Link Not Working

Hey nameberries,

Hopefully someone can help. I found this fun looking baby name game that I would love to play. I’ll link below.

Sadly the links don’t seem to be working/visable. Any suggestions on how I can fix?

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Do you mean the [ol][/ol]s?

They were probably created with a special format in the old platform, which I guess doesn’t work here. But I don’t have any information about it so that’s just my guess!

Hey, I’m OP of that post and I’m really happy you’re still interested in my game after all this time! Yeah, the format switch broke all my numbered lists, but I think I have a Word document with it all saved somewhere. I can try to edit the post to fix it if you like? If that doesn’t work, maybe I’ll repost it, since apparently there are people who still want to play.


It looks like a very fun game and i’d love to play, so much time and effort must have went into making it. Very unfortunate that the format switch messed it up.


Did you ever manage to find that word doc?

Ahhh, sorry, I didn’t have my computer on me when we had this conversation so I forgot about it, but I’ve got it here now and I’ll look now!

Okay, I updated part one of the game! Everything should be working now, but let me know if you have any problems!

I finished fixing the first four sections and I think that’ll have to be enough for today, but I’ll try to come back for the rest soon.

You are a superstar. Thank you so much!!

No problem! I hope you enjoy it!