Baby Berries due January - March 2024

Starting this thread because I don’t see one here yet!

I just tested positive yesterday!!! This is my first pregnancy & I’m a bit shocked because we’ve been sort of trying for about 8 months & I was starting to think that it was going to be a while. Baby is due January 16, 2024 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My husband & I got married in 2020 & we used nfp (marquette method) to try to avoid during the first two years. (I can’t take hormonal BC because of the elevated stroke risk since I have headache with aura). We stopped TTA in the fall & it felt too intense to go straight into actively TTC so I wasn’t tracking things very diligently but I was fairly sure we’d had a well timed attempt each month. I decided last month to make sure to track things better & make sure we timed it right so I knew it was very possible I could be pregnant but I didn’t really think I was. I found out last night right before my husband came home from work. I made some excuse to go to Target & buy more tests to verify. They had the father’s day stuff out so I got him a pair of “best dad” socks & also bought some cute baby socks & used those to tell him when I got home. Also took more tests this morning & they’re all positive. I’m pretty nervous right now about the possibility of chemical pregnancy/miscarriage so I’ll probably keep taking the tests every morning for a week or so.

Due Date List:

  • January 1 - dna_297410 :sparkling_heart:

  • January 9 @Elmtree-94 :blue_heart: S34n G0rd0n :blue_heart:

  • January 12 @Audreymb :blue_heart: Ellis William :blue_heart:

  • January 14 - xCarrot_Cakex :blue_heart: Dexter Frederick :blue_heart:

  • January 16 @Sadie307 :sparkling_heart: Mary Linnea :sparkling_heart:

  • January 18 @Rosebeth :blue_heart: Eshkol :blue_heart:

  • January 24 @rosajune :blue_heart: Santiago Angelo :blue_heart:

  • February 1 @Spyro :sparkling_heart: Úna Kathleen :sparkling_heart:

  • February 8 @sarah1800 (twins) :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

  • February 10 -MrsMcDandy :sparkling_heart: Alula Judith :sparkling_heart:

  • February 11 @auroradawn :blue_heart: Zebedee John :blue_heart:

  • February (mid) @Eirime

  • February 16 - Ashleyann8 :sparkling_heart: Ruby Chiara :sparkling_heart:

  • February 19 - jky86 :blue_heart: Franklin Michael :blue_heart:

  • February 26 - CareyBoBarey :blue_heart: Gregory Scott, III nn Trip :blue_heart:

  • March 5 - knnames :sparkling_heart: Ann@ Kinsl3y :sparkling_heart:

  • March 6 @Alana1403

  • March 25 - Pernillemarie (twins):blue_heart::blue_heart:


I’m not expecting and don’t plan to be in 2024, but… I just gotta say that I’m thrilled for you! This is so exciting! Huge congratulations—I know this community can be a brilliant support through pregnancy and motherhood, and I hope it shall be just that for you. :woman_feeding_baby::two_hearts:


Seconding @snowmaiden’s post!! I also am not expecting (nor do I want to be this year :sweat_smile:), but I read the TTC threads as I find it both interesting and educational, so I follow your stories, and I hope to see all of the TTC berries in this thread! Good luck, and sending baby dust to you all :two_hearts:


thirding the above posts entirely!! congratulations to you, sadie, and wishing everyone else who joins
baby hugs and baby dust. :heart:


Hey! Tentatively joining you. I think I’m about 4.5 weeks at the moment.


How exciting to see this thread up and running!!

Congratulations, @Sadie307 and @Elmtree-94 :partying_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you both have positive, healthy pregnancy journeys! :blush: xx

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I’m not expecting and do not plan to be anytime soon but wanted to say congratulations!! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy :white_heart:

I also wanted to say pass on similar well wishes to all potential mama’s to be posting on this post!!

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Hello I am tentatively joining. I am a complete bag of nerves and excitement.
Very very early days but due baby no 3 [name_u]January[/name_u] 21st.
I have two boys already who are 8 and 5.
Our sons were the first month of TTC. And this baby has taken 2 years and 4 months. I’m rather shell shocked.


