Find a Berry like you! (Game)

Aww thank you!

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let’s give this a go…

a berry with at least three names on their name list that you love:

@eireann i love your entire uc/list! i have jude, reuben, remy, and myles on my boys list, and adelaide, emilia, maeve, and shiloh on my girls list!

a berry who shares the first letter of their first name with you:

@the_common_fool, we actually share the first three letters of our first names. and btw, marshall “mars” is so dashing!

a berry who shares the first letter of their username with you:

there are so many wonderful berries whose usernames start with e, but the first that came to mind for me is the lovely @eileithyia.

a berry who joined nameberry in the same year as you:

@DaisyRayne, and btw i just can’t get emerson henry bear out of my head!

a berry born in the same month as you:

@SparkleNinja18 our birthdays are two days apart, and you actually share a birthday with my mom! :taurus:

a berry whose topics you admire:

@lemonrose and @etoilelumineuse i can’t get over your beautiful caf’s. i look forward to doing them everyday!

a berry whose comments you admire:

@Greyblue you always give such good advice, and i love the comments you give on names and combinations, they are always so clever and capture the exact vibes of the name!

a berry with great writing taste:

@seawillow everything about you is just so wonderful and poetic, and you use such gorgeous words!

a berry you think is really funny:

@ethelmary your comments always make me laugh!


it wouldn’t fit…

a berry you think is really kind:

oh, how could i choose just one? (i’m definitely going to cheat here and everyone is just going to have to be okay with it.)

@winterara @Greyblue @seawillow @lemonrose @etoilelumineuse @daisymeadows @katinka @EdgeOfTheMeadow @tori101 @wintergarden and many, many, more :yellow_heart:


thank you marnie! :two_hearts:


in addition to the trans urge to say “thank you, I picked it myself :relieved:!,” I thank you for the smile you brought to my face! it means a lot (:


thank you, marnie!


:relaxed::relaxed: right back at you


Thank you so much!! This made my day


Thank you :two_hearts::two_hearts:


ahh thank you so much, marnie!! :two_hearts: right back at you :wink: