Baby Berries Due Jan/Feb/March 2025

Unbelievably blessed, thrilled and thankful to be able to start this thread with my first-ever positive test yesterday morning. :blush:

My LMP would put me in mid-January but I ovulated much later than usual (CD30 :sweat_smile:) so I am estimating a late January/early February baby. I will know more after my first appointment on 6/21/24.

Still nervous and hesitant about it as it’s early (~14DPO) and PCOS increases the risk of miscarriage but hoping my first pregnancy is uneventful and a classic case…not a whole lot of symptoms so far other than I noticed I was significantly weaker/more easily winded than normal while we were trying to load/unload for our move.

Will update as people join! :slight_smile: :sparkling_heart: :blue_heart:

Thread Due Dates:

cms- 2/6/25

Futuremom1 – 2/1/25

ayla-- February TBD


[name_m]Just[/name_m] dropping in to say how happy I am for you @cms1512 - may everything unfold at the good and proper time!

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Congratulations @cms1512 on your BFP! I’m so happy to see it happen for you :two_hearts:

Good luck to all the Jan/Feb/March parents!

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@Maerad @pacifica --thanks to you both! If it’s crickets in here I may jump in your all’s thread a time or two. But like I said, I’m extremely thankful but also extremely nervous. No one was shocked more than I was and it was our first day in our new apartment.

Funny anecdote: I was actually sitting on the toilet when my former landlord called about something and I saw the line darken and couldn’t say anything but I definitely spaced out of the conversation at that point. Thankfully she kept it short but it was…something lol.

DH was so sore and tired from moving (I woke him up by answering the landlord’s phone call) that it took him a few seconds to register what the two lines meant. He was like what’s THAT mean?!?!


It’s funny how a mundane seeming moment can instantly become momentous when you’re staring down a BFP :laughing: !!

I may inadvertently fall into this thread’s bounds if baby decides to make a late appearance… due date is [name_f]Christmas[/name_f] day so they could hold out until [name_f]January[/name_f] (hopefully not but who knows!) But definitely i don’t think there’s any reason to not hop around. It’s great to see more positives from the TTC 2024 group!! :sparkling_heart:

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[name_f]My[/name_f] due date is just before @pacifica’s, so if baby comes late there’s a chance he/she could be a new year’s baby too.

Congrats again @cms1512 :blush: I remember you doubted it’d work out cause of all the stress that came with moving, but then you got a bfp on the first day at the new place. What a lovely surprise! I’m so glad it’s finally your time. Good luck! :two_hearts:

Congrats! It’s so frustrating trying to plan our lives around trying. Good for you for having a positive mindset. Sounds like a lot of exciting things happening at once.

Thanks for starting the group- we are due Feb 1 or so… I’m only 5 weeks!

I actually started my name berry account a while ago and had the user name “futuremom1” lol…. Literally the simplest, most corny name I’ve seen but I didn’t think I’d ever post so I put no thought into it. Of course, I became obsessed with the site and posted a ton! Needless to say, I just changed my name to another thoughtless name lol…. But I figured “future mom” wouldn’t make as much sense moving forward.

Anyways! Excited to connect with people here for ourselves and future 2025 little ones!

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Hooray! [name_m]Welcome[/name_m] to the thread! This is your first too?

Yeah, like I said I’m really interested to see what they do with my due date because I ovulated so late. I tried guesstimating things by subtracting two weeks from my ovulation date since I know that’s normally how they calculate with LMP and that would put me due [name_f]February[/name_f] 6th.

I also feel like 6/21 is pretty early to go in because I’d only be 5ish weeks out from ovulation so I may see if I can push it back a week or two. We’ll see.

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you two plan to find out the gender or no? We’ll probably do early genetic testing with this first baby and find out by happenstance that way but maybe not going forward if we’re blessed with more children.

I’ve personally always wanted a boy first but with the way this whole journey has gone, it’ll probably be a girl lol. Either will be great.

Yes, our first and trying to pace myself with info because I can be overwhelmed lol… but I usually feel better when I learn something new as we go here. Any book suggestions for this stage?

