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Warning for deceased character and controlling relationship.

[name_m]Ludwig[/name_m] “ [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] “ [name_m]Matthias[/name_m] [name_m]Strummer[/name_m] (31 [name_u]January[/name_u] 1995 – 24 [name_u]June[/name_u] 2020, aged 25) is adjacent to [name_u]Penny[/name_u] and has met her, but he’s not related to her in any way, despite knowing her biological mother well. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] used to date Penny’s mother but broke up sometime in the summer before college. They wanted to attend college together but [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] had dreams of astronomy and had been accepted into his dream college far away, so they didn’t end up attending college together. They ended up splitting due to the long-distance relationship not working out, but still contacted and supported each other. When they were dating, they liked to hang out at the park and carved a heart and their initials on one of the trees. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] had hoped that they would end up together again one day but he didn’t waste his nights worrying about when that would be. Instead, he often liked to read comics, mostly [name_m]Garfield[/name_m] and [name_m]Calvin[/name_m] and [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m]. He had a lot of [name_m]Garfield[/name_m] merch, especially one hoodie he really enjoyed, yet he also liked the [name_m]Calvin[/name_m] and [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] writer [name_m]Bill[/name_m] Watterson for conversely not commercialising his work and staying original. He has an orange tabby cat he rescued, but ironically the cat’s name is [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m], not [name_m]Garfield[/name_m]. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] was often one who preferred books over movies, even having the polarising opinion that The Godfather book by [name_m]Mario[/name_m] Puzo was better than the movies! Although he liked movies better if he hadn’t known there was a book, like [name_m]Forrest[/name_m] Gump, which he felt the movie was more realistic after reading the book. He’ll still make the effort to read the books regardless and he honours writers a lot.

[name_u]Iggy[/name_u] knows he can come off as nerdy, which he honestly enjoys. He doesn’t feel the need to say he is, but he literally owns a collection of crazy pyjama pants, many of them being from entertainment he likes or nerdy things like planets. He was a major cat person even though his ex-girlfriend is a dog person but he loves how wholesome she was about her dog and enjoyed how the pets were both rescues. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] adopted [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] only a few months before he died but he had cats when he was a little boy and felt a sweet sense of childhood with [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m], especially since he loved the comics since childhood as well. He loved going on dates with his then-girlfriend and he had met her family before they drifted away. Her family really enjoyed him and they felt he was a nice boyfriend for her. He never found out what her family felt about the new man she found in college but decided it wasn’t his business. It was an awkward moment after college because [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] ended up moving back to his old town, but he accepted it. He was concerned that his ex’s new boyfriend was moving things so quickly with her in ways [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] himself never did, but she defended this, claiming she and [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] were teenagers at the time and going quickly then was less practical. Now that she was an adult out of college, she felt her relationship with her new boyfriend was justified, not that [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] would say it wasn’t. But he couldn’t help but think the new guy was calling a lot of the shots in that relationship and she was only going with it. Her family still supported him when they saw him and he did wish everyone the best. His own family was nice too and he was always helping around whenever he was there.

At the same time [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] was adopting [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m], his ex-girlfriend was going through something of her own. She was pregnant with her first child! Not Iggy’s, something his family wished was his, but by her boyfriend! She was excited to have her baby but she felt like this was going too fast and that she wasn’t sure if she was necessarily ready. What was controversial was that he wanted a baby and secretly planned it, but she didn’t plan it on her end. He was hoping she would be happy and that the baby would bring them closer together. She was worried but he reassured her, something she loved about him, but feared he had really planned this all along. She stayed close but ultimately took a break from him, which he stated he understood, but asked a lot when she would be back. At the time, she saw [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] again and he comforted her, however she didn’t get touchy with him given she was technically not single. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] told her that he’d be there for her and she was happy but rejected getting too close. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] still liked her in a sense so this secretly bothered him, but he went along with it. He had other things to be excited about, like his studies for astronomy. He was not an astronaut, however he was an engineer specialising in astronomy and he had thought a lot about life in space. He had been excited to attend his first major meeting among some of “the greats” in the field. [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] found this to be a the best day for him, and it was a great day. However the day after would be the worst day. After leaving the meeting and flying home, he died in a helicopter crash. In a darker turn of events, he was actually reported missing before being confirmed deceased a few days later.

