Guess what everyone....?!!!

[name]Hi[/name] everyone,

[name]Hope[/name] you are all ok. Having just decided on names we now need 2 more - yes it’s twins…! [name]Will[/name] be brothers/sisters to Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name] (3) and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name] (2.5months).
We had decided on: [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn for a girl and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] for a boy. So now need another boy and girl name…

Here’s the list again:
Meig (mek)
[name]Mairi[/name] (mah-ree)
Aimili (am-ih-lee)
[name]Riona[/name] (ree-uh-na)
Doilidh (dol-ee)
Floraidh (flor-ee)
[name]Morven[/name] (mor-vin)
[name]Peigi[/name] (peg-ee)
[name]Rhoda[/name] (roe-da)

Ailpein (al-pin)
Branan (bran-an)
[name]Conall[/name] (kon-ul)
[name]Cailean[/name] (ka-len)
Airril (ar-ril)

Thanks again everyone,
Lilidh and [name]Micheal[/name] [name]Macrae[/name]


[name]Mairi[/name] Aimili
Aimili [name]Mairi[/name]
[name]Rhoda[/name] [name]Morven[/name]

Branan [name]Tomas[/name]
[name]Callum[/name] Airril
[name]Cailean[/name] [name]Tomas[/name]


Aimili (am-ih-lee)
Doilidh (dol-ee)
[name]Rhoda[/name] (roe-da)

Branan (bran-an)
[name]Conall[/name] (kon-ul)
[name]Cailean[/name] (ka-len)

I’m thinking
G: [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn
G: Floraidh [name]Morven[/name]/Morainn
G: [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] (too much M?)
B: Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]
B: [name]Cailean[/name] Airril

Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and Floraidh [name]Morven[/name]
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] and Floraidh Morainn
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and [name]Cailean[/name] Airril
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] and [name]Cailean[/name] Airril
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], Floraidh Morainn and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], Floraidh Morainn and [name]Cailean[/name] Airril
Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name], [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name], Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Cailean[/name] Airril

What do you think which makes the best set for GG, BG? Def like Tearlaidh and [name]Cailean[/name] for BB.

Thanks everyone, Lilidh

Double congratulations, Lilidh! I’m sure you are both thrilled and a little overwhelmed at the same time!

When I first saw your list, I though Floraidh [name]Morven[/name] would be a lovely match for [name]Eilidh[/name]. They’re all fabulous combinations, and although [name]Eilidh[/name] and Tearlaidh are your favourites, I think any of your top 4 or 5 could work well in a pair - and within the family.

I was telling my husband about your family’s gorgeous names (he’s the McRae by birth), and now he’s keen to choose a Scottish name for our second child. So thanks for inadvertantly getting him interested in naming - especially since our naming process for our daughter (2 months old) was …conflictual to say the least.

Best of luck with the twins-to-be, and do please keep us all updated!


Thanks very much… I think a little overwhelmed might be a bit of an understatement! 3 babies in less than a year… not exactly what you plan for but there we are! I can’t remember ever feeling quite this tired or eating quite so much… (feeding 4 - wow that sounds ridiculous!). Anyway back to names!

[name]Glad[/name] your hubby’s getting interested. What is your little girls name?

I love [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] but do you think it’s too much with [name]Macrae[/name]?


I’m a huge fan of [name]Mairi[/name], [name]Morven[/name], and quite a few “M” names actually - we considered [name]Mairead[/name] and [name]Morrigan[/name] among others for our wee girl - but I think the triple M initials might be a bit tricky. We eventually jettisoned [name]Mairead[/name] because it sounded rhyme-y with our surname, even with the “Graff” part to break it up.

On the other hand, if twin brother is Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name], maybe the double initials would work really well - a twin thing, without being cutesy and matchy. JMHO.

In the end, we named our daughter [name]Sorcha[/name] [name]Verity[/name] (which we’re pronouncing “SOAR-ah-ka”). She was very nearly [name]Aoibheann[/name] (“EE-van”), but hubby thought it would pose too many spelling/ pronunciation issues…

Oh, and “Feeding 4” - love it! I’ll have to pass that on to the twin-mums at my breastfeeding group :slight_smile:

You’re a brave one, that’s for sure. I was feeling over my head today, and that’s only dealing with a single 2 month-old. If I had a hat, I’d tip it to you.

You’ll find it gets eysier once you’ve done it once before! Thanks for the vote of confidence: I’m sort of taking it day by day… Really don’t want to stop breast feeding [name]Isla[/name] but I will if I have to - She’ll have to be weaned when they’re born anyway - I mean I can’t feed 3 at once! Luckily I don’t have to work and [name]Mike[/name] has kinda taken over entertaining Rodaidh when he gets in from work which is wonderful… (and Rodaidh loves it!)

Your daughter’s name is lovely and unique. Does she have a nn?

Hey, congrats on the twins and good luck!

Rodaidh [name]Lucas[/name] (3) and [name]Isla[/name] [name]Mairead[/name] (2.5months)…

[name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn for a girl
Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] for a boy

My favourite for a girl is Aimili [name]Mairi[/name], I love this so so much, and it goes really nicely with the other girls, especially because it has an M middle too.
I also like [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name], Aimili [name]Morven[/name] and Floraidh [name]Morven[/name] or Floraidh [name]Mairi[/name].

