Do you like the name Boone?

I think I like it, but other people don’t really.

*Not pregnant, just looking at names.

[name]Boone[/name]…hmm…maybe in the middle. I don’t think it’s substantial enough for the first, but it could make a surprising middle name that rounds off a solid first. I could see [name]Jasper[/name] [name]Boone[/name] or [name]Zachary[/name] [name]Boone[/name] as a name. [name]Hope[/name] this helps! I really like it in the middle. :slight_smile: I had never considered it but it’s nice.

It’s all LOST to me, that was the first time I’d heard it in the first name slot so the association is very strong.

For names like that, it’s hard for my to objectively say whether I like them or not… because I just picture the character. Then it becomes whether I like the character or not, I can’t seem to separate that from the name itself!

It’s a good name for a dog, imo. I think of the cheap wine when I hear it :wink: Good luck!

I really like [name]Boone[/name]. I think it sounds handsome, rugged, and friendly. A boon is a blessing or something to be thankful for. I love that meaning for a child. It’s more than substantial for a name.

I like [name]Boone[/name]. It has a cool redneck vibe, like Dukes of [name]Hazzard[/name], Lynyrd Skynyrd, and [name]Woody[/name] Harrelson. Much better than [name]Crockett[/name].

Also a boon is a gift/favor/unexpected blessing, which is a nice alternative meaning.

I agree that it has a very rugged feel to it. I don’t think it’s as versatile as the names I generally prefer, but I don’t dislike it. It’s a little cowboy/southern in feel (that’s neither good nor bad, just simply the vibe I get).

My friend had a baby in HS…she named him [name]Boone[/name] [name]Caleb[/name]. I didn’t like it when I first heard his name…but it has grown on me.

Yes, I love it. [name]One[/name] of my pups is named [name]Boniface[/name] nn [name]Boone[/name]. Very cute.

I’d never seen or heard of it until joining this site and I still find it pretty odd. You’d get seriously strange looks in the UK if you named a son [name]Boone[/name]. When I first saw it I tried it work out various ways of saying but I’m just assuming it sounds how it looks; [name]Boon[/name] rhyming with Soon, am I right?

It will probably one that always sounds odd to me, but I must say [name]Boone[/name] [name]Caleb[/name] looks pretty handsome to me!

I really love [name]Boone[/name]! It’s very handsome and cool and old timey to me (because a [name]Boon[/name] is an old word for blessing). it’s very handsome and I think works fine in the first name spot.

I love it. :slight_smile: [name]Boone[/name] [name]Isaiah[/name] [name]Leo[/name] had been on my list for years until it had just dropped off a couple weeks ago (@liz, I can’t remember you don’t remember that being on my list! haha. We always seem to remember reach others’ lists so well!). It surprises me that it doesn’t get much attention over there/seems so weird, although I don’t know why I react that way–the British don’t have [name]Daniel[/name] [name]Boone[/name]. :slight_smile: Which was about 75% of the appeal for me (the rest was the meaning of “blessing” and okay, yes, LOST’s [name]Boone[/name]. :)). I recently came to realize I like [name]Zane[/name] more than [name]Boone[/name], and I really only wanted ten spots on my boys’ list, but I still do really love [name]Boone[/name]. Probably always will. :slight_smile:

Aha, as soon as I posted I thought of it on your list, lol. [name]How[/name] long has it been on there, since PC? I was never familar with it before coming on here, or maybe I was from your list on PC but I can’t recall it.

First thing that comes to mind is [name]Ian[/name] Somerhalders character in Lost, not a bad thing, I think it would be a great mn though :slight_smile:

lol, I don’t even know! I did a quick google search and found a thread where I had been considering [name]Boone[/name] [name]Seeley[/name] (oh, goodness, how TV inspired is that?!) as far back as late [name]January[/name], 2010. And I added it shortly after that.

I don’t mind it, the only drawback for me is that people might mishear it for Boom.

I like it in theory, but in real life it doesn’t work so well and kinda just sounds like “Boo!” because the first syllable is stressed so much. It also sounds like the onomatopoeia “Boom!” and like how a child would say Balloon. I think it LOOKS really cool though.

I’ve been really liking it lately, it has a cool southern feel to it which is what I look for in my boy names. I would love to see [name]Boone[/name] used more!

Not personally a fan. It’s not a bad name I just wouldn’t use it. [name]IMO[/name] it’s in the same ball park as [name]Beau[/name], [name]Walker[/name], [name]Colton[/name] and [name]Wyatt[/name].

I like it. It’s not useable to me though because theres a town nearby named that.