Your prob right to calculate your due date that way… I would just say all that when you go in.

[name_f]My[/name_f] OB wouldn’t see me until 8 weeks. Totally up to you… And we want to be surprised but have names for either scenario.

We did bloodwork over the past few months but no genetic testing. Some of my friends did some genetic testing prior to trying, I wasn’t offered that and we don’t have a history of anything I know of but I was worried about that (prob for no reason)… but less worried now, will just do whatever my doc says!

How have you been feeling?
Also, I guess my username didn’t change lol. Oh well!

Well, we just found out last week so I haven’t ordered any books or anything yet although DH and I did watch a first trimester vid on Youtube. I want to stick to one or two well-known ones if we do read books because I feel like more is info overload.

I am going to reschedule my first appointment, as excited as I am, for the week after because I want to be able to actually see something and at 5 weeks I don’t know how much there is to see. Maybe six weeks changes that? We don’t have insurance right now (kicks in [name_m]August[/name_m] 1st with my husband’s new job) so I don’t want them trying to milk us with unnecessary appointments but I realized that if they’re calculating my due date from 2 weeks before ovulation like they normally do I’d actually be 8 weeks the last week of [name_f]June[/name_f] so maybe that’s what it is?

Oooo you’re going to be surprised! That’s awesome! We may do that for later babies (if we are able to have them. I have PCOS so we’re super thankful right now for darkening tests and pregnancy at all) but for this first one we both want to know and we’ll probably get the NIPT done as well depending on how $$$$ it is.

I’m feeling pretty good! No nausea yet (but I’ve heard that can peak a bit later on) although I’ve been having some dizzy spells where I’ve had to lay down and when we were moving last week I noticed I didn’t have my usual strength/endurance but just thought I was out of shape lol

How about you? How are you feeling?

When do you plan to tell people? We’re probably waiting until about 10-11 weeks for close friends and family (after our second appointment, probably, depending on gestational age) and then announcing a little while later on social media since I have family/friends in many different parts of the country. The difficult part for us is that my MIL canNOT keep a secret for very long without slipping, either intentionally or unintentionally so we’ve got to tell her right when we’re ready for a bunch of people to know lol.

[name_m]Just[/name_m] chiming in about ultrasounds but it’s definitely better to do 6 weeks over 5 weeks for a scan as it’s dependent on a lot of factors if we can see everything (gestational sac, baby, heartbeat) at that time versus for most people if they’re 6-6.5 weeks we almost always see those things.

5 weeks in the first half, you may see gestational and yolk sac but not the rest, at like 5 weeks 5/6 days you may see baby but not their heartbeat or a heartbeat that seems slow but will normalize once they’re older since it’s hard to measure when baby is so tiny.

That’s what I thought. Any thoughts on if that changes if they’re counting by what my LMP would have been?

I ovulated 5/16 so if it were 2 weeks before my LMP would have been 5/2 so if they’re counting from 5/2 then I will be 8 weeks the last week of [name_f]June[/name_f] and 7 weeks at my previous appointment time. Does that make sense? Idk how else they’re justifying wanting to see me so early.

I think a lot of providers use LMP as their guide until after the dating scan, so they may be using a due date based off of 5/2 until they get measurements on baby to decide if they need to change dates.

5/2 for a last period and 5/16 for ovulation lines up with how they normally calculate things so you may be just fine. They count from last period (so weeks since ovulation plus 2 weeks) which seems confusing since you wouldn’t have even conceived at that point but that’s how they do it. Based on those numbers, on [name_f]June[/name_f] 21 you’d be 7 weeks, 1 day (due date 2/6/2025) which should be okay to see things by ultrasound.

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Okay. I may push it a week later anyway just in case but thanks! I figured that’s what was going on. Many thanks, seriously!

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I think that’s a good call to push your first apt.

PCOS sounds very difficult. Very happy for you both!

I get the lower energy thing- my first major sign was fatigue. And I’m a runner so the shortest light jog was even tough lol. Then I was falling asleep at 5pm. More recently, [name_f]My[/name_f] mood swings can be a lot, cravings, bad vivid dreams.

