Please read: Problems with ads

Is anyone else frustrated with all the ads on Nameberry now? The pages take a long time to load, I click on one thing then more ads load and move my selection and it loads something didn’t choose. The pop ups ruin what I’m typing, as I’m writing this I’ve already had to stop typing 6 times for more ads to load!


[name_m]Hi[/name_m] @summs,

No, you’re not the only one finding the ads frustrating.

Unfortunately, Nameberry isn’t able to pick and choose the ads shown on the site; we can only block whole categories (eg. weight loss, religion, politics, etc.), which we already do.

The ads each individual visitor sees will be different; it depends on your location, device, browsing history, cookies, etc. and is all controlled externally.

As you know, the site does need to run ads in order to remain financially viable, but we are very keen to work with members to tackle the really annoying ads that some people are seeing.

The best thing members can do to help tackle these problematic ads is to send the following information to support (at) nameberry (dot) com:

(Apologies, I have to write the email address out like that because of the current problem with links not displaying properly. I will edit it once that’s fixed.)

[b]1. Screenshot of the annoying ad

  1. The originating URL/web address of the ad (so we can block it from advertising on the site)

  2. Your location, browser and device

  3. A brief description of the specific issue with the ad[/b]

Thank you!

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I’m going to edit the title and make this thread sticky, in the hope that lots of members will see this and send us the info we need to block these annoying ads.

Please do pass on the message and/or send people this way to read this information. We really want to get this sorted!

Thanks everyone for your patience :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your quick response. Yes I do understand you needs ads to continue. I feel it’s not the contents of the ads, but the sheer volume.


Thank you for your quick response. Yes I do understand you needs ads to continue. I feel it’s not the contents of the ads, but the sheer volume that make it difficult to use.


@summs Thank you for the feedback.

The good news on ad volume is that there are peaks and troughs throughout the year. The most recent quarter (the weeks up to [name_u]Christmas[/name_u] and going into the [name_m]New[/name_m] Year) are generally the busiest, so you should see the volume decreasing a little in the coming weeks. Again, this is controlled externally, and unfortunately isn’t something the site creators are able to set.

Can I ask when you first started having problems with this?

I’m not quite sure. I suppose I’ve noticed the difficulty over the last few months

OK, that’s helpful to know, thanks again.

Install an adblocker! I literally couldn’t be on Nameberry without one; the ads are that bad. I use AdBlock Plus and it’s wonderful.

(I realize this probably isn’t the response staff/admins are hoping for, given that I’m sure ads are how they make money, but when the amount of ads make the site literally unusable? Not much of a choice at all.)


the ads weren’t as much of a huge problem on the old platform, but today I haven’t been able to see anything several times cause it’s all blocked by ads that won’t allow me to close them and when I can finally close them, there’s another one behind them. It took me at least 2 minutes to post this thread because of all the ads, I even had to reload the page.


Oh no! I had really hoped the new platform would solve, or at least help with, this issue.

Could you please send the following information to

  • Screenshot of the annoying ad

  • The originating URL/web address of the ad (so we can block it from advertising on the site)

  • Your location, browser and device

  • A brief description of the specific issue with the ad

Thank you


OK, thank you, I will pass these on. Unfortunately, ad sources have to be blocked on a case-by-case basis (and by our ad partner, not us), which is why we need all this info to be able to get them taken down.

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Hi @katinka. With the new format, ads at the bottom make it very difficult to reply!!! The reply button is hidden under the ad & I press the X to close it out but it doesn’t close.


Do you know what the URL of the ad is?

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Perfect, thank you!

I’ve been having an issue with the banner ad popping up over/blocking parts of the navigation.

I wasn’t able to capture the URL for this one, and I either have to refresh the page or wait for the ad to change in order to access the “icon dot” menu.


I faced the same problem yesterday, but it must’ve been fixed over night. The pop up ads are easier to close, they don’t appear as much either.

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OK, I’ll see if I can find out the URL

The ads on nameberry are out of control. They will randomly take up the whole screen and force you to accidentally click them. I’ve definitely stopped using nameberry as much because I just can’t stand all the ads.

When I was discussing names with my husband one day we were using nameberry and he even commented how the ads were so frequent and really ruined the site so we used a different site instead!