Nimrod...and other family names you're embarrassed about.

While searching my aunt’s genealogy site, I found that 3 of my ancestors bore the unfortunate name of [name]Nimrod[/name]. This got me thinking–what weird family names does everyone have hiding in their closets? Or more recent names your family members have chosen that you just dislike? (side note–I’m sure these names weren’t so strange in their day–some of these were pretty old.)

Some more on my side:
[name]Reason[/name] Virgin (girl)
[name]Keziah[/name] (girl)
Abishia–sounds like a certain profanity to me.
[name]Abijah[/name] (nn Bishy)
Chanilla (vanilla?!)
[name]Hyrum[/name] (all I see is rum)

Recent names:
[name]Samantha[/name]–I just really dislike this name, probably because of people I’ve known with it. All I hear is “man.”
[name]Avery[/name]–too trendy.
[name]Ashley[/name]–so 80s to me.

We have a post called “Quirky names from your family tree” which has some pretty good ones. Here is the link:

Well they’re not family, but my friend [name]Bryton[/name]'s quads (i think I talked about him before): Pride, [name]Honor[/name], Strength and Courage. Ugh.

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