Some nausea a couple weeks ago. Some digestion issues… no morning sickness - trying to brace myself for that!

I downloaded this pregnancy+ app…. I find it fascinating. It’s a cool step by step on your baby and your body…

Neat! Well, I just found out the NIPT is 1135$ out of pocket without insurance so I guess we’ll forego that until [name_m]August[/name_m] when our insurance kicks in (hooray USA).

We’re thinking about doing a Sneak Peek test for about 90$ to know the gender early though but we’ll see.

Yeah, other than some dizziness and a little more digestion issues, I haven’t really noticed anything yet but I’m only 5 weeks on [name_m]Thursday[/name_m] I think. I’ll probably download an app after our first appointment!

The one you downloaded is called pregnancy+?

Yes pregnancy +…… I must have looked up an article reviewing diff ones? It says there’s purchased in the app but I just do the regular version of it which I think still has plenty of info.

I hate looking of the costs of things! I’m glad the insurance will kick in for Aug.

And I think I forgot to answer this- we are waiting to tell family and friends until week 12. There’s a lot of family events (ie weddings, bachelorettes, etc) big moments that we didn’t want to over shadow and we just wanted to feel in the clear that the baby is healthy etc before telling them. We did tell a friend each who are very removed and who can help us/ me with specific Qs for my comfort level/ baby’s health etc. It’s risky but our families can be a lot so we just wanted to wait.

Sisters wedding this winter…. 5 hrs away. I will be 33 weeks. Complicated, long story. She hasn’t been very supportive since I said we were gonna be trying so I stopped telling her things on this topic. In her defense, I may have implied it may be hard for us to go if it’s last trimester and she flipped… so we pushed back trying 2 months but apparently I still did the math wrong LOL… thought I’d be 7months… nope. Should have counted by weeks I guess.

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@cms1512 just chiming in— my family has a history of neural tube deformities (spina bifida specifically) so my doctor personally steered me towards doing the AFP testing between 16-20 weeks instead of NIPT because they’ve had issues with a lot of insurances not wanting to cover both sets of testing. NIPT covers genetic issues EXCEPT neural tube issues while AFP encompasses all of them (and is more accurate). I was also having issues with my insurance not kicking in/being active, so forgoing NIPT was the only option I had at the time, too; by the time my insurance picked up it made sense to disregard NIPT altogether and just wait for AFP testing (which is also a super nerve wracking wait, so I totally understand wanting NIPT or both NIPT and AFP). My partner and I didn’t really care about knowing gender, especially early on, but my mom was eager to find out so we paid $100 for the SneakPeek gender reveal test and it was a fun experience.

As for first appointment and scans, my office won’t do a scan until 8 weeks— with your cycle lengths/irregularities/etc. that may be less of an issue for you. But yes, I’d see if you can push your first appointment back, even by just a week. 5 weeks there’s not much to be seen, 6 weeks is a more telling scan (though still not much to be seen).

ALSO pregnancy apps: I have a few downloaded. Babyscripts has A LOT of info but I find it overwhelming to use personally (my doctor’s office signed me up automatically for this, so I don’t know if you can download/use it without a provider link). I’ve mainly been using BabyCenter (my sisters recommended it) which gives good week/day by day info without totally overwhelming you & has the option to use their forums etc. I’ve also been using the What to Expect app, which gives some good info but I mostly use it because it lets you compare baby size to things other than fruits/veggies (like Disney themes, pop culture items, etc, which is super fun!)

Six weeks today and still nervous. Decided to keep my appointment at 7weeks and 1 day (next [name_m]Friday[/name_m], 6/21/24) just to get it over with and ease some anxiety either way.

I’ve been a bit worried because I’ve barely had any symptoms still (maybe some bloating and only wanting to eat meat and salt) but it’s still early. Not that I want intense symptoms…

Excited for more people to join! [name_f]Hope[/name_f] everyone is doing well!

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If it helps, my symptoms only really started kicking in towards the middle/end of week 6. But also, everyone is different! One of my co-workers had absolutely no morning sickness (lucky woman).