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  • Ingrid: 45 (48%)
  • Elsa: 48 (52%)

[name]Hi[/name]! I personally prefer [name]Ingrid[/name]. I don’t think it’s a harsh sounding name at all, in fact I think its quite soft and Feminine! It reminds me of the word [name]Iris[/name], which is a beautiful flower! However, in my personal opinion, [name]Elsa[/name] is a bit out-dated and she may find this name harder to bare. [name]Hope[/name] this helps! ("J)

I picked [name]Ingrid[/name]…I love the meaning - “hero’s daughter”! I grew up with a girl named [name]Ingrid[/name], and I always thought it was so pretty. [name]Elsa[/name], on the other hand, might get lost along with all the [name]Elle[/name]'s, [name]Ellie[/name]'s, [name]Ella[/name]'s, etc.

I voted for [name]Elsa[/name], because it’s my favorite of the two. I also love [name]Elsa[/name] with [name]Greta[/name], they’re both charming and very pretty.
Quite frankly, I agree with your sister about [name]Ingrid[/name]. I think it sounds a little harsh, a little too harsh next to [name]Greta[/name]. I can see the appeal, but I’m personally not the biggest fan of [name]Ingrid[/name].

[name]Elsa[/name] is my favorite, but quite frankly you couldn’t go wrong with either one.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

I’m not saying that families opinions don’t matter, but a picture that someone has in their head has nothing to do with the actual name or what your child will look or be like. I wouldn’t put much thought into the personal opinions of your [name]MIL[/name] and dad. Your sister was more objective though and I must say that I agree with her, even though I do like the name [name]Ingrid[/name]. I don’t think either will be hard to live with at all, other name [name]Elsa[/name] blending in with all the Ellas and Bellas. Many people think [name]Elsa[/name] is very old fashioned, but I think it’s right at the turning point of being fresh again. Personally I don’t have the “old” associations with it, and it seems like a perfectly charming name for a little girl. [name]Greta[/name] and [name]Elsa[/name] are perfectly matched, I see them in sundresses in a meadow picking daisies. [name]Greta[/name] and [name]Ingrid[/name] are a great match too, but it makes me think more of “the old country” and harder times, I think [name]Ingrid[/name] makes [name]Greta[/name] sound harsher, too.

When it comes down to it, all their associations will be gone when they see your beautiful daughter. And like I said, I can’t imagine either will be hard to live with in the least.

When I think of [name]Ingrid[/name] I think of [name]Ingrid[/name] Bergman and she was imo a classy, mysterious and elegant lady and I can’t for the life of me see her getting a nickname.

[name]Elsa[/name] is more carefree than either [name]Ingrid[/name] or [name]Greta[/name] and the nn of [name]Elle[/name] is appealing. However, I find an [name]Elsa[/name] a kind of horsey, sporty girl and not overly feminine.

So, my dilemma is that I like the nn of [name]Elle[/name] but prefer the classiness of [name]Ingrid[/name] and I think that [name]Greta[/name] and [name]Ingrid[/name] have that more ‘solid’ sound than the airy fairy [name]Elsa[/name].

I think that [name]Elsa[/name] would probably have an easier time in life because of her nn of [name]Elle[/name] as it is familiar and lovely and [name]Ingrid[/name] seems more far away and unknown.

So, if I was to choose I would probably call her [name]Ingrid[/name] [name]Elsa[/name] and give her the nn of [name]Elle[/name], this way you have the better match of [name]Ingrid[/name] and [name]Greta[/name] and yet you can call her [name]Elle[/name] which is a lovely name.

Didn’t [name]Linnea[/name] appeal? I would use the [name]Linnea[/name] [name]Ingrid[/name] or my other choice of [name]Ellen[/name] [name]Ingrid[/name] or the more Scandinavian [name]Elin[/name] [name]Ingrid[/name].

all the best


I voted for [name]Elsa[/name]! [name]Greta[/name] and [name]Elsa[/name] sound so sweet and charming together!! Good luck!

[name]Elsa[/name] is very pretty, but I ended up voting for [name]Ingrid[/name]. I like the additional consonants and more unique and solid sounds of [name]Ingrid[/name]. My ancestors were from Norway and Germany, so I have had some exposure to similar names. To me, [name]Ingrid[/name] (and [name]Greta[/name]) feel substantial, not harsh.

I think [name]Greta[/name] and [name]Ingrid[/name] are very compatible, yet distinct, names. One starts with a consonant and ends with a vowel. The other starts with a vowel and ends with a consonant. The vowels in each name are different, but they share the letter G in different positions within the names. [name]Ingrid[/name] feels a bit more Scandinavian. [name]Elsa[/name] feels a tad more [name]German[/name] to me.

With either name, you will have beautifully-named daughters. I just happen to prefer [name]Ingrid[/name]. I agree that [name]Ingrid[/name] [name]Elsa[/name] would be a very nice option!

