New Quick Questions Thread!

Hey Berries!
The Quick Question Thread has reached 10,000 replies so it is locked and no one can comment anymore so I figured I’d start a new one :slight_smile:

I’ll start-
Thoughts on the girl name Jemison Stargazer Kye “Jemmy”? Does it flow well?


Jemison Stargazer Kye is interesting and I love Stargazer. Jemison is intriguing, Jemmy is cute and though I’d personally swap Kye for something more feminine (say Kay or Faye) I think the name flows well.

What are some soft sounding boys names like Remy, Jesse and Otto?


Some more ideas:


I hope you like some of these :slight_smile:

No question for me, so please answer the previous poster!

Soft boys: Afton, Alby, Arden, Auden, Bo, Clarke, Claude, Esca, Ever, Finn, Gus, Jem, Joby, Johnby, Kit, Liam, Lionel, Manu, Marlow, Rhys, Rudy, Sage, Seamus, Seeley, Shea, Teddy, Thomas, Tully, Wilder

Pipitsa Hali’a, Pipitsa Bluebird, or Pipitsa Hali’a Bluebird? I love Pipitsa even though it hasn’t gotten much love (haha sweatinG); it’s pronounced pip-ITS-ah.


I like Pipitsa Bluebird the best. It sounds sweet and not too unusual.

Thoughts on Shepherd Amias?

Shepherd Amias is beautiful. Shepherd is my very very favorite boy name, so of course I love that. But I’m also really smitten with Amias. It’s lyrical and beautiful and so wonderfully strong-sounding. Definitely a keeper!


Could Ouisa Annabelle honor grandma Anne Louise?

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I definitely think it can. For anyone who knows Anne Louise’s full name, there’s a clear link without it being a total copycat. I also like that one of the names is a variation, while another is extending the original name. I’m not sure I like Ouisa as much as other Louise style derivatives but also recognise they’re more common - Eloise, Louisa etc.

Suggestions for some more unique middle names starting in A that complement my favourite boys names like Douglas, Lawrence, Wilfred and Benedict.

Douglas Aalto
Douglas Amare
Douglas Aubrey
Douglas Arrow
Douglas Adler
Douglas Apollo
Douglas Arkady

Benedict Aksel/Axel
Benedict Atlas
Benedict Axton
Benedict Ace
Benedict Abel
Benedict Arlo
Benedict Abbott

Lawrence Attwell
Lawrence Abner
Lawrence Azaiah
Lawrence Ajax
Lawrence Ansel
Lawrence Alain

Wilfred Amias
Wilfred Albus
Wilfred Alexei
Wilfred Aaro
Wilfred Angus
Wilfred Archibald
Wilfred Arbor

Are Fergus “Gus” and Evander too different to be brother names?

I don’t think Fergus and Evander are too different! Gus and Evander do feel different, but I think with the understanding that Gus is short for Fergus, it isn’t a problem :smiley:

Middle name ideas for Selby (girl)?

No questions from me, just wanted to say that @lumosmaxima I love Pipitsa too! :raised_hands:

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Selby Harbor
Selby Quinn(though I usually don’t like Quinn for girls)
Selby Anise
Selby Louise
Selby Marie
Selby Marine

Bernadette _____ Hero? Fill in the blank with several options of names that are my style please…oh wait sorry we don’t have signatures :smiley: I guess my style is…oh gosh…vintage for the first, whimsical or uncommon for one middle, and a word name for the other. I already have a word name and a vintage or just random. These names are ones I have made for example: Lucille Eilonwy Grace, Elodie Solange Clover, Ferris Elyan Rook

FYI: If I click your username I can see your new “signature”!
Bernadette Apolline Hero
Bernadette Calliope Hero
Bernadette Elendra Hero
Bernadette Galilea Hero
Bernadette Hestia Hero
Bernadette Lorien Hero
Bernadette Nixie Hero
Bernadette Octavia Hero
Bernadette Oona Hero
Bernadette Prunella Hero
Bernadette Quintessa Hero
Bernadette Rowan Hero
Bernadette Sapphira Hero
Bernadette Starling Hero
Bernadette Tindra Hero
Bernadette Vesper Hero
Bernadette Winsome Hero
Bernadette Greta Hero
Bernadette Linnea Hero
Bernadette Lumen Hero
Bernadette Millicent Hero
Bernadette Olympia Hero
Bernadette Soleil Hero
Bernadette Zara Hero
Hope you like one of these :slight_smile:

Which girl for goes better with the sib set Fergus and Evander: Jemison “Jemmy” or Artemis?


