(New) Teaser Game!

We seem to have lost our teaser game, which made me very sad. I always loved reading everyone’s excerpts and looking through my own projects for certain words! It’s even helped me catch a couple typos in my works lol.

I’m starting a new teaser game for any of us who enjoyed it as I did. For anyone that’s new, the game works like this:
Someone posts a word to look for. The next poster will search for the word in any writing project they’re working on and post the sentence (or small 2-3 sentence excerpt, as some of us have done) containing that word. They will then leave a word for the next poster to search for.

I don’t remember what word we left off on but I’ll start.

Next word: new

Admin edit: old teaser game here:


So… wait? Our old thread is totally gone?

Okay, then…

“Something new.” her mother handed her a shiny silver coin. “It’s never been in circulation.”

Next word: shiny

I guess so :/. I haven’t been able to find it but if someone else does, lmk!

A man at the nearest table caught my attention or, rather, his shiny silver bracelet did.

Next: table

Larry looked up from his homework at the dining room table. He hadn’t really been doing it, just moving his pencil around to make it look like he was. “A hobby?” he asked blankly.

Next: moving

**I moved closer to their table, overhearing their conversation. **

“My hair is fine!” Calliope said.

I am sad!! I loved that thread and if it’s gone some others probably are too.
I also cannot for the life of me make a poll…I read the blog post on how to but it didn’t actually make a poll.

next word: converse/conversation

“I feel like we have this conversation every time we meet, Yannick,” I said, shaking my head. “I’m not a princess. Never was, likely never will be. And, to be honest, that’s probably a good thing. ‘Princess Petra’ has a lot of Ps, don’t you think?”

Next: never

“Never!” I screamed, breath coming in quick, searing gasps as I reached the hill. The general’s face darkened, eyes gleaming in the faint light. “I will never bow to you! My people will never bow to you!” It was time for the final charge.

Next: glimmer

Amara appeared next to him, frowning at the commotion in her kitchen. Her eyes were still pink and puffy, but Teddy swore he saw a glimmer of a smirk as he handed her some breakfast.

Next word: frown

“I certainly will not,” frowned Mrs. Stern. “Mel is a boy’s name, and I won’t abide such foolishness. Melody is a perfectly suitable name for a young lady.”

next: name

After she had dried her eyes and caught her breath, I sat down next to her. “I’m Avalon. What’s your name?” I asked. She tucked a lock of silvery-purple hair behind her ear as she replied, “River.”

next word : dry or dried

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He sloshed back onto dry-ish land and hiked up a nearby dirt path to find a boulder to sit on. When he found one, out of view of Tony, he sighed and flopped himself down. “What the hell is going on?” he said aloud to himself.

Next: sit

“You were sitting alone at a desk on the second floor of the library. You looked so handsome and striking, lost in thought and twirling a pen between your fingers.”

Next: floor

As she swept through the room, her ballerina feet made no noise when they hit the floor. And yet, Ksenia managed to grab our attention immediately. I blame it on the blonde hair. Blondes have always had an unfair advantage.

Next: blame

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“I don’t blame you,” I whisper, tears prickling my burning eyes. “It could’ve happened to anyone. It is the end of the world, after all.”

next word: Procrastinate (cause that’s what I’m doing right now :grin:)

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“You can’t procrastinate any longer, you have to do your homework, [name_u]Aspen[/name_u], it’s due tomorrow,” [name_f]My[/name_f] mother replied, shoving it in my face.

next: homework

His voice echoed across the room, reaching [name_f]Amara[/name_f] as she sat next to the filing cabinet, drawing tiny flowers all over her math homework, which she had completed hours ago.

Next: hour

“Seriously,” [name_m]Adrian[/name_m], again, grunted over [name_m]Lance[/name_m]’s shoulder. “We cannot afford to lose our focus. You know Coach threatened to keep us at practice for an extra hour, if we don’t beat our previous record.”

next word: keep

[name_f]Amara[/name_f]’s nose tingled from the fumes and she wiped it against her sleeve, sort of hoping that a whiff of her detergent had survived. It had not. Maybe she could just keep rubbing until her nose was too raw to smell anything.

Next: something

“Is something troubling you, sweetheart?” her father asked, putting down his newspaper.

Next: trouble

“I, uh, I’m in some trouble,” she answered. “And I need a ride.”
“Okay… can you vaguely describe what sort of trouble you’re in? Like, is it your kind of trouble or…”
“Definitely my kind of trouble.”

Next: top