I’ll rename you! 🌞

i’ve loved these renaming topics so i thought i’d do one myself. let me know if you want a feminine, masculine or neutral name (or if you’re ok with anything!) and i’ll rename you!
you can leave a little blurb about yourself (or if you’d rather not i can try to come up with something based on your user card!)

:yellow_heart: madeleine


Thank you for doing this - sounds fun!

about me

I’m a kind of quiet and awkward person who enjoys reading, writing and long walks! I love the show BBC Ghosts, the novel [name_f]Villette[/name_f], names (of course), and my guinea pigs! Appearance wise -kinda like my icon -short blond hair, glasses, generally wearing eyeliner, [name_m]Doc[/name_m] [name_m]Martens[/name_m], a shirt or a turtle neck with jeans

Masc, fem or neutral, whatever you feel :heart::heart: thanks again!

i’d like a fem combo pls

I think you know me well enough, so I’ll skip the blurb! I’d love a feminine name!

Thank you so much! :orange_heart:

I’d like to know what you’d name me if I was a boy! :evergreen_tree:

A little blurb…
I like listening to birdsong and walking around bare footed. I’m an excellent parallel parker, but I constantly trip over my own dragging feet. I have a lot of freckles on my face and arms. I like to listen to the same music over and over, until I know every inflection and every word of the song!

Thank you for doing this, [name_f]Madeleine[/name_f]! I’m excited!

i can never not do these :sweat_smile: thank you in advance!

interests: history, music (60s-80s, and any era of rock, also folk), nature/plants
hobbies: being a plant dad, binge-watching my favorite medias (repeatedly), reading poetry and fan fiction, going to state parks, antique & record shopping, loving my dog <3
extras: my favorite color is green, my favorite historical figure is vincent van gogh! i’m a big nerd. i enjoy ironic t-shirts and fun socks.

(I’m fine with a masc or neutral name :blush:)

Hello! Feminine please :heartpulse:
I would say I have a very vintage/cottagecore aesthetic, I love older movies, 1940s-50’s fashion, the late Edwardian period, and “old fashioned clothing”. I adore reading, my favourite series would have to be the [name_u]Anne[/name_u] of [name_u]Green[/name_u] Gables series. I love the feeling of those books. Additionally, I love the When Calls the [name_f]Heart[/name_f] series. I love [name_u]Julie[/name_u] [name_m]Andrews[/name_m] movies, but also 90’s romantic comedies! I would describe myself as a dreamer, as I’m rather idealistic, and always have my “head in the clouds”. I’m also very interested in psychology.
I love pretty, elegant and slightly vintage names, but timeless is more my cup of tea. I dislike dateness in a name, but also recently created ones. Thank you!

I’d love a fem or neutral combo!

about me

I love being outdoors, going on bushwalks & gardening. I’m a rock climber, i love reading. [name_f]My[/name_f] favourite colours is green. I love trees, plants and im interested in mushrooms/fungi, & i love science particularly enviro science & chemistry.

Feminine combo! [name_f]My[/name_f] UC says it all :upside_down_face:

I’d like a unisex name please! (Preferably leaning one way or another but I don’t care which way)

about me~

Following @the_common_fool’s format cause it’s genius :eyes:

Interest~ I love history and plan on being a Anthropology major, specializing in archeology. [name_m]Art[/name_m].
Hobbies~ I love art and drawing, especially drawing people. I love doing makeup on myself, I especially like using eyeliner. I’m also a huge movie buff, I’ll watch pretty much anything whether I like it or not is a different story
Extras~ I’m Puerto Rican. I love spicy food. I’m the oldest of 3 girls. I have a cat that for some reason I still love even though she’s evil. I hate cold weather

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i’d love a fem one :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

about me!

hobbies: in my free time i hang out with friends, listen to music, play guitar (mostly electric), watch series or write! i don’t write stories or anything, it’s just more of a therapeutic thing for me. im also very into spiritual stuff like astrology (im a libra, with moon in aquarius & asc in capri if that helps!), tarot, alternative medicines & past lives

favorite colors: orange, blue, green & purple :orange_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:

favorite music: my fav bands are led zeppelin, beatles, the strokes, red hot chili peppers, green day, deep purple, greta van fleet, the doors, etc. im a huge 70s rock fan!

general stuff: im from latin america, bisexual, have an older brother. im currently studying communication & also working. im white, very short, with short wavy light brown hair & bangs (and the half down of my hair rn is platinum blonde) and light brown eyes. people have been telling me i look like robin from stranger things (which is a great compliment), if that helps!
i describe myself as an ambivert (in the personality test i got both INFJ-T and ENFJ-T multiple times). i hate superficial friendships, so i mostly stick with my best friends and people that i trust and know, but im very open when meeting new people if i get a good vibe from them!
people regularly come at me for advice, and i think i give very good ones. i’ve been working on my introspection, which helped me a lot and also helps me help people:)
with my friends we go at least once a week to see a band! that’s the kind of plan that we love hehe. i really don’t like going to parties, but prefer an atmosphere where i can talk to people

I’d love a feminine one!

about me

I’m quite an introverted person, and I like writing, reading old gothic fiction and I like collecting prints of artwork that Iike. I also have a soft spot for antique trinkets and anything floral. I do a lot of walking and I talk to every animal I see. In terms of appearance, I am quite tall and look like my icon, with brown hair and eyes.