Quick thoughts on

Ottoline Maple “Ollie or Tollie”
Cordelia Fable “Cody”
Roland Wilder “Ro”
Franklin Arrow “Flynn”

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Ottoline Maple - this is super sweet! I love the idea of Tollie as a nn!
Cordelia Fable - I love the flow of this one, but I’m not a huge fan of nn Cody :confused:
Roland Wilder - I’m sort of indifferent here, neither are really my thing, but they work well enough together!
Franklin Arrow - I love Franklin, and Arrow makes for a nice mn. I’ve never thought of Flynn as a nn to Franklin though, it could grow on me.

What girls’ name would you add to this set; Kelly, Stephanie & Courtney?

I would add Phoebe.

Three syllable middle name for Shepherd?

Shepherd Elias

Would Rørŷ Çhrîštøphęr Røbęrt, Rørŷ Çhrîštįąn Røbęrt, Rørŷ Çhrîštøphęr Røbîn, Rørŷ Çhrîštįąn Røbîn, Rørŷ Çhrîštøphęr Šęąbęrt or Rørŷ Çhrîštįąn Šęąbęrt work best? Çhrîštøphęr and Røbęrt are honor names, and prefer double middle names. If only doing a single middle name, would Çhrîštøphęr Røbęrt nn Rørŷ work?

We have 6 Çhrîšes, a Krîššŷ and a Krîštî, as well as 15 or so Røbęrts in the family, making it difficult to differentiate between them as it is.

I prefer two middle names and I’m more into unique names so I would choose Rory Christopher Seabert.

It depends on if you want to use an honor (like Robin or Christian) instead if their actual name. Which do you like better: Robert, Robin, or Seabert - Christopher or Christian?

If I were you I’d go with two middle just because if there’s that many Chrises and Roberts then it would get confusing adding another one in even if his nickname is Rory. (Note: Rory is definitely a usable nickname for Christopher Robert)

Thoughts on the twin boy names Rye Finnegan Crane and Asa Malachite Rune?

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They sound too different to me. Maybe Rye Finnegan Crane and Reed Cillian Sparrow?

Middle name for Cerulean?

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Not sure if Cerulean is for a girl or boy so …

Cerulean Willow
Cerulean Isla
Cerulean Mina
Cerulean Charlotte
Cerulean Liv
Cerulean Phoebe
Cerulean Marcy
Cerulean Juno
Cerulean Alice
Cerulean Cara
Cerulean Beatrix
Cerulean Lila
Cerulean Ava
Cerulean Ida
Cerulean Marlow
Cerulean Sophie
Cerulean Jane

Cerulean Peter
Cerulean Kai
Cerulean Arlo
Cerulean Miles
Cerulean Conrad
Cerulean Jove
Cerulean Micah
Cerulean Luca
Cerulean Axel
Cerulean Magnus
Cerulean Porter
Cerulean Stuart
Cerulean Patrick
Cerulean Oscar
Cerulean Henry

What combos would you make out of this namebank:

Hazel, Stella, Suvi, Katri, Cleo, Talullah, Penelope, Maeve, Juno, Delilah, Alice, Madeline, Ilaria, Ginevra, Romy, Romilly, Amy/Aimee, Eve, Evelina, Saskia, Beatrix, Juno, Flora, Calliope, Emmeline, Edith, Viola, Mabel, Emily, Felicity, Elodie, Winter

Saskia Juno | Suvi Alice | Penelope Mabel | Beatrix Amy/Aimee | Calliope Maeve | Hazel Viola | Madeline Stella | Flora Emmeline | Cleo Delilah | Felicity Edith | Winter Ilaria | Romy Eve | Ginevra Romilly | Elodie Talullah | Katri Juno | Evelina Emily

Which of these names fit best with the rest of my girls’ sibset (:latin_cross:egan, Elva, :information_source:ndra, Yara, :a:melia)?

  • :information_source:sla
  • :heavy_dollar_sign:askia
  • :a:lani
  • Elowen
  • Gwyneira