Is this permanent?!

I kinda don’t like that now when I go to reply to a thread, I can’t see the topic as I type. Is this a permanent change to the system?


What do you mean? Are you on mobile or computer?

I agree, not a fan of this update either :confused:
I can get used to the other changes, I’m sure, but this one is pretty bothersome.

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What device are you on?

On my phone it was always like that for me. On my laptop I can’t see any changes?


Really? When you would reply to a thread or comment it would cover the whole page so you couldn’t see anything? It’s never been like that for me, how weird.
I have a Samsung phone.

also, not sure about computer changes, I always use nameberry on mobile!

For you, did the icons move too? and the poll maker changed?

It looks like this, and it has always been like this for me

I have an Iphone

[name_u]Poll[/name_u] maker and icons’ places changed.


This is how it looked like for me prior to the change. So I could read what I was replying to as I replied to it.

It seems I can get it to be small if I scroll to the bottom of the page, not when looking at other comments or when typing.

When you click somewhere random in the text editor, does it get small?

no it doesn’t!

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Hmm. I click somewhere near your username and it gets small

What about the small arrow(ish?) thing? What happens when you click it?

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I use an iPhone to hop on when I’m not on my pc. I could only see the thread I was replying to until I clicked on the text editor box. Then it would expand to cover the full screen. It’s why I prefer to answer threads of any length or I have to refer to in my reply on my pc. It’s hard to remember all the points I want to hit when I can’t see what I’m responding to.

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I tried clicking near your name and it didnt work for me. When I click the little arrow, it appears like in your screenshot, in blue at the bottom!

I had no idea it was different for other people! I liked it the way it was for me before. I have trouble responding to topics/comments without being able to see them as I type. It also has made the baby name games forum basically unusable for me.

@ethelmary @regionlatbest

when you click the three dashes next to the arrow you can see the topic whilst typing

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No, to me it just gives bold/italic/etc. options

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that doesn’t seem to work for me. that just brings down or removes the edit options for the text.


oh i’m not sure then, it seems to work for me

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thank you for trying anyway!!

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I’m using a Samsung phone and this just started happening.


I’m on Samsung too and having the same problem

I’m also experiencing this! (on Android)

This morning, the reply box was half the size as normal. Then I went onto a different thread and suddenly the reply box was twice the size and covering the whole screen. It’s been like that all day, on all threads, and it’s really bugging me that I have to collapse the whole box to see what I’m replying to. Up until I found this thread just now, I thought maybe I’d clicked something accidentally to cause it but I guess not :confused:

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