Thank you for doing this! I’m excited to see what you’ll come up with :smiling_face:

I would like a gender neutral one or a femenine one (however not too femenine)

Interest ~ I love history, and I like reading, writing, literature, poetry, art of Monet, impressionism exc, greek mythology :sparkles:, drama / opera / shakespeare, oscar wilde / brontë / gothic literature and victorian things. music, singing, aesthetics
Personality ~ I would describe myself as rather odd sometimes but mostly kind and nice to everyone, and seeking happiness. I tend to have an inner world and to be a bit closed sometimes but i love making new friends. I am a bit impulsive sometimes. But in general i take care of people . sort of dramatic sometimes in sense of that I like to make things grand, poetic? Just like my hobbies
Extras ~ I live in Italy. Use they / them pronouns preferably but anything is fine. I am queer.And I also describe myself as a sort of dark academia mixed to occasional Ghibli cottagecore (I love ghibli) and a spark of vintage. I am an older sibling. I know many languages and like to learn them. Huge name nerd, too. Have short black hair and black eyes. Am not too tall. Like the ocean and the sea. Like poetic and romantic things. Am sort of Anne Shirley mixed to Jo March, maybe?
My favourite historical eras:
~ First half of 20 century (super interested in European 1900 history)
~ Belle Époque / 19 century
~ French revolution / Versailles
~ Victorian Britain
~ Golden era of pirates (super interested in pirates)

I would absolutely love a feminine combo please :cherry_blossom:

about me

she/her - INFP-T - ballet obsessive, victorian loving free spirit

I love British history (mostly from the victorian era onwards although I also enjoy the [name_m]Tudor[/name_m] period too!), reading and writing novels, the composer Chopin and the artist Degas. I adore ballet and I tend to spend more time inside my own imaginings than the real world. I kinda march to the beat of my own drum and it has been said that my personality is potentially what you’d get if you crossed a fairy with a pixie :woman_shrugging:t3: :cherry_blossom:


i absolutely love guinea pigs!! they’re the sweetest :yellow_heart:
i decided upon brontë euodia for your name!:chipmunk: brontë because of your love of villette, and euodia because it means ‘a good journey’ for your love of long walks!


based on your uc, i’ve renamed you esmeralda spring :partly_sunny:
i chose esmeralda spring because of your quote ‘walking in an emerald green forest’ as esmeralda means ‘emerald’. i picked spring because you have a jimin quote in your uc and ‘spring day’ is a bts song :relaxed:


i’ve done two for you: aspen kjersti or fiona mabel :mountain_snow: i chose aspen the mountainy, outdoorsy connection and kjersti for your scandinavian heritage! fiona & mabel because i think they really suit you, plus i could make a stretchy connection from fiona’s meaning ‘white’ to your love of skiing! :snowflake:


everything i aspire to be :sweat_smile::joy:

for your name, i’ve decided upon lawrence aubade ‘wren’ :musical_score: i was trying to find a suitable bird name and lawrence ‘wren’ felt like the obvious choice given your love for little women, though i changed the spelling. aubade for its musical meaning, ‘morning love song’. alternatively, i could have chosen brychan for your middle name, meaning ‘speckled, freckled’ so feel free to pick whichever speaks to you! :yellow_heart:

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I had an inkling that Laurence/Lawrence would be the one! I feel so connected to that name. Nickname [name_u]Wren[/name_u] is so cool. :heart_eyes: And [name_m]Brychan[/name_m]? I’ve never heard that one before, and it’s amazzzing! How cool. Thank you, [name_f]Madeleine[/name_f]! I love it tons! You’ve really captured so much of me in a name.

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fem. combo please!

hi! a little about me…

appearance- i’m 5’1 and have shoulder-length dark honey blonde hair and green eyes. i have medium skin and a lot of freckles across my nose.

what i like- taylor swift, reading, theatre, the simpsons, romcoms, baby names (especially vintage ones), alec benjamin, harry styles, conan gray

personality- i’m quiet and shy around people i don’t know very well but very lively and bubbly around people i do. i have a mental illness and autism and can be very emotional sometimes. i’m very empathetic.

@daisymeadows thank you so much for my name! I really love the connections you made to bts!! :heart_eyes:

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I’m kind of curious to see what you would pick without the blurb! I’d love a feminine name, than you!

Thank you! :heart:


There’s not much to say about me lol but I like music (fav singer: Taylor Swift) and Marvel (fav characters: Loki, Wanda, Stephen Strange) . I have Scottish, Irish and Indian ancestry. I am an avid reader