[glitch] freaking out, tbh

I was adding names to my master list earlier and suddenly the page went blank, saying “an unexpected error has occurred.” I refreshed the page, only to find that all of the girls names had been deleted from the list. :scream:

If it was one of my smaller, themed lists, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I’ve been building this longlist since I joined in 2012, and painstakingly copied it over when I switched accounts.

Has this happened to anyone else?? Were you able to fix it? What did you do that worked?

[name_u]Or[/name_u] is that half of my list gone forever? :sob:

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Oh that’s terrible! What a nightmare. [name_m]Hugh[/name_m] our engineer is on vacation but I’ll try to see if he has a magic hat he can pull them out of……


i’m so sorry! i keep all my names on google drive for this reason. it’s probably worth doing the same, so you always have them if this happens again. i hope you’re able to get them again ):


Thank you so, so much! I honestly cried a little.
I don’t want to bother him when he’s on vacation, but maybe he can look at it when he gets back?

I will absolutely be doing that, just in case. I’ve already been copying over the remaining names to a Google Keep list.

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Hi, @pam. I was wondering if Hugh has had any luck recovering the lost half of this list?

I hope you can get them back again, [name_u]Leo[/name_u]! Similar to what @quilliza said, I keep my names in a Word file.

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@pam - Update! Today I had the same thing happen on a smaller scale. I was adding names to this list, when suddenly my page refreshed without my telling it to, and it gave me the same blank screen with the words, “An unexpected error has occurred.”

This time, my partner @tessallation was in the room when it happened. They are a software engineer and have volunteered to be the contact person if anyone on the development team needs more specific / technical feedback.

T told me to open a new browser tab and try accessing the list in that instead of refreshing the page again or using the back button. It worked, and I was able to determine that only five names were missing from the list this time, so it was easily fixed. I just thought I would let you know that it’s been a repeat issue for me.

Thank you for all you guys do to make Nameberry wonderful. :purple_heart:

Sorry to hear this happened again! Was it just girl names you lost again? All or some? Any particular connection between them?

Yes, it was only girl names, but in this case, the entire list was girl names only. The first time it happened, it was a mixed list and only the girl names were affected.

The first time, I lost all of the girl names. This time, only the last five names I added to the list were lost, so it was easily fixed.

Between the names themselves, no. But both times I was editing / adding names to an existing list; both times the page suddenly refreshed without my initiating it; both times the entire page went blank (no Nameberry logo or site menu or anything) except for the message saying “An unexpected error has occurred.”

The first time, I refreshed the page, and when it loaded, all the girl names were missing from the list - I was still in the page you see when you’re editing a list, and the box with all the girls names was empty.

This time, T suggested that I open a new tab in my browser instead of refreshing the page. So I opened Nameberry in a new tab, navigated to my account, and clicked on the list. I had a thread that I was copying the names from, and only the five most recent additions were missing from the list. I was able to edit the list, add those names back, and save it without incident. I suspect that if I had just refreshed the page like I did last time, I would have lost more than those five, but that’s just a feeling - I don’t really have any data to support it.

I hope this helps - if there are any more questions you have, let me know, and I’ll do my best to answer! :purple_heart:

It happened again about 15 minutes ago with the same list as yesterday. This time it happened when I tried to save my edits to the list, and I lost twelve names. I used the same method as last time (opening the list again in a new tab instead of refreshing), but before I did, I took a screenshot of the error.


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Thank you for the helpful detail! What browser is this please? I will share all this new info with our tech team.

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@katinka - Thank you so very much! I’m using Mozilla Firefox (version 91.0.2) on a [name_m]Mac[/name_m] laptop.

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i also had this problem today, but something i noticed was that i had names on my list that don’t exist on nameberry, and when it showed me the error and i refreshed, all of the girls names were gone and the names that don’t exist had black hearts rather than the normal blue all the boys names have even if theres no entry for them. i refreshed again after that and the hearts went back to normal. im using firefox version 93.0b2 on a windows pc. not sure if that helps but i figured id try to add!

I’m not 100% clear what happened here.

You got an error message, refreshed the page and all girl names were gone, whether or not they are in the Nameberry database? Were the boy names all still there?

When you refreshed a second time, did the girl names come back or is it still just boy names?

How many names were on this list, and how many are left?

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all the names i had disappear were in the database. some of the boys names weren’t in the database, and those are the ones that turned black. all the boys names were intact besides that. when i refreshed the second time all the girls names were still missing, but the colors were back to normal. there were 55 names total, but after the girls names disappeared there were 28, and ive since added them back in and edited several lists with no problem, but im being careful in case it happens again

Thanks, that’s really helpful. We’ve only seen this happen before with huge lists (hundreds of names), so this is concerning. What’s your internet connection like?