His death really put a toll on his ex-girlfriend with the lingering feeling that she should have gotten back together with him and not stayed and gotten pregnant with her boyfriend. She didn’t plan it and he did play too hard of a role in what happened but after Iggy’s funeral (which she did end up attending because she knew she’d regret it if she hadn’t), she decided to break up with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend told her to not attend the funeral and to stop crying over someone who “isn’t supposed to be in her life anyway” but that only triggered her further to dump him. She felt he was unsuitable as a boyfriend let alone a parent and even if [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] wasn’t ever in the picture, her baby’s father would still be wrong for her given his ego. She loved how [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] was making her happy whenever she saw him so her grief on him was still very much on the forefront of her mind. She hadn’t really envisioned how her life would be different had she ended up with him. [name_m]Even[/name_m] if she did meet her boyfriend but broke up with him like she did, she would have felt like ending up with [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] in the end could have been a redeeming moment for her. She decided not to keep her baby but to not terminate her pregnancy seeing the child was a sweet little piece of her. Her baby’s father, who ironically planned this, left to go find other people after she dumped him. She was looking into prospective parents to raise her child and ultimately decided on [name_f]Lori[/name_f] and [name_f]Dayah[/name_f], knowing they were true love along with being responsible and stable enough to trust her baby with. Her baby was given the name [name_f]Penelope[/name_f] Puteri [name_u]Spruce[/name_u] by her adoptive parents. At the time, she didn’t feel comfortable revealing herself as the birth mother to her daughter but as time went by, she sends notes and shares updates with [name_f]Dayah[/name_f] and [name_f]Lori[/name_f] while they do the same on Penny’s behalf. She is a Swiftie as well so she’s happy that [name_u]Penny[/name_u] feels the same way and she feels her heart so happy when she goes swinging at her grandmommy’s backyard or going to the park with her. [name_u]Penny[/name_u] doesn’t know it yet, but she has visited the park where the tree was carved with [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] and her birth mother’s initials. Her birth mother has healed mentally since her break-up and the passing of [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] [name_m]Strummer[/name_m], but she’s since felt better knowing underneath the carved tree is a memorial bench for [name_u]Iggy[/name_u], paid by her and his family.


[name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] [??] is the former cat of the late [name_u]Iggy[/name_u]. He’s a relaxed tabby of an undetermined age since he was rescued from the streets already full grown. He was found wandering around outside of a library where children would occasionally stop by and read to him where he would reply with hearty purrs. Though he much preferred living with [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] rather than outside in the cold.

He grieved Iggy’s death alongside the rest of the family, and even hid under his late owners bed for days while the family cleaned out his apartment. Though little by little he healed just like his owner’s family. He was later adopted by Iggy’s sister who taught him how to walk on a leash and occasionally likes to take him to the park to visit the memorial bench. He’s very popular when he’s out for walks at the park, there’s a special little girl who always comes by to pet him when she sees him, her name is [name_u]Penny[/name_u]. [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] of course has no idea the significance of the tiny blonde, but he does adore her pets and when she sings [name_u]Taylor[/name_u] [name_m]Swift[/name_m] songs to him.


tw: death of a family member, breast cancer, infant death, bad birth, depression

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Rae Keesan (7) is the little girl who sees Hobbes at the park. She is absolutely obsessed with him, and, having her own grief, she believes that the reason Hobbes and her are so close is because she can understand his sadness. She also really likes Iggy’s sister, who always talks to Lizzy and is like a second mother to her.

Lizzy’s mother died 3 years ago of breast cancer, when Lizzy was 4. Lizzy got her puppy, a golden retriever named Samsung, a few months after the loss of her mother because she was so distraught. She and her mom were very close, and her mother was actually expecting a baby girl, who would be due 4 months after her death. Lizzy had already picked out a name, outfits, and helped design the nursery. Her mom was diagnosed with cancer 1 month into her pregnancy and told her she had a pretty good chance of living. Unfortunately, the cancer spread, and her mother was hospital ridden for the last month of her life. They tried to deliver Lizzy’s little sister, but unfortunately the little one was pronounced dead 3 hours after her birth. Her mother had died two hours before, right after the baby was born. She was named after her mother, Simone, and her middle name was chosen by Lizzy, “Aleah”. Lizzy was distraught when both her beloved mother and baby sister died in one day. Her father was too and went into a depressive state which made Lizzy’s grandparents move closer. Now they take her to the park almost everyday and they love to spend time together. Her father has since started therapy and he and Lizzy are closer than ever. He has also started dating a woman who Lizzy really likes, named Kira. The two of them have a great relationship, though at first Lizzy was nervous that Kira would try to replace her mother. Kira would never do that though and Lizzy would love Kira and her father to get married, because she is very confident that her father will always love her mom and baby sister.

Lizzy and Samsung love going to the park and walking around. Lizzy has always been a bit of a loner; she started kindergarten the year after her mom and sister died and she was very shy from then on. She has a couple of friends who she plays with at school, but she craves a “bestie”, something she doesn’t have. She is very shy and goes to therapy often. Kira and her father and grandparents have all tried to get Lizzy into clubs and whatnot, and Lizzy really likes ice-skating, which she competes in. But her best friends are Iggy’s sister – even though she’s at least 10 years older than her, Samsung, and Hobbes.

This character is based off a child I babysit, so the facts might be a little off but a lot of this is what I remember from what she and her father have told me.


oh penny seems really interestin!, but the [name_u]Penny[/name_u] i was referring to in Hobbes’ bio is the penny from a few posts ago by , [name_u]Penny[/name_u] [name_u]Spruce[/name_u], the biological daughter of Iggy’s ex-girlfriend.


ahh! i’m so sorry! i thought it might just be a name bc no one was tagged. srry i can change the name but i would like to keep the character if that’s ok

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it’s all good! these games are just for fun or course! maybe you could change her name and your penny is another girl who loves on hobbes during his park walks :smiling_face:


maturity warning: grief

[name_f]Avelot[/name_f] " [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] " [name_f]Marta[/name_f] [name_m]Strummer[/name_m] (27) is Iggy’s sister, Hobbes’ owner and the appointed best friend of [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] Keesan. Having always been introverted, since losing her brother, Lottie’s become even quieter, very much keeping to herself unless she feels totally comfortable in a situation. Something Lottie’s become even more grateful of is her strong friend group - most of who she’s known since middle school - who’ve been her source of stability through the past 3 years handling her loss.

[name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] is who she considers another godsend for this time, as a piece of [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] who lives on, without causing her to focus too much on mourning - unless it feels like the right time. Lottie’s continued working as a solicitor through her personal journey, having always been a very organised person, something [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] would affectionately tease her about. It isn’t a surprise that she’s been single as well, although her own asexuality and happiness being by herself is something [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] knew long before her brother died. She did have a long term high school boyfriend, who Lottie’s kept in contact with long distance, but it’s not a strong desire of her’s to couple up. Children on the other hand are something she knows she wants, with adoption and IVF being on the cards in her mind looking forwards: and of course she hopes to honour [name_u]Iggy[/name_u] somehow.

What [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] does sometimes struggle with is trying to encourage [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] to make more friends of her own age. Although it means a lot to her being a reliable figure in the little girl’s life, [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] obviously doesn’t consider a 7 year old child her best friend, and she doesn’t want [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] to deny herself friendships with those of her own age - especially as [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] herself knows how grief stagnates things, and can hold people back with how strong its hold is. She’s spoken to Lizzy’s dad about this, hoping that maybe by introducing [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] to her cousin’s daughter that something positive could blossom.