I voted for [name]Elsa[/name], but honestly I like [name]Ingrid[/name] with [name]Greta[/name] better. (that will teach me to read before voting!)
[name]Ingrid[/name] had the same feeling as [name]Imogen[/name] for me, sweet but still substantial.
You can’t go wrong with either [name]Ingrid[/name] or [name]Elsa[/name] because they are both great names.
[name]Ingrid[/name] [name]Elsa[/name] sounds so sweet together.
What is [name]Greta[/name]'s middle name?

I love both, so this is incredibly hard. Since you’re Norwegian, I might have to go with [name]Ingrid[/name]. [name]Elsa[/name] makes me think [name]German[/name] while [name]Ingrid[/name] makes me think Scandinavian, while [name]Greta[/name] can go either way. I don’t think either feels that elderly. Anything ending with an -a feels pretty modern lately, so [name]Elsa[/name] is good, and [name]Ingrid[/name] Michaelson who’s a fairly popular musician which makes [name]Ingrid[/name] feel modern too.

Anyway, they’re both winners and both go great with [name]Greta[/name]. I don’t think you can lose.

I voted for [name]Elsa[/name], but it wasn’t easy. I like both choices. [name]Both[/name] work well with [name]Greta[/name]. I don’t think either choice is dated – both are fresh and pretty again, making it the hard matter of personal choice. I don’t think either name could be a hardship for a charming child. The girl will win converts of those who don’t know these names are new again.

I voted for [name]Ingrid[/name]. I just can’t bring myself to like [name]Elsa[/name]. It is kind of lispy, kind of old ladyish, and to blunt for me. [name]Ingrid[/name] I find to be just as blunt, but it also brings to mind the image of [name]Ingrid[/name] Bergman so that counters it for me. Plus the NN [name]Inga[/name] is just adorable.

[name]Ingrid[/name] is a sophisticated, cool beauty. [name]Elsa[/name] is fresh-off-the-farm (can’t get the [name]Elsie[/name] the cow connotations out of my head), and very Teutonic to my ears. The [name]Elle[/name]/[name]Ella[/name]/[name]Ellie[/name] issue seals the deal for me.

[name]Greta[/name] and [name]Ingrid[/name]!

(I can’t vote via my blackberry or I would have).

I think that [name]Elsa[/name] is okay, but not as nice with [name]Greta[/name] because of the repeat of the same soft vowels ‘e’ and ‘a’ when you say the names in succession.

I don’t know anyone by either name, but [name]Elsa[/name] seems like a nickname, and also strikes me as dull, while [name]Ingrid[/name] has energy and just makes me smile!

BTW, I love the name [name]Greta[/name]!

I think that they are both lovely names, but [name]Ingrid[/name] wins for me. It’s more sophisticated and elegant.

[name]Elsa[/name]! To me, [name]Ingrid[/name] sounds a bit harsher. But both names are lovely! I could also se [name]Inga[/name] as a sister to [name]Greta[/name]… as a compromise between [name]Elsa[/name] and [name]Ingrid[/name].

Best of luck! Either way, your daughter will have a beautiful name!

Wow, this is close!
Thank you for all your replies, we do appreciate it. Many good points were brought up…lots to think about!

And after talking about names for an hour last night, we have [name]Annika[/name] back on the table! I am not sure she will knock out one of these names or not, but she is back into consideration. Ideally, we’d like to go into the hospital with two names to choose from.

Any additional votes/thoughts would be appreciated! There is no clear winner so far, I guess :wink:

I think both names are just beautiful. However, I vote for [name]Ingrid[/name]. I think [name]Ingrid[/name] balances [name]Greta[/name] better than [name]Elsa[/name]. I like that [name]Ingrid[/name] doesn’t end in an “a” like [name]Elsa[/name] to keep [name]Greta[/name] feeling unique.

I voted for [name]Elsa[/name]. To me, it’s very pretty and one of those “so far out it’s in again” names. Plus, I know two little Elsas who are full of personality, which pretty much lays the “musty, dusty” association to rest for me. Bergman association aside, [name]Ingrid[/name] just had a harsher sound and is much less appealing to me.

Wow, it looks like nameberry is torn, too! 51-49 in favor of [name]Ingrid[/name].

I voted for [name]Elsa[/name]. Not only do I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Elsa[/name] (I, unlike pps, get an image of a very feminine but strong woman) but I think that [name]Ingrid[/name], while lovely, is going to have more issues.

Someone brought up the [name]Ingrid[/name] Bergman/[name]Greta[/name] [name]Garbo[/name] connection a while back, and now that I see it, it bothers me. That’s another reason why I chose [name]Elsa[/name]. A third reason is the repeating Gr- sound in both names… I feel like if you had a third daughter, you’d be compelled to repeat that. Not that [name]Ingrid[/name] isn’t a fabulous name, I just think [name]Elsa[/name] is so much more beautiful in its simplicity. Its such an overlooked gem.