For boys I really like
[name]Calum[/name] [name]Tomas[/name]
Branan [name]Conall[/name]
[name]Cailean[/name] [name]Conall[/name]
[name]Conall[/name] Branan

GG: [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and Aimili [name]Mairi[/name]
BB: Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Calum[/name] [name]Tomas[/name]

[name]Hi[/name], Lilidh! I love [name]Callum[/name], [name]Conall[/name], and [name]Tomas[/name] from your boys’ list (but not [name]Tomas[/name] with Tearlaidh, because of the T theme). (I’m hanging my head in shame, because I can’t remember how to pronounce the names you’ve already decided on. I’ll go find your other thread.) :slight_smile:

Take care! :slight_smile:

[name]Eilidh[/name] is like ay-lee and Tearlaidh is like [name]Charlie[/name].

Thanks, [name]Liz[/name]! :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] Lilidh!

[name]Hope[/name] you’re getting on alright with so much on your plate. It’s good to hear your hubby is helping you out! I’m currently working full time on a research project, a book manuscript, and a large, unwieldy academic funding application, so sometimes it feels like I have 4 children demanding my attention - and [name]Sorcha[/name]'s the easiest one of the lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment on her name - it’s one of the few old Irish names (for girls, at least) that hasn’t exploded in popularity in [name]Ireland[/name] or [name]North[/name] [name]America[/name]. Here in [name]Canada[/name] it’s seen as very unusual, but in [name]Ireland[/name] it would be familiar (we’re hoping to move back at some point!).

We don’t have a nickname for her as such - lots of endearments (Sweet Pea and [name]Sam[/name]-I-Am come up pretty frequently), but my sister has suggested “Sorry” as in, “Ooops, sorry”, which tends to get said a fair bit too! Yes, I apologize to my 2-month old for not knowing what I’m doing ;p My in-laws also call her “Sorsha” as opposed to “Sor-a-kha”, so adding a nickname to all that might be more than enough!

I love these combos and I am over the moon that you have chosen [name]Taran[/name]!

[name]Riona[/name] [name]Mairi[/name]
[name]Rhoda[/name] Doilidh
Aimili Meig

[name]Son[/name] [name]Conall[/name] [name]Tomas[/name]

Congratulations! Here are my favorites:
G: Aimili
G: [name]Riona[/name]
B: [name]Conall[/name]
B: [name]Callum[/name]

Thanks for suggestions everyone!
We’re going for:
BB: [name]Cailean[/name] Airril and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]

Can’t decide which of these sounds best together:
Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn
Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]
Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and Floraidh Morainn
[name]Cailean[/name] Airril and Floraidh Morainn
[name]Cailean[/name] Airril and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]
[name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and Floraidh [name]Morven[/name]
[name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]
[name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] and Floraidh Morainn

I know I was set on [name]Eilidh[/name] and Tearlaidh but am being swayed towards [name]Mairi[/name] now…! I think it flows well despite the MMM thing… [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name] [name]Macrae[/name]. What do you think?

punkprincessphd I’m doing ok - got a whole 5 hours sleep together last night - what luxury!

rollo yep [name]Taran[/name] is in!

My picks are:

BB: [name]Cailean[/name] Airril and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]

Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn
Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name] and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]


[name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]

I think that [name]Mairi[/name] is very pretty and wondered if there was a reason that you wanted the three M combo? It does have good flow though.

I am a bit sad that [name]Riona[/name] was deleted I like [name]Riona[/name] [name]Mairi[/name] [name]MacRae[/name], so I will just have to vote for [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name].

Best wishes!

Thanks rollo - I’m afraid you can’t have everything… ;). I think I like the 2,2,2 syllable thing (it’s in all our names…) (hence [name]Riona[/name] being out…)

I think I actually prefer [name]Mairi[/name] to [name]Eilidh[/name] now… does anyone think having mmm as initials is a problem?

My goodness! Congratulations! :slight_smile: You just keep coming up with wonderful surprises!

My concern is that Tearlaidh and [name]Mairi[/name] are awfully rhymey. I keep accidentally pronouncing [name]Mairi[/name] as “[name]Marley[/name]” because of the similarity. That being said, [name]Mairi[/name] is a beautiful name! And I don’t have a problem with the triple M in her name, actually!

[name]Love[/name] the boy combo of [name]Cailean[/name] Airril and Tearlaidh [name]Taran[/name]!

Strictly looking at your suggested combos here would be my pick for sounding the best together:

[name]Cailean[/name] Airril and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]

[name]Eilidh[/name] Morainn and [name]Mairi[/name] [name]Morven[/name]

[name]Will[/name] you be finding out the babies’ genders?
Good luck to you!

Thankyou! I think I need it! Not sure if finding out genders… bit early at the moment for that but then I’m terrible at waiting to find things out so I’ll probably cave in after a few weeks! I was thinking that [name]Mairi[/name] sounded better with [name]Isla[/name] than [name]Eilidh[/name]… Oh I don’t know, I do love them all! I do love the MMM and am glad someone else doesn’t think it’s a problem!

I don’t think Tearlaidh and [name]Mairi[/name] sound that similar at all. The “a” sound in Tearlaidh is a long “ar” sound and in [name]Mairi[/name] is a short “ah”… well that’s how we say them anyway - may not be correct!

I’ll let you know when I finally give in and find out the sexes… Rodaidh thinks it has to be one of each so it’s a proper set! So we’ll see if he’s right bless him!