[name_f]Stephanie[/name_f] “ [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] “ [name_f]Nevaeh[/name_f] [name_u]Reilly[/name_u] (27) is a friend of Lottie’s and from the group. She actually attends the same [name_f]Sunday[/name_f] yoga class as Lottie’s cousin. [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] get her into that after telling [name_f]Hanne[/name_f], which Hanne’s happy for because she likes the Strummers. [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] doesn’t have children but wouldn’t mind having some. She takes care of people for a living although it’s mainly senior citizens. [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] definitely wants a sweet cat too, she’s currently with two dogs but she’s never had a cat and wonders how it would be like especially since she finds [name_m]Hobbes[/name_m] so cute! [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] relates to [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] having a hard time with best friends her own age – [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] practically considered her own parents her “best friends” growing up as a kid. She wanted them to “play with her” and didn’t realise they had interests that weren’t tea parties with stuffed animals. Thankfully she didn’t expect her parents to spoil her as “friends”, after all she knew that friendships aren’t about one person unevenly spoiling the other with nothing in return. She had a few friends in childhood after all but she was never that close to them. However in adolescence, that’s when she met her current friend group, which she’s happy with. She loves the Caribbean, where she’s from.

[name_f]Hanne[/name_f] is polysexual, meaning she’s attracted to multiple genders but not all. She’s not bisexual, Hanne’s preferences are women, non-binary, and agender people. Not all polysexuals are bisexual but all bisexuals are polysexual and [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] has never been attracted to men, male-leaning, or genderfluid people however she is supportive of them as humans. She isn’t polyamourous but she’s understanding to those who don’t know the difference. [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] likes to repair stuff for fun, although she’s done it to make people happy as well, like fixing Lizzy’s stuffed kitty. She’s sure [name_f]Lizzy[/name_f] would find it ironic that [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] is actually 20 years older, not 10 years, in which [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] jokes it’s because “too many people in their 20s play teens on movies and TV and now kids think we’re all teens.” [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] can happily say she loved her teenage years however, something she doesn’t regret, mainly because of her great friends she was lucky for. If anything, she jokes her childhood was lacking! But she’s a positive person who tries to find at least one pro in every less-than-stellar-experience. [name_m]Even[/name_m] if she can’t find any now, she respects that she’ll look back and see it later. By no means does she think Iggy’s death was just a “less-than-stellar-experience” and found he was a genius and a quirky individual. She feels bad for [name_f]Lottie[/name_f] and is very nice to her, while she’s nervous on what to say, she does a more than stellar job at not misstepping. However there’s a secret [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] is hiding – she’s actually falling in love with Iggy’s ex-girlfriend. She doesn’t know if the other woman would ever date her or if she even likes women the way she likes men. But she’s found this lady attractive and someone she wants to get close to. She’s not told her crush this yet and really doesn’t know if to tell anyone, although Lottie’s cousin sees the possibility that [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] is hiding something.


cw: grief

[name_f]Jane[/name_f] [name_f]Artemisia[/name_f] Simms (28) is Iggy’s ex and the woman Hanne’s developed feelings for, as well as the biological mother of [name_f]Penny[/name_f] [name_m]Spruce[/name_m]. While she’s made it clear to [name_f]Dayah[/name_f] and [name_f]Lori[/name_f] that she’ll be available if [name_f]Penny[/name_f] wants to meet her some day in the future, a closed adoption was chosen by [name_f]Jane[/name_f] to avoid any confusion or further heartache for their daughter. While [name_f]Jane[/name_f] gave birth to [name_f]Penny[/name_f], she always refers to her as [name_f]Dayah[/name_f] and Lori’s child, being clear in boundaries to avoid any uncertainty or overstepping. For how some people have called [name_f]Jane[/name_f] emotionally immature - as she’s someone openly emotional - she’s always aware of the needs of others, especially those she cares about and is close to.

Although she still has a lot of affection for the [name_m]Strummer[/name_m] family, [name_f]Jane[/name_f] limits her contact with them thanks to the emotional toll given Iggy’s passing. The whole nature of getting pregnant by someone else and wishing it was [name_f]Iggy[/name_f] has led to this distance; as being stuck in limbo is something [name_f]Jane[/name_f] wants to prevent for everyone. She wants to allow Iggy’s family the same opportunity she’s finally getting, moving away from the pain of loss, although she’s clear in not drowning out his memory or erasing the past.

Working in a coffee shop as a shift manager currently has helped [name_f]Jane[/name_f] in finding her footing once more. Being around people’s considerably helped her healing process, and it ties into her increasing closeness to [name_f]Hanne[/name_f]. Jane’s totally oblivious to the other womans feelings though, something mostly stemming from how romance has been pushed from her mind since [name_f]Iggy[/name_f] died, although those closest to her would let you know Hanne’s never been entirely aware of how others feel about her. Her open caring for others has contributed to this situation occuring, however just because Jane’s unaware, it doesn’t mean others are.

Penny’s credited to :cupcake:



Warning for baby trapping mentions.

[name_f]Dee[/name_f] [name_f]Euphelia[/name_f] [Warren] Simms (56) is Jane’s mother, who’s been a kind and comforting person in her life. She’s always supportive of Jane’s accomplishments and achievements and likes that [name_f]Jane[/name_f] is a strong and wholesome person. She’s very much a mother who prides over the good stuff with her daughter and makes her feel proud. [name_m]Ever[/name_m] since Jane’s childhood, where [name_f]Dee[/name_f] always liked tracking the first accomplishments before then-baby [name_f]Jane[/name_f] knew what was going on. Although she loved it much better once [name_f]Jane[/name_f] knew! [name_f]Dee[/name_f] supported [name_m]Iggy[/name_m] with [name_f]Jane[/name_f] when she first met him, liking how intelligent and prepared he was, but also getting to appreciate him more as a person when time went on. She never called the breakup they had “unfair” since she never found any splits in relationships unfair. She used to as a child when her parents divorced, but they proved to her that they were still a family and still happily in her life. So since then, she believed that if love wasn’t there, splitting was conpletely fair. Staying together would be unfair. But deep down, that’s more like how [name_f]Dee[/name_f] felt with Jane’s post-college boyfriend, not with [name_m]Iggy[/name_m]. She’s convinced [name_f]Jane[/name_f] and [name_m]Iggy[/name_m] still loved each other then. But she felt Jane’s post-college boyfriend was rushing too quickly and just too pushy in having his way. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] loved growing up as a child, even if she was quite attached to her parents, not even being brave enough to spend the night away from both of them until she was 14. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] knew her husband wasn’t quite a planned pregnancy when he was a baby, but that he was raised by kind people who wanted children and completely adored him.

[name_f]Dee[/name_f] was shocked when [name_f]Jane[/name_f] was pregnant. She played it off like she was supportive when [name_f]Jane[/name_f] announced this to her, but [name_f]Jane[/name_f] knew [name_f]Dee[/name_f] was more concerned than excited. Dee’s reaction was nothing like the true exuberance she had with Jane’s other accomplishments even though [name_f]Dee[/name_f] knew [name_f]Jane[/name_f] wanted children someday. [name_f]Jane[/name_f] had already told [name_f]Dee[/name_f] she hadn’t planned a pregnancy but her post-college boyfriend seemed overly excited, making it clear he did plan this and that he felt he and [name_f]Jane[/name_f] would be closer. If anything, it made things farther! [name_f]Jane[/name_f] was sensing now that she didn’t love him and that he wouldn’t be right as a parent for their child. But he still thought this was right and that she had no right to be “ungrateful”. It took a toll on [name_f]Jane[/name_f] when it was announced soon after that [name_m]Iggy[/name_m] was reported missing, followed by being found dead. Her baby’s father claims she made a bad move letting grief control the future of her relationship with him. Though it had been too apparent at this point that it was a baby trap and that [name_f]Jane[/name_f] wanted nothing to do with his controlling demeanour, which [name_f]Dee[/name_f] agreed with. Though her grief did play a role in the breakup in some sense, because at Iggy’s funeral, she said very little to others who attended. She didn’t want someone to ask how she knew him and for her to say, “Oh he’s my ex and I’m carrying a baby by a man who is way way different from him.” Technically the truth, but different isn’t better in this case… and it made her realise how much she wished she and [name_m]Iggy[/name_m] were together and raising their own child.