I just wondering how dark were your lines on a test at 10 dpo? I think I am about 10dpo or maybe 11dpo? I got a pregnant on a clear blue digital. But when I do the line tests they don’t seem dark too me. It feels like a while since I was last pregnant and I’m probably just looking for some reassurance as I don’t want to tell family this early yet.

The last test was actually last night, so the middle test is this morn. So why I haven’t done this in order I don’t know lol


Those are solid lines for 10DP!! I didn’t even get a + / a line til 13 DPO!


Thank you for the reassurance. It is kinda hard to gauge what the ‘norm’ is and of course it can be different for everyone too. Thank you for getting back to me! :smiling_face:


Definitely! How easy woukd it be if there was one size fits all :joy: I wish there was just one set of symptoms and expectations, but no…

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How was everyone or how is everyone’s implantation cramps. Mine have been on/off for two days. They kind of feel like mild period cramps don’t they?

I’ve had some mild cramps but not much. Mostly I’ve been feeling super bloated.

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The bloat omg yes ! It’s the increase in progesterone I believe.

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Congratulations!!! I’m so excited for you!

We are due date buddies :wink: I’m expecting a baby January 12 :baby:t2: We already have a daughter who will be 2 and a few months when this baby is born!


So I wish someone would have told me this! I experience headaches with aura, but didn’t know about the issue. I got on the pill when I got married, and I had a bad reaction. I had major fatigue, lots of sadness, and worst of all, worse and frequent headaches. The last day I took it was after I had been taking it for 6 months. I was at work 45 minutes from home and saw the aura, which usually comes before a really bad headache for me. The aura went away and I never got the headache, but my left fingers and the left side of my mouth went numb, then my brain wasn’t functioning properly. I tried to read a webpage, but couldn’t because I couldn’t remember what sounds each letter made or what words said. I tried to text my husband because I was worried, but I also couldn’t type anything coherent (I chose words that maybe started with the same letter as the ones I wanted, but meant totally different things). It was SO scary! Luckily the tingling numbness went away, and my brain started functioning again. I never took the pills again after that because I figured were to blame! I later learned what a TIA (mini stroke) was and have been convinced ever since that that is what I experienced. I can’t believe the doctor never asked about migraines with aura when prescribing me the pill :woman_facepalming:t3: I later saw a neurologist, and she said that my migraines were most likely hormonal (started in middle school, got worse on the pill, and they got better during pregnancy and breastfeeding). Very interesting and scary! Anyway, I’m glad you never took the pill!! I used the copper IUD after my daughter was born because it is non-hormonal, and I luckily didn’t have any of the symptoms associated with it.


Seconding that those are solid lines for 10 DPO!! Mine weren’t that dark at 14 DPO :slight_smile:

Mine also felt like mild period cramps. I figured I was about to start my period haha!

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Thank you. I am 20dpo now/5 weeks and I now have a really dark line on a pregnancy test so I’m really pleased

Is anyone feeling particularly pregnant at 5 weeks?
I can’t say that I am, I am peeing a lot and I have sore boobs on/off but that’s literally it. I’m going to inform my doctor next week that I am pregnant.


Yay congrats on the baby :tada::tada:


wow I’m so glad that you were ultimately okay!! I only knew about the risk because of my own research & I’ve had an Obgyn try to push me on the pill even after I’d told him about my headache with aura, and honestly I don’t think he was even going to tell me about the risk if I hadn’t known already. I’ve heard many other cases of women not being told about this risk when getting prescribed the pill and it’s so crazy that so many doctors either don’t know about this or don’t feel it’s necessary to tell patients about that risk.

If you’re curious about more info there’s a great episode of the HeadWise podcast that talks all about migraine & birth control. There is some debate whether BC is safe to prescribe because those studies that show the risk of stroke were on older BC that had higher levels of hormone than modern ones. Many specialists think it’s safe, especially in cases when the BC helps to improve the headache levels. But also if you have headache with aura then your stroke risk is already 3x higher than average, so personally I feel don’t comfortable taking something that’d raise that risk even higher.

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I really don’t feel pregnant yet, I have had a little nausea just a couple times and mild cramping. Its making me so nervous that something is wrong, but luckily I have my first ultrasound next week so I think that’ll help me feel better (if the baby’s okay at least).

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