and interesting and I’d have [name_m]Ambrose[/name_m] (or Brosie) on my list, if it wasn’t so close to my guinea pig’s name!!

@MagnoliaE yay, glad [name_m]Omri[/name_m], [name_m]Sholto[/name_m] and [name_m]Wystan[/name_m] were mentioned! [name_m]Abner[/name_m] is great!! thank you :slight_smile:

@futuremama thank you! Ooh [name_m]Tavish[/name_m] is lovely

@Victory55 thank you!! [name_m]Ronan[/name_m] is great!!!

@marysia thank you!! [name_u]Loving[/name_u] [name_m]Ozias[/name_m] recently :slight_smile:

@elanorelle ah, thank you!!


From your list I feel [name_u]Sol[/name_u] would be my top choice. Followed by [name_u]Pax[/name_u] and [name_u]Indy[/name_u].

[name_f]Sarai[/name_f] seems slightly edgy but also grounded and sleek. I think those 3 fit that description best!

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I like [name_m]Cosmo[/name_m] with [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] :dizzy:

[name_m]Cosmo[/name_m] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] feel very celestial and bright

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[name_m]Omri[/name_m] or [name_u]Ezra[/name_u]

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From Your List: [name_u]Sol[/name_u], [name_m]Bram[/name_m] & [name_m]Sylvan[/name_m]
Runner-ups: [name_m]Sholto[/name_m] & [name_u]Jude[/name_u]

I love the alliteration between [name_u]Sol[/name_u] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f], [name_m]Sylvan[/name_m] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] as well as [name_m]Sholto[/name_m] & [name_f]Sarai[/name_f]. The nature element is an added bonus too. [name_m]Bram[/name_m] and [name_u]Jude[/name_u] fit stylistically.

[name_f]My[/name_f] Suggestions:


I have to say [name_m]Sholto[/name_m], I always think of you when I see it! I actually think it sounds really great with [name_f]Sarai[/name_f], it’s my favourite with [name_f]Sarai[/name_f] from your list. I also like [name_u]Kestrel[/name_u] & [name_m]Nevan[/name_m] with [name_f]Sarai[/name_f].

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