[name_f]Dee[/name_f] and [name_f]Jane[/name_f] are very close in their bond. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] will always listen to [name_f]Jane[/name_f] when she has a perspective she worries some people (who think she’s “emotionally immature”) won’t understand. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] supports [name_f]Hanne[/name_f] and her personality but won’t push [name_f]Jane[/name_f] into dating again, knowing [name_f]Jane[/name_f] has had a lot of pushiness already from Penny’s biological father. Dee’s glad that man didn’t stay with [name_f]Jane[/name_f] and didn’t raise [name_f]Penny[/name_f], loving how sweet [name_f]Dayah[/name_f] and [name_f]Lori[/name_f] have been. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] doesn’t refer to herself as a grandmother in any way and if she felt that way, she’d have said it the moment [name_f]Jane[/name_f] told her of the pregnancy. Dee’s proud of [name_f]Jane[/name_f] as a shift manager and hopes her daughter can have more friendly bonds in her life. [name_f]Dee[/name_f] has always been a great cook but prefers this more as a hobby than a career. She remembers her own job as a restaurant line cook and how she felt like it was hard to leave it, but also that staying in the career was ruining her love for cooking overall. She made the decision to switch to her current career at a youth shelter, which she absolutely loves. She didn’t quite hate her old career but knew this was a far better fit for her, the perfect juxtaposition of work, interest, commitment, and passion. She hopes the best for [name_f]Jane[/name_f] as well in her position, since it seems to be a wonderful step in her life moving forward. After all, [name_f]Dee[/name_f] felt her own job progressed her life for the better. Not to mention, the benefits were also better, like better maternity leave, since she found out not too long after taking it that she was pregnant with [name_f]Jane[/name_f]!


[name_f]Isa[/name_f] [name_f]Clothilde[/name_f] [Warren] Lynthon (63) is Dee’s big sister and Jane’s aunt. Technically the pair are half-siblings, [name_f]Tess[/name_f] being the child born to their dad’s first wife, [name_f]Dee[/name_f] his second, but they bonded during the period when [name_f]Dee[/name_f] was facing her parents divorce; a situation [name_f]Isa[/name_f] could relate to. She actually didn’t have much contact with her dad until [name_f]Dee[/name_f] was born, resenting him for remarrying while her mom was struggling with the suddenness of their split, however as she matured, it became obvious to [name_f]Isa[/name_f] that her father was someone chasing a perfect marriage without actually knowing what that would mean for him. The fact he didn’t remarry after things ended between him and Dee’s mom was a relief for [name_f]Isa[/name_f] though, given what it could have entailed.

When [name_f]Dee[/name_f] was facing the aftermath of Jane’s grief and unplanned pregnancy, [name_f]Isa[/name_f] was the person she leaned on most. It wasn’t something [name_f]Isa[/name_f] was confident would happen, as by this point she’d welcomed her first grandchild and didn’t want anything to seem unfair in the face of what her niece was going through; especially any pressure about keeping the baby when it wasn’t right for her. Although the circumstances were completely different - Isa’s son has his two children with his wife who he’s been with since they were twenty - she’s never been blind to the pressure both [name_f]Dee[/name_f] and [name_f]Jane[/name_f] can put on themselves, which is why she was so involved in doing her best to guide them and offer all supports she could, as were her two kids.


[name_m]Burt[/name_m] [name_m]Aurelien[/name_m] Lynthon (34) is Isa’s son and Jane’s cousin, never really using the “half cousin” label on that. He’s close with [name_f]Jane[/name_f], finding her such a sweet person and also agrees with the family not to blame her for anything as a result of what she’s gone through. He’s self aware about not rocking the boat when it comes to he and his wife’s happiness and he’s happy for his children. After all, he truly loves her and he knows it’s far from the same for [name_f]Jane[/name_f], who never really loved her manipulative ex. She liked him before but she knows now that love was never there, even if he had tried to force it there. [name_m]Burt[/name_m] is very close with his mother [name_f]Isa[/name_f], whom he felt was “the backbone behind his good nature”. He cringes at the term “mama’s boy” since he doesn’t want to be the type of guy who’s too dependent on his mother, whether for physical care or to make emotional decisions. He’s an established and complete individual but he credits [name_f]Isa[/name_f] for making his life substantially better growing up. He had been with his true love since they were twenty, meeting in the same college class. They only ever had one college class together, but they preferred it this way. Too many school relationships get awkward and don’t last when people are in the same classes together all the time. It’d look like it would work better with more shared classes but it’s usually not the case. Some people still haven’t learned, like the co-workers at Burt’s job, who were in a relationship, broke up, and now everything’s awkward when they see each other.

Burt’s never truly understood what [name_f]Jane[/name_f] has gone through, having never had a special longing for an ex, let alone grieving. Burt’s good friend (and Best [name_m]Man[/name_m] at his wedding) [name_m]Elie[/name_m] has been in a crazy accident himself, but thankfully nobody died. [name_m]Elie[/name_m] was in a plane accident and survived due to the plane’s emergency landing…but marooned on and island for a month with several strangers! One of Burt’s kids thinks this is scary and they shield this story away. Ironically, the other thinks it’s awesome and asks if they ever formed a tribe and has a random list of things to take if ever stranded (mostly candy but mainly “to make everyone happy before we become cave people”). While a tribe was never formed unfortunately because everyone was trying to survive, nobody became cave people thanks to [name_f]Crystal[/name_f] and her brave and noble fellow rescue team who was able to save everyone. [name_m]Burt[/name_m] remembers his sheer happiness when [name_m]Elie[/name_m] called him for the first time since the rescue. While [name_m]Elie[/name_m] was worried for himself and the others and couldn’t be happier to be safe, he can’t help but find some silver linings. He’s currently in a committed relationship with the woman he met on the island on the first day, the fellow solo passenger who originally found the water. [name_f]Every[/name_f] hour stranded felt like eternity and people were often hungry and cranky. But they learned a lot from each other from all the time around. It wasn’t always beautiful – in fact it was rather gross at times, being muddy a lot and having nowhere to bathe but the ocean. But it felt so real and the connection felt deeper in a sense to be attracted to someone even when nobody’s feeling pretty. They’ve seen each other at their worst and they’re happily together at their best.

While [name_m]Elie[/name_m] definitely feels finding love helped him and that the experience is better with his now-girlfriend, [name_m]Burt[/name_m] jokes it would have been much different for him. His wife was asked whether she’d rather be stranded on an island alone or with him there. She answered it would be better with [name_m]Burt[/name_m], but both laughed. It would be way worse with [name_m]Burt[/name_m]! [name_m]Burt[/name_m] would have panicked the whole time and screamed at every random noise before even the first night! [name_m]Burt[/name_m] laughs this off and admits he can be quite cowardly but he and his wife are very strongly together. They’ve both met Elie’s girlfriend a few months ago and they like her bravery and charisma too. [name_m]Burt[/name_m] is a person who loves a lot of closeness and he’s trying to help strengthen his bond with [name_f]Jane[/name_f] however. He feels she deserves to be happy but he’ll never force it and genuinely enjoys the coffee she serves at her career. [name_m]Burt[/name_m] thinks she’s a wise and caring shift manager and is astonished by how much better she is in the position than he’d ever be, even without the decade’s trauma. He makes sure not to say too much, seeming like he’ll only discuss [name_m]Iggy[/name_m] or [name_f]Penny[/name_f] if [name_f]Jane[/name_f] brings either up first, and he knows [name_f]Jane[/name_f] doesn’t need to bring them up for him to know she hasn’t forgot them. [name_m]Burt[/name_m] hasn’t talked to [name_f]Penny[/name_f] but he would be happy to know she’s doing great with her two mothers, and knows that’s what [name_f]Jane[/name_f] would want as well. [name_m]Elie[/name_m] admittedly loves shopping at the mall, finding it relaxing, though ironically it’s the kids who take up the majority of the time – not him or his wife! He’s considering getting a satchel or “man purse” to fit everything he needs but isn’t sure which one to get, joking it’s “awkward”. When he doesn’t have his wallet in his hand, he’s either got a cup of the coffee [name_f]Jane[/name_f] manages or a newspaper with the funnies on it – he gets his news online but never hesitates to read comics off the paper.

Crystal was created by @I_meme_it.

Elie was created by me.



[name_m]Elliott[/name_m] [name_f]Mae[/name_f] Lynthon (4) is one of Burt’s children. She loves to idolize [name_f]Jane[/name_f] even though she’s too young for coffee. She loves giving [name_f]Jane[/name_f] hugs and loves dancing around for her parents. She’s scared of island survival stuff. Her sister loves it though and thinks it’s a fun adventure. Both Lynthon sisters are giddy with many questions. She loves fruit juices in the juice boxes. Her fave thing to to is jump on the bed and listen to [name_f]Rihanna[/name_f]. She also loves the family pool when it’s warm.


[name_f]Ambre[/name_f] [name_f]Melody[/name_f] [Lanzetta] Lynthon (34) is Elliott’s mother and Burt’s wife. She’s confident with people she knows but more shy with those she doesn’t, which people find ironic that she’s been so close with [name_m]Burt[/name_m] in college. Like her sister [name_f]Lindsey[/name_f], [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] also works in a nursing home. She’s not very emotional though she’s vastly improved at showing this. People joked that she always had the same face for every emotion; happy, sad, mad, scared, etc. would always look blank-faced. So [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] feels for her cousin-in-law [name_f]Jane[/name_f] and how [name_f]Jane[/name_f] has inspired [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] to be more open. [name_f]Jane[/name_f] reminds [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] of her best friend as well, someone who also has a vast knowledge for coffee and ironically works under Jane’s shop. [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] is also more musically inclined, feeling this helps her keep in touch with how she expresses herself.

[name_f]Ambre[/name_f] loves both her children and is very close with [name_m]Burt[/name_m]. She’s the sole pescatarian in her family and doesn’t control anyone else’s eating habits. Elie’s girlfriend loves fish more, though she’s not a pescatarian. Ironically she used to hate fish but grown used to it after it being her main diet while stranded. She wouldn’t eat it every day though for obvious reasons. [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] loves telling stories and jokes to both [name_m]Elliott[/name_m] and the other daughter, and is into riddles as well, especially when her kids can help solve them with her. She knows they have different fears and lets them feel comfortable with whatever they like. [name_f]Ambre[/name_f] still loves breakfast cereals, eating the same as her kids. She’s often been serious so now she’s trying to have more fun and credits motherhood with doing so. She and [name_f]Lindsey[/name_f] are both very social with each other. But now [name_f]Lindsey[/name_f] and Ambre’s considering breaking out of their shells more to talk to and enjoy new people.

Lindsey was created by @Lindseylloyd052399.